Microsoft Office for iOS and Android revealed, confirmed to be coming in March 2013

We knew that it was coming, after several leaks and a tacit admission from Microsoft, Office 2013 for iOS has finally been revealed in screenshots.

The software is still slated to arrive on iPhone and iPad in March, 2013, but based on the first looks of the software, it’s obvious that Microsoft is designing this from a Metro-style perspective, within the bounds of the iOS design framework.

An Android version is expected to come to market by May. Both will have free service, with optional subscription models adding revenue like OneNote for iPad does already. Viewing documents in Word, Excel and Powerpoint will be free, but a subscription to Office 365 will be necessary to edit and annotate. In other words, Office 2013 will be free to play. Like the version of Office for Windows Phone, these apps will allow for basic editing and syncing with SkyDrive; Microsoft doesn’t want to eat too much into its desktop market.

We haven’t seen what Office for Android will look like, but you can bet it won’t appear drastically different to what you see above.

Source: The Verge