Microsoft Office for iOS and Android revealed, confirmed to be coming in March 2013


  • Nate

    Yeah, that’s attractive. GL GG Microsoft

    • Meh

      I don’t care if it looks like crap. I just want something that formats properly when I move to/from the PC.

  • Bongo


  • haxor99

    Who needs this? I don’t.

    • Ezk1el

      Everyone who got a real job and doesn’t live in their mother basement?

    • Stuntman

      You realise that not all apps are made for you, right? You also have the option of not installing it.

  • David

    Apple’s gonna reject this on their app store. They will build a crappier Office suite on their own, just like they did with maps and at the end Tim Cook is gonna come out apologizing and ask users to use alternatives. Then another exec gets the pink slip.

  • nik

    lol why would I BUY this when i get this type software for free…microsoft you are too late to the party…try again

    • George K

      Please direct me toward the free software that is anywhere near the level of MS Office mobile.

      Oh, and if you’re suggestion was going to be google drive, please spend 5 minutes trying to play with a spreadsheet on google drive and tell me how good it is. Hopefully you’ll be able to last 5 minutes with that horrible app without whipping your phone at the wall out of frustration.

  • aliwhatsit

    I will pay actual money for this.

  • kyokeun

    Finally! Can’t wait! Hopefully it’s cheap enough to buy :p

  • Gregory

    I can see it now.

    Office 365 iOS subscription, March 2013: $4.99
    Office 365 iOS subscription, March 2014: $499.00

  • Roger

    About time. I bought Numbers for iPad and its just an absolute pain to use. But the freemium model sucks. I hate this trend to subscriptions. I want to buy the software for a one time fee.

    • Paul

      Exactly Roger!!!

  • Stuntman

    There is one feature I really want on an Android spreadsheet app. I want to be able to press the key on my Transformer keyboard dock and have the cursor advance to the next cell to the right. Currently, none of the spreadsheet apps I have tried does this. I have to actually take my fingers off my keyboard and touch the screen to move the cursor that way.

  • stylinred

    imo isn’t this bad news for Microsoft Windows 8 or WP8? considering many people were considering a W8 tablet or WP8 device just for Office

    • rtms

      No, because with a Windows 8 tablet, you get full function with out the subcription and having to use the 365 to edit. Basically it’s a glorified reader on IOS and Android.

    • stylinred

      ah i see thx for the info