Nokia to release Lumia 830 as a follow-up to the 710?


  • jellmoo

    Quick correction: The 710, 800 and 900 all have a 1.4 Ghz processor.

    Nokia needs to be careful with their naming conventions here. Creating consumer confusion won’t help them.

    • Confuscious

      First they have to create interest; then they will be able to create confusion!

      If the 830 is released in the woods..of North America and nobody cares..does it make any noise??

      -The 610 should have never been released in NA..for more than $150
      -Nokia gave the exclusive of the 800 to Telus and they KILLED the phone putting it at $530 (LOL!!)
      -Then Nokia gave the 900 to Rogers who released it at $550, which sounds like a good deal, but 6 weeks later when people weare just warming up about the idea of getting a heavy but colourful phone, they announced that the 900 won’t be getting W8!! so sales stoppped.

      Now comes the 920 ONLY IN BLACK with Rogers for the next 6 momths at $400??
      Big Fail! the N4-16GB will sell at $360. Its a loss leader (making zero-just a bit of $ for Google) but will recoup in the Play store, and Android is not even a New Entrant ecosystem!

      Nokia’s worst enemy is their own pride! If they want to sell a few phones they have to lower the price of their phones and align them with people’s- desirability, which is EXTREMELY low in NA.

      N4 will change everything!
      The Same goes to HTC ONE X+, they better lower the price.
      Moto RAZR
      LG Optimus G

    • phreezerburn

      Nor will handing Rogers a monopoly on the 920 but they’re doing that just the same. They appear to have an aversion to doing the leg work here in Canada necessary to making the Lumia phones synonymous with the evolution in the phone and mobile OS markets the 920 actually is. It could have already been accepted as THE phone for corporate deployment had they merely done the necessary leg work by connecting with Canada’s top 1,000 companies and worked with their respective IT departments towards a smooth adoption.

      Obviously they’ve never truly had to work at making the connection to their customer base. They should talk to Canada’s oil and mining suppliers about competing against all odds and succeeding.

  • astudent

    As long as there is cyan, I would always consider a Nokia phone

  • JT

    When is the 820 supposed to come out? I thought it was supposed to be released this month but there has been no news since September

    • Confuscious

      The Rogers 920 is schedulled to release on the third week of Nov, with the big shipments arriving on the 1st week of Dec.

      Rogers took a bite of a US shipment to “release it” in very milited amounts and create some buzz, that failed when people found out that you can get ANY color, as long as you are happy with a black phone!
      Right now, Nokia and Rogers are re-negotiating prices, exclusivity and colors.
      Se in three weeks we could see the 920 at a lower price; released through many carriers and in more than one color.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    Come on Nokia, enough with the photoshoots and carrier exclusivities, you are on life support… lets get these in Microsoft Stores and Kiosks unlocked ASAP. I have cash money in my hand, do you want it? Come take it, because I’m itching to give it to you. But if you keep only flirting without giving me any action I will have to give the Nexus 4 a shag instead.

    The ball is in your court.

  • migo

    The 710 actually had a better screen than the 800 (LCD is superior to PenTile AMOLED), and the 800 didn’t have a very good camera itself, so it was just a choice between two types of crap.

    I don’t see how it’s logical that something numbered 830 would be a step down from 820. That’s what numbers like 720 and 620 are for.

  • Confuscious

    Price will be King this season.

    Every phone will be compared in PRICE and specs to the N4:
    The N4 will sell at $360 and the
    Samsung S3-16GB is dropping in price to $499 or lower (It has an SD card after all)

    Once the S3 drop in price in three weeks the rest will follow..or stay in the shelves!

    N4 plus $40 per month at Wind is a killer Combo, as long as you live in a WIND zone, otherwise you will have to pay more 🙁

  • John Marshall

    Still waiting on the 820. It’s more and more looking like it’s not going to get released here, which is annoying that the WP8 midrange isn’t covered in Canada. I’d have to get an HTC 8X or Samsung ATIV S, which annoys me greatly.

  • jan

    @ Confuscious. Sorry for saying, but the N4 is outright ugly, does not support 4G and comes with a rather poor camera.

  • John Lee

    Higher the number usually means better specs. So now 830 will be a lesser phone than 820? Wouldn’t that confuse consumers? Why wouldn’t Nokia name it 810?

  • tardis

    Please please Nokia don’t make it rectangular with sharp corners like the 920/900. I like the feel of my Lumis 710 and it fits perfect in my pocket. The others do not.

    • phreezerburn

      The 800 fits well into any pocket and its narrowness allows lefties to use it easily much like the iPhone. While I have to wear readers my wife doesn’t and neither of us use the “mobile” versions when viewing web pages in UC Browser.

  • Maxime

    It my be a good phone, but not a good name! It should be Lumia 720.

  • Blaise Petric

    Nokia needs to get their act together in the naming scheme of their phones.

    • phreezerburn

      aPhone is open. 🙂

  • phreezerburn

    It’s the “you’re Canadian so bend over” tax of course silly. Find it on your mobile contract below the “3 year contracts while the rest of the world is 2 or less” and above the “no unlimited data plans for you poor old sods while we’re still hiring CRTC retirees”.