Complete details and pricing of Rogers new “Simplified unlimited talk, text and internet” plans, launching November 7th


  • Yeria

    65, 75 and 95 per month excluding voice mail and caller ID… lol that’s what a lot of people here on previous article expected when MobileSyrup didn’t have pricing information.

    No surprise for Rogers overcharging yet again, I guess.

    • RIM is dying a brutal one


    • anonymous

      Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange ANYONE, please come to Canada!!!!

    • Joker!

      I need help!!
      I puked in my mouth, then couched on my keyboard, and peed peed on my pants when I read:

      200MB for $18 ($18 more than the plan with no data)
      And CAN BE SHARED!!! and on LTE people, you are not sharing on HSPA+ you are sharing 200MB on LTE! What is that about 5 speed tests??

      …I better take a shower now. ROGERS, you are number one with that plan! Im sure this plan will take Canada a few ranks in the rating of G20 countries with more expensive plans that Namibia and Nicaragua!

    • EvanKr


      They probably would if the CRTC (which is controlled by a bunch of ex Rogers, Bell and Telus execs) loosened up on foreign ownership policies.

  • Yeria

    Oh, and it won’t be interesting how Bell and Telus will respond to this, because they’ll just come up with carbon copies of these plans.

    • Sean

      Probably though Telus and Virgin will include Caller ID and Voice mail

  • DanGiroux

    Decent plans for people who use a lot of minutes. But the data is depressing. 2GB should be the base amount now a days, and range up from their. I go through 1GB in less than a week so need a minimum of 6GB a month, at $95 for 5GB I’ll pass.

    • ToniCipriani

      Well of course, people using more data and less minutes… Let’s give them more minutes and less data!

  • Dave

    Horrible plans, that’s all I need to say

  • K

    Not much of a surprise on price/value from Rogers… Looks like I’ll be picking up a Nexus 4 and heading to Wind

    • cet

      I’ll be right behind you. Don’t know what I’m looking more forward too, the Nexus 4 or escaping Robbers!

  • Craig

    Seriously, Rogers? That’s highway robbery.

  • DoesntTakeAGenious

    This got be the worst plan to date!!! Still no CID/VM included. Rogers: seriously, what i****s do you guys having working at the product development section of your so-called company, do you not ever listen to customer’s complaining, or compare others what they are offering, even TELUS is getting somewhere – they got rid of activation fees & now its standard to include CID/VM with all of their plans.

    Here is a bright idea: include unlimited talking&texting (CAN & US) – including MMS(Pic/Vid), include unlimited LTE data (10GB dedicated & after 10GB – get a fair usage policy going, like the Wind, Mobilicity, etc., which they do to their so-called “unlimited” data plan), include the standard features, CallerID/VoiceMail/3-Way/CallForwarding for free! (because I know those are money grabs for you!!!) … all for $40-$60 per month, and you will get your customers happy.

    Don’t give me bull$hit on “exceeding” the network capacitiy, slow speed, blah blah blah… that’s just stupid, over so many years, so many customers paid so much money to bring your infrastructure up to date (atleast), if have 3 million subscribers, plan for 7 million – a good business decision!

  • bigshadyray


  • gropper

    I think they realised that with my 10 they were giveing unlimited anyways. Both me and my wife use my 10 for all of our long distance, I had a hard time finding 10 people i “talk” to regularly.

    Just trying to screw us again!

  • Jessy

    Well that’s terrible.

  • eh0K

    Wow, these seem bad even for Rogers if you use data. LOL at “Value Packs”, another Rogers worst.

  • sp

    no thanks…

    the more i see these plans…the more i really want to try out those new entrants to the cell phone market.

    these plans are honestly..

    there has got to be a better deal out there for cell phone plans.

  • Ron Mexico



  • Blair

    wow they have made their plans way worse, and more expensive.

    I currently have:
    6gig data
    canada wide my10
    200 day time minutes
    free local calls after 6pm
    unlimited txt/picture messaging
    caller ID, VM and some other features i dont use.
    I pay $78 after taxes..

    This is highway robbery indeed.

    • Blair

      all that is with rogers btw.

    • Jessy

      I have exact same thing with Bell. For $71 after taxes.

    • Vic

      Same thing with Rogers plus 100 Canada wide long distance minutes for $70 after taxes.

    • Thilan

      Wow, you are getting charged a lot for what you have! I was getting this from Rogers:
      6gig data
      canada wide my10
      Canada-wide calling (was added on as a loyalty thing so it negated the My-10 anyway)
      200 day time minutes
      Unlimited evenings and weekends after 6pm
      unlimited txt/picture messaging
      basic caller ID, VM

      I was paying $65 after taxes. I was texting the US once in a while though, so the total usually ended up at like $70.

      Of course, within 2 months I found I was using about 2% (yes, 2%) of my data allowance so I asked them to give me a similar plan with less data…they basically said no. So I ported to Virgin now and have everything I had before with less data like I wanted AND unlimited international text and I’m only paying about $48 per month…saving about $20 per month. Couldn’t be happier. 🙂

    • dbott67


      +1 to Virgin. For those users like me & my wife that don’t use a lot of voice minutes and want to have flexible data usage when we need it, Virgin (and Koodo, for that matter) have reasonable plans.

      $25.00 for 100 Canada-wide minutes, VM/CID included, 7pm eves & wknds, +$5 for unl. texts, and $15 for flex-data usage (generally less than 300 MB; add another $5 to go up to 1 GB data). Also 10% off for BYOD.

      Between the 2 of us, our normal bill is under 95.00 including taxes.

    • kris

      I get the exact same thing with telus for $75 including tax.

      $95 For 5gb data…..holy f**k rogers is retarded

    • dbott67

      Not sure why I’m getting the “thumbs down” for my comments. A few disgruntled Rogers employees or shareholders are upset that I choose to avoid getting gouged by paying for minutes/data/services that I don’t need? 😉

      For those users that need lots of minutes and/or data every month, feel free to spend $80+ per month. There are lots of users like me who aren’t big users of voice/data and would rather pay for what they use and pocket the savings. I’ve got wifi at home & work and only rely on 3G when travelling or on vacation.

      I like Wind’s pricing, but unfortunately the zone model doesn’t fit in with my needs (I generally require service when I’m outside of Wind’s zones).

  • new_tradition

    The scary thing is that people will buy it. The power of a brand name D:

  • Ron Mexico

    $95 + $12.79 = Rogers has totally lost their minds

  • Herp Derp

    Dear MobileSyrup
    PLEASE stop just printing press releases. Rogers announces they’re going to start gouging customers even harder and the headline is “simplified plans”? Give me a break. Why does this article make no mention of how these plans are effing consumers in the a compared to old equivalent plans?

    • Frosty

      As much as I sympathize with your statement, mobilesyrup is a news blog. It is simply sharing news that has become available.

      If you want to read their opinion, that should be relegated to phone reviews.

  • Shawn

    This plan is a complete joke to consumers and the whole wireless industry. $55 you only get for 200mb? Who in their right mind is dumb enough to spend $95 ($110 if you add caller I.D. And voicemail) on the unlimited Canada plan? Rogers knows that the average person uses about 300 minutes a month worth of calling a believe, so they know that they can have unlimited calling with their plans now without losing money.
    But these plans are an insult to customers.

  • rgp905

    They need to bring their “Connected” plan down to $50-$60 range to have any hope of competing or winning back customers who have left. I was a 15 year customer and left..I now buy my own phones and expect a cheaper month to month deal than this..$95.00 is crazy

  • Mike

    Fido is better for the prices, forget Rogers.

    • haxor99

      I’d rather not support Rogers, even through Fido

  • All I do is Wind!


  • Brendon

    I don’t know why you are calling this unlimited, no where there did i see unlimited data. It’s still crap.

  • Ben Stansfield

    i agree that the plans are not great, and certainly not what i want.
    the solution is simple: vote with your wallet.
    if you really feel that these prices are not for you, STOP SUBSCRIBING TO THEM.
    stop paying these prices, and Rogers might listen. as long as they increase their subscriber base, why on earth would/should they do anything else? they’re a business, not a charity, and they listen to what any business does, dollars.

  • Tom@Bell

    Man, switching people to Bell has “never been easier”. I hope my company doesn’t copy these. What garbage! Some people will go for the limited “Unlimited” plans though, I betcha.

  • T B

    Rip off

  • hmmmm

    Videotron for 54.95 + Galaxy Note 2 @199$ : You’ll get a 6 GB data transfer allowance to use on the Internet, as well as Call Display and Voicemail. You’ll also get unlimited text, photo and video messaging at all times, and unlimited evening and weekend calls.

    Who said they were bad?

    • fD

      Hummm where do you see such a bundle with 6GB of data?… it says 1GB For 55$ on the Videotron site.

    • FidozBest

      nice price.. but good out side of your zone
      and tell us your incom/outgoing txt + mms = rate
      you download and upload rate
      and you incom/outgoing call rate

      even if u r in the zone but they have issue in the network or your phone for a reason decided to choose rogers network
      also check the rate on you bill

      P.S : im not saying rogers plans are good… but eachone knows his budget and know his usag. so urs is gr8 for u.
      but exemp for me who go out of the zone and send at least 1000 txt to the internation i prefer my plan with fido 94$
      unl incom local LD call
      unl txt cana int
      unl mms cana int
      6 gb data
      2500min call fw
      ring back
      caller id name display
      who called
      and free to use my service anywhere in canada from anywhere in canada to anywhere in canada…

  • Crocography

    I may be buying my Nokia 920 outright from the new MS store and just biting the bullet and switch to Wind. I think in the long run this will be cheaper than buying the phone on a 3 year plan from Rogers. Not having the standard features such as CallerID/VoiceMail/3-Way/CallForwarding for free is simply ridiculous.

    BTW, with plans like these is Rogers actually marketing Wind?

  • rgp905

    Un Poco Loco Rogers…. If they need their ARPU this high, it’s only for two reasons #1 Pure greed or #2 Their business costs are too high and they are carrying too much fat. I am not pro business regulation on pricing but these prices are abusive and need to be stopped.

  • Crocography

    Actually just did the math on these new plans. It is actually much cheaper over the next 3 years to buy the Nokia 920 outright and switch to Wind than stay with Rogers on a lesser plan.

    Rogers you suck big time.

    • jack

      u needed to do actual math to figure that out?

  • Zab

    these are just Brutal.

    I pay $35 for unlimited on Wind. OK I don’t have LTE but I’d rather be without it than getting plowed by plans like this every month.

    “It’ll be interesting to see how Bell and TELUS respond.”

    will it actually be interesting? NO. they’ll be the same plus/minus a few dollars. I’m surprised they don’t get released in the same memo.

  • I Like Good Food

    I feel like we should have a space to compare contracts, it can only help us consumers.

    Currenyly i am with fido not on a contract (my 3 year deal ended in august)

    I have a 3GS with:

    250 mins, unlimited incoming, 5pm early evenings.
    VM 3 and caller ID
    6 gigs data
    unlimited text international, but no video or picture text
    for 56$ plus tax gets me around 65 total.

    My plan is to get the Iphone 5 (which due to fidodollars i can get for like 70$), sell it and buy a high end droid device and bring it onto fido. i can keep this contract for 3 more years if i want.

  • David

    This is an insult to our intelligence.

  • jack

    i wish people would stop comparing retentions plans with regular plans. i know everyone would like retentions plans to be the regular plans but they arent, so stop trying to stroke your epeen by going “OMgZ GuiZ, I pay dis much on my retentions and you payz too muchzzz LOloLolo!111!!1”

  • Bruce

    Complete Fisting.

    • Ron Mexico

      All the way to the elbow!

  • BT

    Wait, no caller ID *OR* Voicemail? Did Rogers just get MORE useless?

  • Peter

    This new pricing plan is ridiculous. Let’s compare with what I currently have:

    6GB Super Plan
    Unlimited Eve & Wknd Minutes from 6PM
    200 Weekday Minutes
    Detailed Billing
    100 US & Intl Text Messages
    LTE 6GB Shared Data
    Call Forwarding/Call Transfer/Call Display/Voicemail
    MY10 Unlimited Canada-wide Talk
    Unlimited Canada-wide standard and video text messages

    My price: $82.25 ALL TAXES IN

    Their comparable price: $121.80 ALL TAXES IN

    Theirs: $95 basic plus $12.79 for call display & voicemail, plus 13% tax.

    The only thing I don’t have is unlimited voice, but that makes no difference to me. 200 minutes a month is more than enough considering that 95% of my calls are on my MY-10 list, which is unlimited.

    So, tell me how these new rates are in any way better?

    • jack

      guys guys, listen to this man, you mean a limited time promo plan has better value than a regular all the time plan?!?

      color me surprised.

    • M

      “Oh Rogers are you telling me that your new standard plans are more expensive than a promotional planned you launched for a limited time? WHAT A RIP OFF!” It’s amazing how much people compare their plans with new standard plans offered to new customers. As much as I agree they are expensive, The Big 3 could offer it all for 45$ and people would still complain that it is over 50$ when you include taxes.

  • Vin

    What a joke!! Robbers

  • Malingerer

    Many of the posters forget that not all users live within or around an urban core. Most if the Canadian population cannot yet be serviced by wind or Mobilicity or public mobile. The footprint provided by Rogers, telus or bell is much larger than the upstarts and you’d have to expect there’d definitely be a delta in price between these 2 types of carriers. All Rogers did was copy what’s been going on in the USA. We’re all still left with the same choices: smaller footprint = smaller $ vs bigger footprint = more money. I’m just glad that its getting slightly more competitive for those who aren’t in the urban core. These new offers will save money.

  • Ozman

    If I could just unlock my iPhones without paying an arm and a leg. I would be rid of Rogers for life!

    • ToniCipriani

      Or just quit using that phone…

  • Craig

    i’m leaving Rogers early next year when my contract is up …. i was hoping for better pricing than this …. see ya Rogers.

  • Jaffna Guy

    Rogers lost their mind? Oh may be filing for bankrupcy protection. I won’t complain windmobile phone prices anymore.

  • Porilaisten

    $190 for 10GB!?!? $50 per line!?!? PLUS $12.79 for Caller ID and Voicemail!?!??!

    “Hi, I’d like 5 phones on a Rogers family plan” “Sure, that’ll be $403.95 a month for 3 years. And you only get lube for the first year”

    • Ron Mexico

      No, no, no. No lube at all friend.

  • TP2

    As a Rogers shareholder, I hope these new plans sell.

    As a customer, I’ll be sticking with a retention plan 😉

  • Tom

    This is the only industry where the prices go up as more people use the service

  • Binku

    Someone in Rogers please tell HR or whoever in charge to read MobileSyrup and comments.

    They’re getting worse day by day, me thinks.

  • Plan Shopper

    All I can say is that I am glad I left Rogers. Virgin Canada aren’t angels with their pricing but the do give more and allow for more customization through choices of different plans and add ons.

  • Tom Riddell

    What a Rip Off Thank god for Windmobile

  • Dan

    Holy s**t these are expensive plans that don’t offer much.

    “Unlimited Canada wide calling from your computer” is this a cell phone plan or a computer plan? Horrible.

  • Adam

    THIS PRICING MAKES ME SICK. Remember over the summer when Rogers offered 6gb, my10, 250 minutes, and unlimited text/pic/video for $65?! And remember when Koodo offered 250 canadian LD, callID & VM, 6gb, unlimited international text/pic/vid, for $60 at the same time?

    The wireless industry in Canada has gone backwards and has gotten WAY out of hand, this type of extortion should be illegal.

  • Brandon

    Was planning on switching from Telus to Rogers for the Nokia Lumia 920. Was looking forward to the possibility of unlimited long distance as most of my family and friends live out of town. But not at those prices. I get more for my money right now with Telus. 200 minutes, my 10 (long Distance), 6GB of Data, call display and voicemail for $72/month. Go to hell rogers.

    • Chris

      Demand that Nokia sell the Lumia 920 unlocked. Tweet @nokiacanada and use the hashtag #unlockedlumia

  • Randy

    Shitty plans are shitty.

  • Chris

    These plans are a gross insult to consumers. I’d rather disembowel myself with a dull spoon without anesthetic than ever sign up for a plan like this. The thought of having to endure something like this for 3 years makes me want to cry.

  • Derek

    This is very expensive. I’m not even comparing it to the retention plan.

  • Ron-C

    They need to get callerID and Voicemail included in their plans. $12.97 is just ridiculous for something so simple and expected to be included. Even Telus has it included with their new plans.

  • technathan

    Sigh. Why on earth are Caller ID and Voicemail considered “Add-ons” in freaking 2012?

  • Zohaib

    I already have the $55 plan except with 1GB of data.

    Why would anybody switch?

  • Jesse Letain

    Wow that’s ridiculous….
    I currently have:
    Unlimited nation wide calling.
    Unlimited Texting/Picture/Video messaging (including international texting)
    Visual Voicemail/Caller ID with Name Display/Who called/Call waiting/Call forwarding.
    6gb of data.

    All for $90 bucks… (Which I thought was a little pricey until i saw this) The funny part is that it’s with Fido.

  • John Shipley

    Ridiculously priced!! I have a $17/month corporate voice plan that gives me 200 daytime minutes and unlimited night and weekends. 125 text messages a month and a $30 data plan that gives me 6GB a month! I also have a Rocket Stick that I share the 6GB of data with at an additional $10/month. So my “Cell Phone” bill is just over $50/month (discount for bundling)for adequate voice and text and 6GB of data.
    The plans above don’t come close to what I have for internet (data). Fail Rogers.

  • Mike

    of course they give you a 1000 minutes when no one uses their voice plan anymore and give you a 100mb of data when that’s the only thing people use… it just makes sense you know…

  • Zab

    you’re fool.

  • Ghostface Killah


    These plans are not “pretty good”, are you insane? This is a step in the wrong direction (completely) and its motivated only by greed.. nothing more. Idiot.

  • Crusader

    RIP Rogers. If I’m working for Rogers, I’ll definitely looking for job at the Wind or Mobilicity.These plan will close the door for new customers. And I feel sorry for people who are living outside of wind zone, they have no choice but to go with the Robelus. Wind, please do something for them, they are also our brothers and sisters.

  • Bad Apple

    Should I start? Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!
    Hey Whiners! Told ya! Rogers will $crew ya!
    Hip Hip Hooray!

  • J


  • Simon

    ^^^ mylivespot: Bell Promo 65 currently is:
    – 1 Go
    – 200 min day time
    – 10 numbers unlimited accross Canada
    – unlimited weekends/evenings starting at 18h
    – unlimited text/photo/video
    – Caller ID & VM

    Vs. Roger you’re trading unlimited calls for 200 min + top 10 but at least you have caller ID + VM

  • williamworlde

    Oh boy! This Rogers just makes my blood boil! They’ve misled us with the leading “unlimited” in their release: “Simplified Pricing with unlimited talk, text and internet” plans. They’ve claimed they recognized the changing role of users to one of texting and surfing, yet their maximum data plans stops at 5GB with $10/GB for over-usage?!

    Let me clarify: I look at TV on a TV. I look at movies at the cinema or on DVD. I have no need for huge streaming. I am not being judgmental: If you want those services, then you need to pay for the privilege of bigger pipelines for faster and more fluid downloads. I’m content with slower speeds for my needs, i.e., lite (vs. high-speed, LTE and all the versions in between).
    Why should your QUANTITY then be limited?!

    NOW THIS IS IMPORTANT: I’ve tried “reaching the end of the Internet”, but no luck so far. Data is unlimited, so too should be our access to it. Plans’ costs should be based on HOW FAST WE WANT TO GET THERE/IT.

    THINK ABOUT THIS: Ask yourself how come small SPs (I know Wind is small in Canada, but it’s huge worldwide) can provide unlimited “everything”, but the giants “must” cap theirs. Hmmm…?

    SDM listened to us and stopped the Xmas music in October! Now Canadian big SPs have to stop the data limits and get rid of that 3-YEAR contract while they’re at it!

  • jay

    I have

    200 min
    Unlimited incoming calls
    150 long distance
    Unlimited after 5 pm.
    150 Mb data (everywhere WiFi where I am)
    Caller id

    I pay 29.99 tax included

  • Dexter

    If they had the “connected” plan at $90 including CID/VM then it might be a decent deal. $110 after you add two very basic features… Usually I make someone take me to dinner and a movie before they can bend me over like that.

  • French Montana

    throw em a bone and they want a steak

  • Betty

    And the bottle of lube is extra…

  • abc123


    Just makes my $40 HMP from Wind that much better.

    Sorry for you folks that have no choice but to go with the big 3. Don’t worry, I will keep supporting the small guys until they are strong enough to expand into your city/area.

  • Larry

    if you look at how the plans are structured they are actually quite interesting. Are they a good deal out right vs many others? Doesn’t look like it on the surface.
    Rationale? There is more network capacity pressure on the data side than there is on the voice side vs a few years ago. i.e. 2 or 3 years ago the reason why 6GB was easier to find or offered more is because there were not as many smart phones vs phones. Second, people don’t talk as much as before, texting, social sites, email are more common communication methods which equates to less usage pressure on the voice side. Finally, home phone cord cutting, the best way to entice someone to cut, is to raise the usage bar. Unlimited talk will accelerate cord cutting. Telus and Bell have to be more careful with such cord cutting as they have a significantly larger incumbent base of wireline phones. i.e. cutting off your leg to grow a new one is not a great strategy. Finally, many smart phones have become very expensive ($600-800), so are larger chunk of that monthly fee is going to the cost of the phone.

    Bottom line: Will the new plans work? Hard to say. Consumers are much smarter and have significantly more access to information and plan details than previously. Also, the sale of unlocked phones has significantly increased, plus the Google Nexus 4 will set a new standard in quality for an inexpensive price.

    Prediction: We’ll see new plans again in 2-3 months.

  • Ramesh

    same crap; do not waste time doing a math on the plans; not worth it!

  • Bumbles

    HA! This is your response to Fido’s newest plans?! Here’s my plan from Fido:

    – Unlimited Incoming/Outgoing/Picture and Video messaging
    – Unlimited Anytime minutes
    – Unlimited Incoming calls
    – Unlimited Evenings and weekends
    – Unlimited Canada-wide long distance
    – 1GB data
    – Call Display with Name Display and WhoCalled
    – Canada-Wide Calling
    – Visual Voicemail Plus
    – 2,500 Call Forwarding minutes


    Rogers, are you committing financial suicide??

  • jonny

    <3 my HMP

  • John

    One word:


  • shaker

    the only “unlimited plan”is on WIND. $40 and loving it now that the new nexus4 will be available soon.

    • EvanKr

      Even with WIND’s subpar coverage in comparaison, you just can’t beat the value. This year’s HMP will blow any competition out of the water, with Robelus you’d pay $90 for what is $40 on WIND.

  • Calvin

    Yah, holy jeez, those are expensive. I thought I was getting the shaft now, there’s no way I’m changing to a new rate plan. Ridiculous.

  • corby

    So after making a mess of the new Lumia 920, now coming out with this brutal attempt to fleece us of more money. I`m defianatly moving to a new carrier when my contract runs out.

  • J**********t

    Advice to all you people complaining this is to expensive, go get a real job where you make more then $10.50 an hour and you’ll stop complaining.

  • TouchMyBox

    Well, drop that $95 down in price by 50% and you’ve got yourselves a deal, Rogers!

  • jadondre

    OK. The plans are clearly brutal. But what gets me is – $15/GB (overage). It’s cheaper to go to the theater to watch a movie than stream one on your phone. There is a disincentive to use wireless data. How is this good policy? Oh wait! Rogers owns tv stations that they want you to watch over their cable infrastructure instead (cable fee + greater ad revenue). And if you do stream the content they’re going to take you to the cleaners.

  • Lance W

    Highway Roggery!

  • Calvin

    Why are all the talk, text, and internet plans have 1000 or more minutes? I never use my phone as a phone…

  • Wind Mobile Rocks !

    LOL ..No CD and No VM and absolutely horrible pricing !

    No Thanks Robbers ! Nice try , but your plans are still a joke in front of Wind Mobile’s and Mobilicity’s unlimited talk and data plans.

    Bell and Telus will now further embarass themselves and match your crappy plans.

    Hopefully Canadians don’t fall for this nonsense and still go with Mobilicity or Wind Mobile if they are available in their area 🙂

  • Wind Mobile Rocks !

    Evenings from 6.00 pm to 7.00 am ..LOL

    Make it 5.00 pm to 9.00 am , and some fools might bite.

  • ile2010

    I’ll stick to Wind, thanks. Is it inferiour to Rogers in terms of coverage? Yes.

    But, TWO unlimited plans cost me $90-95 after taxes, depending on how much roaming I do.

    For people outside Wind/Mobi/Public areas, you can still vote with your wallet. Go to prepaid. Use budget MVNOs. Yes, they can suck, but Rogers can only get away with this ridiculous pricing if its customers let them.

    My total monthly telecom bill is about $150 and it includes 2 cell phones, 18mbps cable internet (300gb), Netflix, and private DNS for US Netflix, Pandora, and other region-restricted services.

    That didn’t ever cover my Bell wireless bill, let alone Rogers cable, and internet.

    When I was living with my parents, paying $100 for a “great” plan from Rogers didn’t seem like a big deal. It’s not like I had other bills to pay. I can afford to have my services with the incumbents, but I choose not to.

  • nimi

    awesome I am leaveing bell and I gonna my bro to leave telus and my mom to leave fido we are all gonna get the 95 dollar plan ( not a joke) really great plan thank you Rogers

    finally something good

  • Eno Barbus

    Two Words:

    1. Rip

    2. Off

  • OGOD

    Rogers’ die hard fans would happy to see this.Coz they don’t need to pay $200+ over charged bills any more, now only $95…LOL

    That’s y Rogers always rich.

  • EvanKr

    $27 plan: Meh, 150 minutes is pretty skimpy.

    $37 plan: If you’re a heavy talker it could be decent, but seriously? No data?

    $45 plan: Essentially you’re paying $8 more tha the 37 for 100MB of data. Are they serious? This should be 500MB minimum.

    $55 plan: 200MB isn’t enough for that amount of money. Not by a long shot.

    $65 plan: What ever happened to 6GB on $60 plans? This is robbery.

    $75 plan: $10 more for only an extra 2GB? Come on!

    $95 plan: That’s an awful lot to spend a month, for this you should get unlimited, unthrottled service. And no CID/VM? That’s crazy.

    So, in a nutshell, it’s classic Robbers. I can’t even believe that they’re serious with these rates.

  • LJK

    This is offensive to all Canadian consumers.

  • Zeeb

    According to those pictures, those individual plans don’t look like they can be shared as is stated above. They seem to have ridiculous separate “family plans” that start at $110 with only 400MB data. Without voicemail or caller id this is beyond brutal.

  • Calvin

    I’ve been with rogers for over 10 years and this is the first time I am seriously considering switching. These rate plans are just brutal, I can’t believe it. It’s even getting to the point where a retention plan won’t keep me because I can’t condone this level of price gouging.

    Damn, I’m sad now.

  • Shawn

    No offence Jack but if people didn’t call retentions there would be no other pricing options. I have been an 11 year customer on Rogers and yes their customer service always sucks but they do have the latest phones and they do negotiate. It’s a complete pain in the a*s but those plans their advertising are just stupid and way overpriced. If people are getting retentions plans for cheaper than those regular plans why not just give out good plans in the first place? Charging extra for early evenings and weekends, CID, Voicemail is just stupid on a $95/month plan. It is business and we all have to play the game but don’t ever give into the marketed crap plans that all the companies advertise. They are giving better plans to people who have learned to negotiate.

  • MobileAnon

    As a multicarrier mobile advisor, these plans make my life easier. 1 less choice for customers and a happier experience overall. That is, by not being recomended Rogers as NOTHING is worth going with them for now.

    Don’t worry, I guarantee you Bell won’t jump the bandwagon (If we can even call it that) and put those prices up. I can’t say the same about Telus though.

  • Industryguy

    I have worked in the industry for numerous years for all the companies, now including Wind. And,

    Rogers, and all the other big Canadian companies, will NEVER offer everything unlimited for $40, or even a higher price point for that matter. Why would they ? why would they wanna race other companies to the bottom, and cut into their profits.

    All Rogers is doing is shifting where they make their many, where all their “RPU” is coming from. Rogers knows people are talking less, Rogers also knows the power of the world “Unlimited”, Rogers also knows people really have no idea and or understanding of what a GB of data means, but do know people understand what “unlimited calling means”

    Giving the plans unlimited calling ( which will attract attention and give the false sense of value ) and cut back the data, which point wont understand about usuage + jack up the overage rate ( $15 a GB if you go over ) and you got your self a winning formula for profit. People go 1MB over their 1GB of data and Rogers is now pulling in $93 a month.

    End of the day, all these companies ( the big 3 ) employee people whom jobs it is to tweak the wording and plans to make them look like they are a “good deal” People are swayed by cheap phones, period, end of story, and these guys know that, and they will continue to use that barganing chip. You will pay one way or another with the big 3. This plan, in my opinion,and expeirence in the industry, is the biggest slap in the face. It is 100% designed to set people up for overages.

  • stylinred

    I had hope that Rogers would have waken up and finally introduced some realistic pricing… how stupid of me

    I guess the mass population are fine with these prices or else Rogers would have been forced to change

  • Ed

    Fido has a plan that is the same as the Roger’s “Social” Plan with Value pack included. And guess what, it’s only $57. SMH

  • rob

    rob, aside from the rediculous plans they’re bring out , $15/GB if you go over??? Are you f****** kidding me? Anyone thinking of getting the “occasional, social or even streamer ” plans (I dunno why anyone would) stop right now, your bill will douple maybe triple when you start downloading all kinda stuff cause you will and 1GB might sound alot, trust me it’s not with today’s phones.

  • Jon

    Just call retention and get -$15 and free CD on all these plans. Then it will be decent.

  • screamer

    Germany is better. 40$ for everything. Unlimited! Or you pay 6 cent a minute or text. Data unlimited anyways plus caller Id and voicemail free on a 2 year contract with a galaxy S3 for 128$

  • LOL

    Seriously you guys, this is Rogers not Wind Mobile you do understand that right? Pull it together, normally you are getting $200 min my10 unlimited txt 6pm for $65 a month so now they have made it unlimited.

    Another point the average user does NOT use 1GB a data per week if you are then for god sakes man get a computer or for the love of god get a life.

    The plans aren’t as good as we had hoped but this company is out there charge you as much as they can for as long as they can get away with it.

  • Justin

    WOW!!! S***! 95 for pity 5GB?? THAT”S overcharging!! Rogers!! No surprise but.. plz Wind, Mobilicity.. Expand ur network IMMEDIATELY!!!!

  • billy joe masterson


    This is going to drop the new sign ups like crazy, Telus is starting to look better and better every day.

  • Mark

    Classic Rogers. They only care about increasing their ARPU and making the shareholders happy.

  • williamworlde

    As you see, the comments here are all negative. What are you and your illustrious colleagues doing on behalf of subscribers? Everyone wants cheaper, most will settle for reasonable. This is NOT reasonable!

    So, I ask again, how are you campaigning for changes in the CRTC laws on citizens’ behalf? We know that CRTC enacts laws giving the Big 3 market advantage. It IS obvious; this is not a conspiracy theory. How are you and others like you in the marketplace effecting changes? Or are you just parroting news stories?

    We can rant all we want here, but unless the writer publishes a new article saying, “I spoke to Rogers. Here’s what I’m happy to report.”, this is useless. It’s not an overnight process, but we need voices with power to stop the continual raping of (Canadian) consumers! I AM NOT HAPPY paying $80+/month thinking I am getting a deal!

    What’s that famous catch-line? I AM MAD AND I AM NOT TAKING IT ANYMORE!

    To all of you supporting the small SPs helping them grow, I salute you. I wish I could too, but I must have reliable connectivity to support my clients for my livelihood. Thank you.

    • williamworlde

      Please note the above entry was directed at the article writer. However, MobileSyrup wouldn’t publish it until I removed his name. Typically Canadian attitude not wanting to assume responsibility or take criticism!
      I love Endgaget; they take it on the chin “like a man”.

  • AhCup

    Data Overage is $15/GB??? WTH were they thinking?

  • Rogido

    I don’t know what Robbers is smoking.

    I’m paying Bell $65/month (less $10/month port-in credit) + taxes for 6GB, 550 minutes, unlimited eve/weekends, unlimited incoming, unlimited texts, CID + VM. I think I can add Cdn LD for $5, but I rarely use LD.

  • Joshua Bouffard

    Great guess Im stuck with super data for 3 years. Was going to downgrade to save some money for a bit but I won’t even be able to get back to 6 gigs.