Memoto aims to bring lifeblogging to the masses, launches Kickstarter campaign


  • John Smith


    Pictures of a couch, desk, car, and other useless objects to keep.

  • Playbooker

    What’s next?
    “Live for 5 years” and take a year off to review your last 4 at 4x speed?

    Do you kiss your boyfriend or do you kiss him?
    Do you take pics of your baby walking or do you hold his hand?
    Do you LIVE or do you DOCUMENT it??

    There must be 100 pictures of me tops from 1-15 yrs olde, my parents were with me. Now it seems like things are getting out of control. My 2 Cents

    • Geoff

      Aha! See? The point is that you can live your life while Memoto documents it for you! Win/win right?

      Realistically, I just can’t imagine ever going back through and ever looking at any of the pictures.

  • Kid.Canada

    That’s a lot of photos per day…

  • Kenny

    Interesting little device, my memory is shite so this would come in handy, but for $279?

    I keep calling it Miyamoto.

  • Adam

    Am I able to turn it off when I go to the bathroom? Will I always remember to do so.

    I can also see privacy invasion lawsuits here. What if I stop to talk to someone and don’t get their permission to document and keep details of our conversation? I know it’s just a pic every 30 seconds – but that can be used to prove where someone was – even if it’s just someone walking down the street.

  • Meh

    Kids these days live through their cells phones always taking a picture or a video of something instead of enjoying the moment. Maybe this will get the kids to leave their phones in their pockets….

  • Jacquio

    I could see this being cool in smaller doses. Wearing it on vacation for example.

    It is an as long as I can have it automatically stop recording 9-5 Monday-Friday. The size/intrusiveness of the device is also a concern.

  • Victoria A

    Not sure how I feel about the 5MP camera, considering you’re going to be moving most of the time. Most of the pictures are going to come out blurry :S As for invasion and intrusion, you obviously don’t wear it where you shouldn’t be taking pictures (ei. work, locker rooms, bathrooms). This device needs to be majorly re-thought before it is released.

  • Concerned

    Just thinking about the privacy issues for 30 seconds gives me a headache…

  • George

    I don’t see much use for it at all, unless you are some sort of a doofus hipster.

    Most of the pictures taken will be blurry, of useless things/objects, crooked, with objects that are cut off/not fully in the shot, people with their eyes half closed/their mouthes in mid-sentence… and I can keep going on, and on, and on.

    So you take hundreds of pictures a day, with less than 10 being of actual use. You’ll spend more time searching for “jewels”, than actually admiting pictures that you can take MANUALLY with your cellphone or camera.

    An F-.

    • George



    It looks like an Apple TV

  • jihnjacibs

    I would rather enjoy lifes moments and store the captured memories of them in my brain. Do people use their brains anymore? It’s like we have this need to be able to show everyone every insignificant moment in our lives. They don’t care. And spending time looking at photos of past events instead of creating new ones is beyond pathetic.

    This product serves no purpose. Google go pro cam. Now that has a purpose.

  • abc123

    Maybe this would be a better use for a pet dog or cat that disappears for a while. I would be interesting to see where they go.

  • Kaneth

    Finally a way to piece together the weekends!

  • Shane

    If this thing was water/shock proof it might be cool at parties. It could be a fantastic product if was “smart” and could detect good moments through facial recognition to snap a shot.

    I instantly thought it would be cool to make it a necklace and strap it to my young nephew. Might be cool to see a day in the life of a baby. Would need to be pee and goober proof though.

  • in Calgary

    I’m buying 2! One for each cat!

  • migo

    This would be more handy if it does video, something small and relatively unobtrusive (I wouldn’t say discreet) that’s easy to activate and start recording something.