Memoto aims to bring lifeblogging to the masses, launches Kickstarter campaign

I don’t have a great memory. Sure, I can recall the big events in my life, but ask me what happened on a given day three years ago and I’ll smile and shake my head at you. Ask me what I had for dinner three nights ago and I’ll more than likely do the same.

That’s why Memoto is so intriguing to me. We all take photos, some with dedicated cameras, others with smartphones. But those are conscious, and we acquiesce to the context of the situation, taking ourselves out of it for a moment to snap that shot. It’s difficult, therefore, to capture “magic” the moment it happens, be it a baby’s first steps or a that cherished first little league goal. Yes, corny, but it’s true.

Memoto is a small device that clips to your clothes and takes a 5MP photo every thirty seconds. Its battery lasts for two days and, with the photo, captures GPS data and orients the image using a built-in accelerometer. The Swedish company behind the design, has been working for over a year to make Memoto as simple and functional as possible.

Now, how do you store these photos? Memoto plans to offer a cloud service that, when the device is connected to a computer, will pull your photos and arrange them in chronological order, complete with GPS data for “intelligent search.” If you want to find that restaurant you were at with the great steak, you’ll be able to search for it using the date, name or a combination of the two.

Memoto launched this morning and has already raised over $100,000. The device will retail for $279 when it debuts on shelves, but backers will get a device in one of three colours (black, white or orange), plus one year of cloud storage. The device only works when it detects it is being worn: put it down on a table and it turns off, saving battery and wasted shots.

Once upload to the cloud, you’ll be able to view and search your photos with an iPhone or Android app, both of which are still being developed.

If you’re interested in backing this fascinating lifeblogging project, head to Memoto’s Kickstarter page.

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