TELUS Samsung Galaxy S III estimated to receive Jelly Bean “Late November,” Note and GS II X “Late December”


  • iphoneee

    if it comes with iOS8 – i will use my google maps on my iphone5

  • Brendon Sled

    SGS III ships with ics. Pretty sure youre talking about JB

    • Brendon

      And it was fixed, now comment is irrelevant

  • Shaggyskunk

    Aw, just root the phone – been running 4.1 for almost 2 months already!

    • Playbooker

      The same goes for S2x.
      Rooted, removed Bloatware and now getting 4400 score in Quadrant running CM10 as a daily driver since September.

  • Rob

    YAY happy to hear the note will get upgraded to JB! 😀

  • tenth

    Just in time for everybody running JB based roms for months to upgrade to Key Lime Pie.

  • Rolonoa

    lol it’s same old “some time later in near future” crap again.

  • JV

    This is redundant for the most part. Almost the same as saying Before the year is out… Got to say that Im surprised my GS3 didn’t come with jelly bean considering it was out long after jelly bean was released, and now we can expect Key lime out in a couple of days?? Kinda cheesed, i must say i wish companies would just sell an upgrade for 15 bucks a piece and then we could expect to see all sorts of Updates in an Extremely timely manner. I really don’t mind paying 15 dollars to get the latest update on my device the week the update is released. honestly… Just make it happen already.

    • Goulag

      the Galaxy S3 was released in June, but Jelly bean wasn’t announced or released to nexus devices until July.

    • JV

      Jelly Bean was released late June, like the 27th or 28th. But yes i stand corrected. Still unhappy with the situation and still feel the general point of my comments are still valid, and would like to pay for an upgrade if it meant getting the update a week or so after released. But yes, i admit i was wrong about the galaxy s 3 and jelly bean being out before it was released. Here i am eating crow. Happy Tuesday everyone. 🙂

  • monsterduc1000

    Root, install, ENJOY! 😀

    • JV

      I tired the whole Root Install enjoy with my original Galaxy s, and it did work fine, for the most part, i found the connectivity lagged like crazy, the battery was worse, and i could not hope to get any sort of signal outside my city when i drove out and about or traveled. So Ive kind of stayed away since then and have simply waited patiently, or the more likely buy the flagship device of the year to ensure i was up to date on hardware as well as software. however that is no longer a real solution. 🙁

    • gnote

      Yep, root, install and enjoy JB @ 4.1.2 even.

  • george

    when is the s3 coming out in different colours for TELUS?

  • julien

    It’s gone from the Telus website

  • rchl

    Anyone know if the upgrade of the S2X is likely to apply to the Koodo phones also?

    • Shushwap

      I would bet money you will see the update around the same time for Both…

    • Dylan D

      As KOODO is a Telus company, I could only assume it would be coming at the same time. I only question that it will because the KOODO variant does come with 4.0 out of the box, which leads me to think that there could be more fooling around to do with the release for 4.1.

  • Rob

    This is good news. I tried to install CM10 on my GS3 the other day but things ended badly, I’d rather just wait for the official update.

  • Lazed

    Glad the S2X is getting the upgrade. Hopefully it doesn’t make the battery life any worse than it already is!

    • Dylan D

      Couldn’t have said it better. Mine came with 4.0, only got about a solid 4 hours out of it. I get a few more with JuiceDefender though, so its been keeping me going.

  • tweak

    Any word if the JB update for the note will include things like smartstay, quickcall or multi window?

  • S2556

    my telus S3 has been on 4.1.2 since it was released.
    If you care about updates don’t stress out about what telus or samsung is doing. go on xda and get a bug free build of the latest release. here arem some before and after rooting stats for an added bonus:

    battery: 8-12 hours stock (2-3 hours screen time), 20-30 hours (2-4 hours screen on time)with custom rom/kernel

    antutu score: stock 5000’s, with custom ROM/kernel 9800’s (best score for i747 last I checked)

    and the whole UI is super buttery smooth

    • Mario Gaucher

      but you are loosing some interesting stock app like the camera app.
      Is there any custom JB 4.1.2 rom that include this stock camera app?

  • Cam

    Hopefully my Rogers S2 LTE will get it. If it doesn’t I don’t really care. ICS is perfectly fine for me.

  • Deli

    International version of s3 already has official jb since late Sept. Pretty fast turn around time for a skinned device. As we can see now, it’s the carriers that are the cause of the major delays.

  • kayn

    My S3 is the first time I’ve purchased a carrier branded/locked device in almost three years and it will certainly be the last. To have to wait an additional two months so Telus can lackadaisically “tweak” the JB update before putting it out is ridiculous, especially since I’m sure they’ll push it back again. I’m going back to international unlocked versions from here on out.

  • Dylan D

    Got my GS2X just over a month ago now, and I am really happy to see it on the list to Jelly Bean.

    I would prefer to be going pure android, but I kind of lack the confidence in doing a root of it. lol

  • Jocko

    Hmmmm, is it carrier or OEM as the issue here. Check out the status on the PDF file says SS has not yet sent the load to TELUS. Perhaps the OEM’s are the major delay?

  • nani sangram

    After looking at all the new features of Android JB, we are excited to update it on SGS3 for few bucks. Hope the future Android releases will be little hiatus.

  • Todd

    Once again I will be buying a new phone before this update! Updates really suck bad for android users! I will be putting my unlocked pebble blue galaxy s3 up on ebay and buying that new toy the Nexus 4

  • Treatz

    are we in “late november” yet?….
    what’s going on here Samsung / Telus / baby Jesus?

  • me

    Telus website clearly says “expected dates are subject to change”

  • Nik

    Looks like Telus is too incompetent to get an update for popular phone like the galaxy s3 out on time

  • Jj

    Todays Date is November 30/2012 where is my jelly been update Telus??? I think this should avoid my contract with you Telus on beeing late with this update. I hope for now on google starts doing all the updates people should not have to wait this long for there os updates…..

  • Arm

    It’s out! OTA on Telus released

  • AngerMan

    Late November 2013… ?