Acer Iconia W700 slate to launch with Windows 8 on October 26th for $749CDN


  • Sean

    I really wish that Windows scaled when the resolution was changed instead of just making things smaller… Any ways I would much recommend the i5 version

  • Ron Mexico

    Core i3 Windows 8 slate with 1GB of RAM? Lol, fail much? Good luck with that.

    • Daniel Bader

      Corrected, sorry. It’s actually 4GB RAM standard.

  • sicpuppy

    No …

  • Tom

    I don’t think this move to charge more is going to work. They are increasing prices to apple levels without increasing quality or customer service

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    Ugly as hell and overpriced. Who the hell would buy this garbage for $750 when you can buy a 15 inch Asus laptop for $250 and an iPad, Galaxy 10 or Asus Transformer for $500 ?

  • Claudiu

    I would get in a heart beat if I could get it with 512 GB SSD. This would become my desktop / laptop / tablet computer for all in one magic. 128 GB SSD is really limiting, I hope maybe there is a way to upgrade.

    • Blacklisted

      “I hope maybe there is a way to upgrade”…since it has USB 3.0 ports you could always plug in an external SSD to increase your capacity. However, as it stands 128GB of storage is pretty damn high for a portable device of this type. I wouldn’t hesitate to use this as my primary device, except that it’s made by Acer which is only marginally better in my books than LG.

  • Brad F

    Boy, that keyboard design looks familiar. I just can’t quite put my finger on it, though.

    • Blacklisted

      I know, I know, it’s a Sony design that Apple copied.

    • Brad F

      Copied right down to the font on the keys.

      But, you know, I guess that was just “the natural evolution of the keyboard font” or some other bullshit.

  • Blacklisted

    @Daniel Bader: “I tried using the touchscreen with my fingers….the legacy desktop proved difficult”

    You are aware that you can adjust the DPI in Windows (at least in Vista & 7, I can only assume it’s also availabe in 8 since I don’t have it running in front of me right now) through it’s DPI Scaling settings in the ‘Ease of Access Center’ found in the control panel. Also, and I found this in the book of ‘Duh’, the desktop environment was NOT designed to be a touch centric user interface, that’s what Metro is for. If one wants to use the desktop as their primary interface then use the capabilities made available to you via the docking station where one can plug in an external monitor.

    • Kinghotep

      The desktop environment is where the majority of apps run, unless of course you repurchase all your applications if/when they come out with a touch friendly, “Metro” version of the app.

      Hell even Office 2013 is still not touch friendly!

    • Call_It_Like_It_Is

      @Kinghotep: actually ‘Applications’ run on the desktop, ‘Apps’ run in the touch centric environment. All one has to do if they want to use the desktop without an external monitor is add a Bluetooth mouse, problem solved (as was mentioned in the article). FYI, Microsoft is already well underway in creating a Metro enabled version of their Office suite. Wasn’t ready for 13, but look for it in the near future (OneNote is available now for preview, can’t imagine the rest of the suite isn’t far behind).

  • williamworlde

    Amongst my computers, I still use an Acer laptop running WXPP really well. It has a 60GB drive, W/L, BT, albeit with an external monitor now. I still get >30 mins. battery life too. It’s got a working DVD-RAM slot drive, just like a Mac! The kicker? This unit is >9 years old! If W700 wasn’t so thick, I’d get it in an instant!
    Oh, and one more thing: FINALLY, productivity tablets are here for us real-world folks who just don’t look at movies and use words to communicate rather than draw pictures! Don’t be offended; that’s just my slight at the way over-priced Apple tablets!

  • Bri

    wth lol the keyboard looks just like Apple wireless keyboard. Apple sues Acer in 5..4..3..

    • Brad F

      Well no, that’s just the natural evolution of the keyboard. They got the inspiration from a bowl of jello.