HTC One X+ coming to TELUS “this fall”


  • BoothGuru


    • CADOperator

      The first operator (from RoBellUs) that starts selling phones in 2 yr contracts, will sell ANY phone they have.

      Too bad there is no competition and they have meetings before relasing 6GB plans for the same price or release something “NEW” lke the $63 and $73 plans.

      The OneX+ is a great phone but will wait for October 11th to see how big is the new baby-S3 and end of October to see the Nexus 2. If we could only buy phones in Can on 2yr contract like in the US!

  • vn33

    Choice is good for the consumer … bring it on !

  • cybik

    Actually, it can shut its 4 cores off, as it has a “ninja core” that does “core calculations” should the device, for example, go into deep sleep and not need more than just enough CPU for keeping itself online and connected to the mobile network. 🙂

  • alexrobot

    If the One X had shipped with these specs, I would’ve bought it and not waited for the S3… you missed out, HTC! I wanted to believe!

  • HTCKing

    “…the extra battery capacity should provide an increase of up to 50% in daily usage”

    So you’re saying a mere 300mAH will grant us up to 50 PERCENT more uptime?

    Might wanna edit that.

    • Geoff

      I thought exactly the same thing! However, I believe they mean that the combination of a larger battery, more efficient processor, and potentially more efficient Sense OS all contribute to the 50% increase.

    • HTCKing


      Just because HTC says it in their press release, doesn’t make it true. We all know that these companies, when they perform these “internal tests” or metrics, do them in the most favorable circumstances. Once again, a mere 300mAH additional battery over the HTC One X, doesn’t suddenly and magically extend the battery as much as they claim.

      Does the One X not sleep the other cores similarly(when in “low performance” mode? Having said that, unless some serious improvements were made to Sense 4.5 and JellyBean in terms of battery savings, would those improvements not also transfer over to the One X, once the Jellybean + Sense 4.5 ROM is released?

    • Daniel Bader

      That’s why we do reviews, to test the manufacturers’ claims.

  • zed

    I holding for the HTC 5x 😀

  • common_sense

    Well look at you, Telus!
    Stepping up your game big time. I’m impressed! 🙂

    Now, just make it decently priced and you may have my money!

  • Dalex

    I guess I should be somewhat frustrated since I bought the One X on Telus in July, but I’m actually not too peeved as I love the 28 nm S4 processor more than the 40nm Tegra 3 and I have ran Jellybean with CM10 and AOKP for a while now. Though Sense is neat too.

    This should be a great phone however. Jellybean will fix most of the Sense sluggishness and will let its elegance shine through undisturbed (It really is great for the new to Android crowd and average user). The bigger battery and 64 GB storage is tremendous news (though why they couldn’t fit this in the original is beyond me lol, but whatever).

    The main thing is to market it!!! HTC take note from Samsung (no pun intended) and market this thing like crazy. I know you may not have the same budget, but take a bloody loss if you have to and market this like its a GS3 or Iphone 5!!!

    Its better built than the GS3 (by a mile) and the display is night and day better so mention this to people!

    • drone

      Sounds like sour grapes lol 😛

  • monsterduc1000

    Looks great, but I’m waiting for the next Nexus phone =D

  • 1+

    Very strategic of HTC, it had to come out early enough with the One X to get early sales and now it comes out with the One X+ after the iphone and SGS3 have come out to be one of the phones with the latest techonologies for the xmas season, well played HTC, well played.

  • RyanOver

    please HTC don’t make this a exclusivity… APPLE have learned their lesson in the US(at&t exclusivity) and the Galaxy S3 is on every single carrier

  • Raven66

    Why Telus? Ewwww!

  • akeem

    hopefully bell gets this as well or else my money will get thrown at telus and then i’ll have to find a way to unlock it..

  • tgmagas

    Just bought a HTC One X. Dang haha.

  • rip rim

    i refuse to buy any phone that doesnt have a micro sd slot

  • S2556

    gonna recommend this one to my buddy coming from a torch. do you think he will like it better? 😀 haha

  • EddieWinslow

    PocketNow still was saying that the Original OneX was really one of the best android you can buy, they almost favourite it over the SGIII. Now with a spec bump, better battery life, more storage, and JellyBean. The Galaxy 3 could have it work cut out for it if it wants to stay King of the android realm.

    In the Meantime I am still anxiously waiting for the new Nexus device announcement at the end of this month.

  • boojay

    Still waiting for the HTC ZETA:

    2.5GHz quad core, 4.5 inch screen, but the same size as the HTC Desire aka Nexus One, 32 Gigs internal storage, 326 pixel screen density, and if they know what’s good for them, hopefully more than 1 GB ram, removable battery/expandable memory, and high capacity battery.

    Otherwise known as the PERFECT phone!!

    • RyanOver

      well, you’ll have to wait till 2015, cause we’re not gonna see any superphone with a 2.5 GHz quad-core phone anytime soon

  • Randy – 1

    Damn, now what to do?! So many great choices coming up soon. I was toying with the idea of the Lumia 920, but still unsure of moving to the Windows Phone ecosystem.

    Then I was trying to decide between the Note 2 and waiting for the new Nexus… now this is thrown into the mix! I guess being spoiled for choice isn’t a bad thing. 🙂

    • LP

      Randy, I just bought the HTC One X from Telus a few weeks ago and I love it. My wife bought the Samsung G. S3. She loves her phone too. Both coming from Blackberries (and my wife was using an Iphone 3 for a while), the change is impressive.

      I really love Android – choice of apps is great and maps don’t suck (in fact they’re awesome) unlike the ‘new’ Iphone 5.

      Same here, not too sure on the Windows mobile OS.

      In hindsight it would’ve been nice to have known of the HTC One X+, but I don’t regret my choice at all.

      Battery life is what I’d like to see improved, but its still ok. Overall, the phone is awesome.

  • MIke

    So if I walk into a store and see a one-x and and 8x, can I ask where the 2-7x’s are? 😀

  • VAK

    This phone is an excellent candidate to replace my good old Desire HD…


  • drone

    If only this came in white — or any other color other than black— I’d be all over this.

    • Croak

      You can most likely used the old Endevour housing if you *really* want a white one. Can find new OEM housings for $40 on Ebay, and removing the guts from the polycarb case is fairly simple, just a matter of prying with a plastic tool.

      I’m thinking about upgrading my 32Gb T3 version to this one to get LTE and double the storage. Didn’t want the S4 version because 16Gb wasn’t enough.

  • rsa

    Hi, what is the cost of only the device

  • lethal

    I was considering buying the one x as it was but this just made my decision for me. Wish it had expandable memory as well but so long as it’s priced right and they do come out at 64 gigs and don’t skimp on it I’m ok with that.

  • Davey

    Well, unless telus has a Nokia 920 or the HTC 8X on the way, I know just where my dollar is going. I regretted not waiting for the OneX when I got my Amaze, and this time, there will be no regrets!

    Here is hoping that the performance upgrades and bit of extra battery can live up to the hype.

    • Aaron

      I really hope the 8x comes to Telus. 4.3″ HD screen..highest pixel density out there. None of the new android devices really excite me anymore.

  • gg

    will the one x+ be a telus exclusive??
    I hope it comes out on rogers


    The Tegra 3 is much better as there are many great games that are only available on devices using Tegra. I wish someone would make a 5+ inch device running off a Tegra 3 & that has 2gb of RAM, It would be the best device available for those like me who love gaming on our mobile device. Theres no way Samsung ever would so I guess Im hoping for HTC to pull it off because they are the only 2 great companies making Android devices, the others are garbage in my mind although I havent spent extended amounts of time with others. -KID ANDROID (Team.Android.Canada)

  • Simble

    3 year contract = eat a d*&k