Rumour: Asus bringing Jelly Bean to original Asus Transformer TF101


  • tony


  • jack

    customer service reps will tell anything to a customer to get them to leave them alone. cause if they call back, u can always say nope sorry never said anything like that in my life.

    • Darren

      @jack. Maybe so. But this was not a CS rep. It was a manager that I have been dealing with for several months now and he had absolutely no incentive to blow smoke up my private parts. he didn’t tell me when but he did say it was going to happen.

    • Scott

      Hope this comes to pass. My son has a TF101 and he says its battery life went down significantly when he upgraded to ICS. Jellybean should hopefully get it back to its original goodness, plus provide some nice performance improvements.

  • David

    great to see Asus update old device

  • SkyDome

    While it’s great that ASUS supports older hardware much better than most, I will keep my TF101 on ICS … to have at least one tablet that still supports Flash content.

    • Ron

      You can’t get Flash from the play store anymore. However, you can go to Adobe’s website and download it from there.

  • Eris1981

    I have a Nexus 7 AND the TF101. I have flash on my Nexus, I just had to side load it. It works fine. I hope the Tf101 gets Jellybean… it is very nice on the N7 and I think the Transformer would be truly what it was intended to be with Jellybean.

  • Thai

    I want to love Asus. I really do. But I have had nothing but problems with their products. My TF101 crapped out just after warranty. My 25.5″ Asus monitor crapped out, also just after warranty. Bad luck or not, never again.

  • al

    You can side load flash player on jelly bean. Done it myself on my transformer prime which just got job. Xda-developers is your friend.

  • Arno Neemers

    Yeah, sorry, but I don’t buy this for one second. Asus has never even brought a properly working, stable release of Ice Cream Sandwich to the Transformer, let alone Jelly Bean.

    I am guessing this “tip” is just another person suckered by Asus Germany’s months-old claim that JB was coming for the TF101. That claim has since directly contradicted by multiple other Asus regions, including the US (who said no decision had been made), and Italy (who directly stated that there would be no update.)

  • W. O. Frobozz

    Yeah right. Although I strongly believe Asus OWES TF101 owners JellyBean after the godawful mess they made of ICS, I don’t believe for a second that this is true. They have abandoned the TF101, leaving it broken and bruised. They made a laughable attempt at PR and support on XDA, blowing smoke up all our arses. It will be up to the CM community to salvage this great device. Thanks for nothing, Asus.

  • mare

    ICS on my TF1001 works great with no problems.Can’t wait for JB.

  • GeorgeS

    I love my TF101, no problem with ICS If JB is comes, great.
    If not, I’ll still be happy. It does everything I need it to do, and more at a fraction of what I would have paid for an iPad.

  • GeorgeS

    I love my TF101 and charging keyboard dock. I’ve had it since Dec. 2011. No issues with ICS, battery life or anything else, although a longer synch cord would have been nice, but I have a 5 foot one coming from Amazon. The tablet does everything I want or need at a fraction of what an iPad would have cost me. If JB comes to the original Transformer, great… if not, I’ll still be happy. I’m sold on Android after years of using Mac OS and Windows.

  • Tyrpak

    Aging? I brought my TF101 in 2011 december, that’s not even a year. How can they call it aging?

    I know that only the newest technology is cool, but please refrain from using such words for something from last year.