Rdio announces Artist Program to help musicians earn money from social engagement

Rdio has announced a new initiative in the struggle to help musicians earn money from streaming music. Compared to direct album sales, profit from streaming music services like Rdio, Spotify, Slacker and Pandora are minuscule.

Rdio’s initiative will pay $10 to the artist or band each time they sign up a new subscriber through social engagement. This allows the artist to use their  tracks on Rdio to promote their music, bringing users to the company’s website or mobile apps.

Drew Larner, Rdio’s CEO, said of the move: “The Artist Program offers artists a way to supplement their existing revenue streams by doing what they do naturally – connecting with fans. We’re aligning our focus on social music discovery with our fundamental belief that artists deserve to get paid for their work. We view it as a significant step forward for artists, fans and streaming music.”

This is a great way for artists to make more money from what they’re likely already doing — trying to attract new fans through social media. They’ll be able to use the web, Twitter and Facebook to embed Rdio applets, allowing users to listen, free of charge, to a select number of songs. We’re big fans of Rdio here, and like the idea of musicians getting more money from what they’re already doing: making great music.

The bullet points of the program are:

– 10 USD for every new subscriber brought to the service (for at least one month)
– Real-time referral stats on visitors and subscribers
– Rdio artist page customization options
– Tools for trackable link creation and embeddable players for any Rdio music content
– Access to tips, help documentation and Rdio support

More information on Rdio’s Artist Program.

Via: Ars Technica