Samsung Galaxy Note II coming “this fall” to Bell, TELUS, WIND, Rogers, Mobilicity, Videotron and SaskTel


  • picks

    I think I have to save my next couple paychecks to pick this bad boy up when its released on WIND, my girlfriend is going to do the same 😀

    • Jim.Shorts

      You also need to save for a potential bump in monthly charges. Wind will mostly likely (again) dictate which monthly plan you need to be on even if you are buying this out right.

    • SAM

      OOOOOO!!!! THE NOTE!!!!!!
      YOU GET THE NOTE!!!!!

  • antirogers

    will the wind version support lte as well?
    I know wind doesnt have lte, but its still important for the purpose of futureproofing/resale.

    • shoo

      wind could start lte anytime. but they would need a device that supports both 1700HSPA as well as 1700LTE.
      like… oh, i dunno….the Galaxy Note 2 😀

    • eyePhone Sucks

      WIND is good value but don’t expect LTE any time soon. I am anti-Robbers too but need to carry a ROgers line around to ensure I have coverage when I am out of the 2KB/s download Wind Zone

  • Jeffery Keel

    Yes, the WIND version will have an LTE capable radio.

  • Wind LTE

    The WIND page says the phone is “Enabled for 3G HSPA and 4G LTE Networks”. Does that mean WIND will launch LTE soon?

    • Sid

      1. Wind Data vs. Mobilicity Data in Markham – Wind takes it.
      2. Streaming on 3G is irritating

      That being said, Wind is launching some exciting devices and fingers crossed they launch LTE.

      Apparently, it is one of the new entrants that decided to walk away from a Public Mobile – Mobilicity – Wind merger… something big must be launching soon

    • Jon

      WIND has been testing LTE on their AWS. The problem is they don’t have enough spectrum in all areas to do both HSPA and LTE at the same time. With the 700Mhz auction they’ll get the spectrum they need. The other option is to buy up Mobilicity and/or Shaw’s AWS spectrum (assuming they are even willing to sell).

      The auction is next spring so getting a phone that’s at least LTE capable will future-proof your phones. I’m pretty sure WIND’s version will have big 3 HSPA as well so you could have a single phone that will not only work on all carriers, but use its maximum speeds. With a large device like the Note II, it’s easier to fit in all those antenna for those extra bands.

    • shoo

      thumbs up for a WIND-MOBILICITY merger.
      There’s no reason that these companies need to fight each other when the real enemy (robellus) still looms!
      Merger would mean that wind would aquire an extra 10mhz of spectrum across major urban areas. perfect for LTE rollout.

  • k

    Ahahahaha. No.

  • Sam

    I am in get me one please best smartphone in the market right isheeps?

  • iphoneuser

    I must say, that is one beauuuutiful phone! Me wants the big thing in my hand.

  • bulletwithbatwings

    Phonearena just reviewed the Note II. they gave it a 9/10, despite having NOTHING negative to say about it. Based on the text alone, this is the perfect phone. Best battery, best screen, latest and greatest version on ANdroid, no lag anywhere, great pen,etc.
    On a related note, I think there’s an Apple clause somewhere that says if tech blogs want to have an iPhone 5 review on their website, it must obtain a 9.

  • Cyrano

    will it be pentaband?

  • some guy

    Looking forward to picking this up 🙂

  • Kevin W

    Weird that the device is getting a slightly bigger screen, but they are going backwards in resolution. Or am I crazy?

    I guess the 1200X800 never made much sense to begin with.

    • bulletwithbatwings

      The old resolution matched the slightly-too-wide build of the previous device. Also, Note 2’s display is no longer Pentile, so while it has slightly less pixels, it has more subpixels, making it look much sharper.

    • Art Vandelay

      The subpixels arrangement is much improved. Although still not the traditional RGB matrix, no more shared subpixels! The screen should be sharper despite the lower PPI.

    • anon

      I’ve heard also the lower res is for the sPen, which doesn’t work too well with a high res screen

  • Kid.Canada

    Just hoping that battery will fit in my s3

  • jonny

    ohhhh….i want one! tho im not sure if the screen is a bit too big. still wanting to see what the next nexus device will be…..

  • Justin Credible


  • MB

    biggest decision ever, this or the Lumia 920…I wonder if the 920 can beat this 3100mAh battery?

  • PewZ

    Note II or Lumia 920?! Ahhhh the dilemma

    • Edward Szklar


  • All I do is Wind!

    Wind is positioning itself to become a monster.

    • Pat

      And they can! With 209 million subsribers worldwide, Wind – Vimpelcom can kick a*s, even in Canada.

  • Jon

    Just a thought. Since T-Mobile is launch this phone it is highly likely it will have 1900 and AWS on 3G and AWS on LTE. These are all the bands T-Mobile is using/deploying. Mostly likely WIND will get this version.

  • dave

    Shoot, doesn’t mobi use the spectrum now? Where’s the gain?

    • Jon

      Dave, if they buy Mobilicity they could move all the users to WIND HSPA network then use the Mobilicity AWS spectrum for LTE.

  • Jon

    I truly hope this time we’ve got one single model that works on all networks in Canada. My suspicion is that we’ll still get two different versions ala GS3.

  • sunvv

    I wish it was galaxy nexus note II, and that’s the only con I can image.

  • Edward Szklar

    Cannot wait for this phone. Rocking a Galaxy Nexus with CM10, but this is the one I’m waiting for. Seriously want a 64GB version.

  • Plan Shopper

    That’s the best news I’ve seen here today. Only thing better would be to see VMC saying that they are carrying the Note 2.

    Here’s my next 3 year contract phone.

  • Bob c

    How about virgin Mobile?

  • hoo dat

    WIND has made a habit of charging far too much for their phones recently (IE: RAZR V: +$150; SIII: +$50; 9320: +$50). How much more is the Note II going to be over and above everyone else?


  • vn33

    Check out that bad boy and would love to have it, but am sure my original Note is more than adequate for now.

  • John

    Will this be dual core in canada if it is going to be compatible with 4g LTE

  • Fanboi

    Silly SamSheep, Notes are for kids.

    • moa

      Sorry, iSheep aren’t allowed to label others as sheep.

  • t_star3

    Oh My Gosh YES! Wind just gave me my dream phone!!!

  • ActivesiN

    hmm ill wait to see the next line of nexus phones before deciding to get this or not
    but a very awesome phone regardless

  • Jaffna Guy

    As per Windmobile website:

    Key Product Information:

    5.5” (140.9mm) HD Super AMOLED Plus screen (1280×720)
    Integrated S Pen Experience, including:
    S Note, S Planner, Email with hand-written integration
    S PEN Keeper
    Quick Command, Easy Clip, Photo Note and Paper Artist
    Enabled for 3G HSPA and 4G LTE Networks
    1.6GHz quad core processor
    Android™ 4.1 (Jelly Bean) Operating System
    16GB onboard memory
    Expandable memory up to 64GB with optional microSD™ card
    Standard battery, Li-ion 3100mAh
    8MP auto focus camera with LED flash, BSI (rear facing camera)
    1.9MP VT Camera, BSI (front facing camera)
    Full HD (1080p) Playback and Recording

    Further details on product and availability will be announced in the coming weeks

  • LJK

    Time to call Telus and bug them till they give me a proper deal! 😀

  • Ron Mexico

    Cannot wait for this, I’ll be ditching the tablet and the extra $10/month 🙂

  • bruins

    will it have flash player..???????

    • chris c.

      No, I’m afraid not. Flash player is history on all mobile devices and across all platforms.

  • hopeful forever

    When does fall officially end and winter begin?

    • Scott Palmer

      December 21st (Mayan Calendar Ending)

  • Manny

    over-sized clone plastic is here

  • 8balldown

    What am I supposed to do with my Note Vrs 1 and the three cradles, extra battery and four cases I have for it? I’m sure Rogers won’t be to helpful since I got it on the first day available – Feb 14 this year!
    Yikes, what to do since I want the Note 2??

  • Bruce

    Wind will do very well with this product, cant wait to get it.

  • WIND let Mobilicity burn to the ground…


    You can buy the infrastructure cheap! Spend the money and keep expanding your markets. Don’t waste any cent on buying Mobilicity, they aren’t going anywhere, they’ve saturated what they can with Mobilicity’s small network (only 5 cities in 3 provinces).

    Let Mobilicity burn to the ground!

  • Anthony

    How is Samsung able to bring its phone to almost all the carriers at the same time?



  • Sean

    expansys Canada has a pre order up for $750.

  • Sean

    Pre-order at Expansys. $750

  • Natalie

    The EXpansys model is only 3G from what I can see … Not LTE enabled. I may be wrong though … Please clarify

  • Turbo E

    for those wondering, it’s almost exactly the same size as the Note 1. the screen is bigger because of less bezel around it.

    I can’t wait. I wonder if Wind will lock it? May be better to buy outright from elsewhere, like Expansys, seeing as how Wind charges more than others usually.

  • Vito

    Why did the display resolution drop from 1280×800 from the original Note to 1280×720 in the second iteration of the Note? Why Samsung ??

    Not only that, It will be a Pentile display. I wish if they stop this AMOLED business and switch to IPS displays. They are MUCH more brighter and provide better viewing experience.

  • ash

    Hey y is everyone talkine about wind? Is wind better thn telus n bell? can sumone tell me about wind!!

  • Vincent VuOng

    Hi can anyone confirm that wind mobile note 2 has LTE. Or provide a link on a statement regarding the matter? Thanks in advanced. I just feel like I was ripped off if it didnt have it.

  • Lukeiphone

    Can I win please? I follow you on twitter and Facebook too!!