Google Maps app reportedly ported to iOS 6, likely won’t be released to public


  • gurtej08

    Isn’t google going to make or already made google maps app for ios 6?

    • sicpuppy

      If I was Google , I wouldn’t .

  • kenypowa

    Hmmm I wonder how many Google Maps patents Apply infringed by creating its own Maps.


      Google patents don’t matter in the courts, Apple’s only.

  • northy

    with pissing match Apple is having with Google I doubt apple approves a google map app !! Only reason they approved youtube app it would have crushed sales without that app ( i was hoping google was going to hold off on that app)… this is just the beginning of litigation and fighting starting to affect consumers, its going to get worse for us with the money to buy,

  • Alex

    Matter of time.


    I still think Google should make an iOS app, but charge for it monthly.

    • northy

      do you think apple will approve a google map app?? i dont

    • mmathieum

      This is not how Google business model works.
      Google is a web company first and will provide all their services to all relevant mobile platform.
      So Google Maps is coming to iOS (already have Places, Latitude and Earth in the App Store) and it will be free so iOs users use it and click on ads.

  • ChrisJ

    Google was reported to have submitted a Google Maps app to the App Store before the iPhone 5 launch.

    Apple does take time to give ascent or censor submitted applications, and they have previously blocked apps that compete with “core iOS functionality” (like the volume button triggering Camera’s shutter, competing browsers for a number of years, etc)

    We’re waiting on Apple — either they let Google publish a real Maps app to the app store, or if they refuse then the least they should do is allow users to upgrade from iOS 6 to iOS 5.

    There’s no way a company should be able to sell you one product, and then a year later cripple it permanently

    • Pat

      But this how apple operates. It creates its own ecosystem, with the ieverything, and keep the sheep captive.
      Is it too complicated to buy a cd, burn it to MP3, and put it on your computer, tablet, phone, car player, etc…
      Not for apple, they funnel everything through itunes…

  • TurnKey

    Ryan Petrich is an i***t. If Apple told him that iOS maps is better than any other solution out there he should be a good little b***h and fall in line with all the others who blindly follow Apple.

    I mean, what kind of a f*cking free thinker is he? He might as well be spitting on Steve Jobs grave by doing this because he has challenged the design gods at Apple. They know best and all their users know that.

  • Tom

    Google I am sure makes good revenue from the ads in google maps or else they wouldnt do it. Since they already had the app for 5.1 modifying it shouldnt be too hard so google will release it if they can. Apple will probobly delay the approval until 6.1 hits to give their own solution a chance

    • Terry

      Exactly. It not a matter of Google deciding to not go there. They’re in the search business, so it is just more hits to them. This is apple denying access to a good product in favour of THEIR product.

  • Terry

    If I was looking an upgrading my device right now I would absolute put everything on hold as a result of this maps issue. If it can be resolved in the coming months then fine. If not, then that would be enough to move away from iOS. In 2012 how can you put out a mobile product that DOESN’T have an adequate maps application?? It’s free, just don’t block it, Apple!

  • Kroms

    If you an IPHONE5 then that is how it is..PERIOD !!
    Iphone Users should KNOW by now that you don’t have a SAY!
    Your duty or option is to BUY the phone and that’s it !

    PLEASE do not complain or say SH!T , Apple will tell you how to , what to, and when to.

    Don’t Like it ? Don’t buy an Iphone !

    Period !

  • iphoneuser

    Kroms words are wise.

  • mmathieum

    Google Maps for iOS has not been released yet.
    Before iOS 6, Apple Maps was based on the Google Maps API.
    Since iOS 6, Apple Maps is based on Apple own mapping “API”.

    Google is working on their first Google Maps app for iOS and it’ll be released when ready in the App Store… needless to say you won’t be able to set it as the default maps app 😉

  • RobbersWireless

    Well it’s probably not “stable” because he’s using a POS 3GS… :facepalm.

  • Pat

    One can easily extrapolate that if apple, who claims to have the better phone on the market, chooses to have sub quality maps, then what else inside the phone is also sub par? It seems that everything that is of an acceptable quality turns out to be a money grab for apple. Sorry ilate; ilost, iwaited, icrashed, islept, ibroke down. 🙂

  • Jim

    I want a google map on the iOS6 – I guess there is NOT an app for that!

  • jon

    imap, ilost

  • Cole

    It’s all about the data Apple and Google get back from users. If Apple won’t let Google get that data, because they want it for themselves, then what incentive does Google have to create a Maps app, and then have it blocked by Apple?