Update: Rogers and Bell will be carrying the HTC 8X in both 8GB and 16GB versions


  • BillGates

    Meanwhile their OneX is still stuck on 4.0.3.

    • iOctober

      If the preliminary specs areright and the phones come with SD card-slots.
      Who in their right mind pay more for an 16GB version when you can just get a 32GB micro SD card Class 10 for $25 and a 64 for $45??

      HTC FAIL!
      The key to success will be the pricing:
      Put the 4″ at $200-$250 and the
      4.3″ at $300-350
      (Almost identical specs to the $300 Koodo SG2x, plus LTE)
      and they will sell , well. After all they are the new entrants this year!

  • duw

    errrr… 32GB please?

    • TLIR

      Imitation is the highest form of flattery and Nokia has obviously started another trend…I love the Lumia 920 and can not wait to get one, yeah its bigger but its sure as hell gonna be better..size does matter boys!

  • antoine

    Way to go HTC, after copying the iphone for the unibody style cause it seems to be what sells to your eyes, now let’s copy nokia’s style for windows phone! HTC is going down…

    • Dalex

      Where do you see them copying Nokia. Are colours patented now?… In what way does the 8X ressemble that thick brick Lumia 920?

    • jellmoo

      Gotta agree with Dalex. Other than being colourful, the 8X doesn’t look anything like Lumia 920.

    • Darth Paton

      Dear Nokia,

      BRING THE FREAKIN 920 TO BELL! Other wise I’m going with this phone!

  • gwydionjhr

    Exclusive on the 8B model, implies that other Canadian carriers will have the 16GB version of the 8X. That’s great news!

    • Ben

      re: other carriers will have 16GB, that’s what i as thinking.
      i am not a power user, and don’t have or need my entire music collection on my phone, but 8GB sounds reeaaally light, even for me. i suppose it doesn’t matter too much, since i have no plans to stay with Rogers once i decide on a new phone this autumn.

  • Blackberry Sales Guy

    Is this BB10?

  • Kenny

    I had the HD7 and was happy with it at the time. I’ll check out the 8X but gotta see how it stacks up with the Nokia 920.

    More importantly though, I wanna hear about the Galaxy Note 2 Rogers! US Celluar already gave a price and almost-concrete release date.

  • rip rim

    8GB phones? What is this? 2009?

  • Plazmic Flame

    Is 8GB even legal in this day and age?

  • rip rim

    rip rim.

  • Deli

    “copying iphone’s unibody design”? Then maybe i should follow up with “copying HTC’s metal unibody design”?

    no one in the sane world can confuse an iphone 3gs with HTC’s offerings….hell, even with iphone 4 series.

    The biggest fail here is that there’s no external sd and removable battery. These are essentials in my book. I do not want to depend on cloud storage.

    • Ben

      i do feel that cloud storage (and higher fees for data, of course) is being forced. i never used to care whether my iPhone 4 had removable storage, but i do now. yarg.

  • Will Maitner

    Weaksauce ™…

  • Tom

    Stick with Nokia for WP8!

    HTC is doing WP because they were forced to – those were the terms of their patent agreement with MS.

    Nokia has bet the company on WP8 and cares about making it a success.

    • Ben

      that’s interesting if true. can you share any links to back it up?

  • Markus Burke

    Coming to TMobile… which means Wind hopefully.

  • Nathan

    How can they do so many things right and then TOTALLY blow it on storage?!!

    8GB is laughable, and 16GB is not much better.

    32GB is a minimum standard for flagship phones right now; 64GB should be offered as an option.

    Given storage is non-expandable on the 8X, 8 and 16 is a joke. Who makes these decisions?!!

  • Mike

    No pricing, no exact date = fail.

  • pradeep

    i know what you need to do nokia

  • Tomatoes

    This phone looks like a pure fail so far.

    10.6mm thick for a 4.3 inch phone according to Techradar……

    8gb storage with no micro SD……….

    Bigger than the giant Lumia 900 instead of their slim One S…..

    Rubber looking ear piece……..

    HTC how many fails can you get…….

  • Tomatoes

    It is more of a fail than I thought. Here are the official dimensions.

    SIZE: 132.35 x 66.2 x 10.12mm on a 4.3 inch phone? For gods sake.

    LG Optimus G

    131.9 x 68.9 x 8.5 mm on a 4.7 inch phone.

    Too bad LG didn’t make the G a Windows Phone 8.

    I guess the brick Lumia 920 or the Ativ S, which is essentially exactly the same as my current phone for me then. Sigh. I wanted to try something different than Samsung too so leaning towards the brick.

  • Nexxzen

    Stick to Nokia for windows phone 8. They have all the exclusives from Microsoft. They have their own app section in the marketplace with some of the best apps on windows. For all the 7.5 users. Nokia is still supporting it with the apps and 7.8. All the old HTC 7.5 phones have basically been given up on.

  • joe public

    is this jellybean?

  • Jesse

    Meh….the only thing I find cool about those is the clock tile.

  • billy joe masterson

    These phones are ugly ugly ugly — Am I alone in saying that Windows phones are ugly squares with a really moron friend and worse than iOS system?

    Windows phones are useless.

    • Mr. Miyagi

      Yes! you are alone…


    max 16g WTF do they not listen, thats why the 1x lost sales to the g3, really how hard is it to add a sd slot.

  • Mark

    It is not a giant phone. Fandroids are getting pissed.

    • Tomatoes

      It actually is a giant phone, that is the problem.

      Taller than the Optimus G and Lumia 920? Check

      Thicker than every phone in 2012 besides the Xperia S and Lumias? Check

  • Swizzlerz

    I do believe that the 820 has micro sd. and that the 920 doesn’t have micro sd.. odd this phone not having micro sd shows I’ll just have to sync my phone and use data.

    btw. I consider myself a power user. Im connected to wifi nearly all the time. charge my phone all day long. I use it for work, play, music, OneNote ,Netflix ,games, reading news, audible, and many more activities. I have yet to fill up 16 gb…

  • Ilya Sverdlov

    What about One X Plus for T-Mobile and Wind?

  • Keith

    The phone is bigger than the Titan/Titan II and they had 4.7″ screens. What are you doing HTC–you blew it.

  • mrdeeds72

    These are eerily similar in design to the new Lumia’s by Nokia. I am a loyal Nokia customer, but it will come down to carrier exclusivity.

    Bell did not go with the Lumia series at all, nor did they have any Windows Phone 7 devices other than the HD7. If Bell does not have Nokia, then I will have to seriously consider (albeit grudgingly) getting an HTC 8X or Ativ almost by default.

    Nokia really needs to open up to all carriers if they want to make an impact in North America.

  • WMPuser666

    About time bell gets in to the game. There is a good market in win phones not just and android and iphones. Now if only the dam bell window apps could work!

  • Francis Thibault

    Hoping Virgin get the 8X 16gb in all the colours