LG Optimus G coming to Bell, TELUS and Rogers “early November”


  • N8

    Jellybean in Q2 2013 on a flagship device? Total fail.

    More of the same from LG I see.

    • iOctober

      I stopped reading when they said:
      “Jelly Bean coming in March 2013”!!

      LG said LAST YEAR that ICS was coming for the LG Optimus Black and the LG 2x
      -ICS is coming up For REAL in October; that’s only 10 month later!!

      The hardware is fine but a new-flagship phone with ICS in NOVEMBER 2012???
      EPIC FAIL!!

      Can anybody tell us why LG, SONY and MOTOROLA are incapable of releasing phones with current versions of Android?? while HTC and Samsung can?

      Android is open platform, is not like they are “saving money in lecenses fro JB”

      I don’t know, and I don’t care!
      I simply will not buy an LG phone ever again. One Thumbs down with my wallet for LG.

  • Tyson

    is this bb10?

  • BlackBerry Gangster

    Is this better than an S3? I don’t think so.
    Better than Iphone5? probably.
    I still rather wait for BB10 personally. All the cool kids are doing it.

    • iOctober

      You are right about waiting for BB10; Jelly Bean for this phone and BB10 might come around the same time!

      very late, being pushed back al the time and maybe never!!

      ….Still waiting for ICS for Optimus one Black (a phone from June 2011!)

  • Dr.Z

    Unless these devices took 3 weeks to plan and develop, there’s no reason why JB updates shoudn’t be further along than they are now. LG has been known to abandon their mobile devices with respect to software update. The type of buyer that would choose this over an SIII, i.e. those who look past marketing and see what specs this beast really has, will demand an up-to-date Android experience. If LG want to thrive in the Android world, they’re going to have to learn a few lessons from the Samsungs of the world first.

  • Andrew

    early Q2 2013 probably refers to their fiscal 2013 which for all we know could be december or january

    and is this confirmed to be quad core in north america? I was under the impression that only Samsung has LTE + quad core down and the Note 2 will be the first

    • kayn

      The Galaxy Note 2 has Samsung’s own Exynos 4412 quad core CPU, which has a separate LTE chip built on, but Qualcomm also produces their APQ8084 Snapdragon S4 Pro quad core CPU with integrated LTE, which has just been launched on the LG Optimus G after being announced earlier in the year. So, as it turns out, Samsung is neither the only company to have quad core with LTE nor is it the first with a quad core LTE device to market since I think the Optimus G will be released to market first – earlier in November than the rumoured Note 2 launch date.

  • Bikram

    @Tyson: this is bb10! Troll

  • Miknitro

    Q2 of next year for this year’s release of phone and OS,, typically LG.

  • Chris

    I am ecstatic for this device. Never owned an LG before, and the OS talks concern me. I have a Desire Hd currently and am going to upgrade ASAP. This looks like the one. I think I can live with ICS for a while.. Only other option is to wait for the next line of HTC/Motorola..
    Thoughts? I’m sick of gingerbread.. Ugh.

  • Chris

    By the way, the S3 doesn’t intest me at all. As far as I’m concerned, this is loads better when taking shape, power, battery, camera, etc into consideration.

  • KD

    Wow, great looking device with killer specs. LG has turned things around! I really don’t think they’ll make the same mistakes re: software updates this time around. It’s a globally launched flagship device, and they must know they need to improve their update process for this device.

  • SBR

    I read that it may not be the one with the 13mp camera. Would suck if it wasn’t as it should be a complete package for us Canadians.

  • LoveLove

    I think by focusing primarily on the Android update to JB is a mistake, this device offers far more benefits over the competition regardless of the OS upgrade…

    According to posts it claims:
    In addition to the battery technologies in itself, less power consumption is also managed by other technologies mounted with the Optimus G.

    The Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro adopting the Asynchronous Symmetric Multiprocessing (aSMP) technology has been applied to the Optimus G. The aSMP enables each core to power up and down independently, allowing usage of 40 percent less power; Longer battery life which is no need to trade off high performance for battery life and improved thermal performance for cooler devices as well as improved battery health.

    In addition, it is fitted with the True HD IPSPLUS Display. The UI on white background is eye-friendly and shows consistent power consumption regardless of color. So, the display uses 70 percent less power compared to AMOLED displays.

    Not to mention the great Camera functionality and many other “cool features” for the less “techy” folks out there.

    I’m excited for this device and am happy to see LG stepping it up!!

    • ByGeorge!

      It is said when one argues a point they’ve already come to a conclusion that favours that point. But, I was looking for some useful info re: this device and you have provided it; thank you. I have to admit, I am biased though because I really want it!
      JB is new; ICS is true and tested. We must hold the manufacturer to their word when they say an update is coming in Q2 2013. And yes, we must show them that when/if we refuse to buy their product the next time around. It’s that simple because I’m doing that right now by not upgrading my iP to iP5.
      ALL the OSes and manufacturers have their flaws; I’m looking for the combination that has the least IMO. Apple: No longer innovative; Samsung: Cheap-looking devices; HTC: Confusing releases; Motorola: Odd-shaped devices; LG: Insufficient support. I will choose which has the least “combination of evils”.

  • DAWG

    Samsung and Apple have spent billions of $’s to buy your love, and sadly most consumers have fallen prey to the marketing machine. Because a brand is in your face more, does that automatically mean you should buy their products? Sure, if you just want to go with the crowd and cruise in your Honda Civic with your First Choice haircut. Stop being a slave!

    By all accounts, LG seems to have got it right this time around. This seems to be the best spec’d device on the market, the software looks super slick, and LG has publicly stated an upgrade path to JB. What more do you need? Legions of Apple and Samsung fan boys to lube you up and tell you you’re special??

    • Lazed

      @DAWG The difference between LG and Samsung/Apple is LG’s phones are poorly constructed, poorly skinned and never get software updates (good luck getting anything after JB on the Optimus G). There’s a reason LG always has a lower price despite having better specs on paper…

  • Red the Dog

    No memory card slot, no removable battery…. no sale

  • Ron Mexico

    LG? No way!

  • osama

    wow, no SD slot??? uggghhh, i am sick of cell phones, no QWERTY, no LED notification, non removablae battery? Why why why??? SBR is right, if the camera is downgraded im passing on this one too… need a good camera for sure, better than the decent cam on my bulsh x10!

  • Chris

    Oh no question, if Canada doesnt get the 13mp version, no buy. Would be a HUGE mistake for all parties involved.

  • osama

    MP isnt everything, but still, at least an 8 or 9!

  • ToxicTaZ

    Im with Telus Mobility, Im stuck with LG IQ for the past 3 years now…not a big fan of LG no more!

    Waitting to see if Telus Mobility gets the Samsung ATIV S 32GB LTE in November some time?

  • Adam

    Why do so many trolls complain about Jellybean? Best spec’ed phone announced, in MANY aspects, and you guys are complaining about Jellybean already. Wow… Seriously go buy an iPhone, and follow the other sheep.

  • Adam

    Funny that the biggest complaint about software and Jellybean came from a guy named “iOctober”. Im sure you have an LG device, your probably just someone crying after looking at your maps today on your new iOS6.

  • deltatux

    2.6 GHz band? Rather close to the 2.4 GHz ISM band eh? Wonders how good it is at penetrating walls… AWS is already having those issues with the AWS 1700/2100 MHz band…

  • David Dupont

    It does come with a 1.3 mp camera, right now with Bell you get a promotion worth $50 towards phone & accessories http://www.bell.ca/Mobility/Products/LG-Optimus-G