Google: 1.3 million Android device activations per day


  • bbpb

    that number includes devices that have been activated multiple time

    • Sean

      Nope Google said that they only count unique registrations

  • GetwithIT

    is this the iphone 5?

  • jonny

    wow, that is a lot!

    They wont all be new customers
    Many will have had a previous android
    And some will be the same device maybe on a different network, tho people dont switch very often.

    But thats still pretty good!

  • Miknitro

    Multiply, go forth an kick a few Apples through some windows!!

  • JP

    If ASUS can keep up with the demand for the nexus 7 then I can see that 70,000 a day activations for a tablet double. That device sells out as soon as the stores get them in!


    -RYP RYM.


  • Dan

    Even if that number is halved; to account to account for re-activations, network/provider changes, or other unknown factor, it’s still a staggering daily volume.

    I’d be curious to see a device breakdown; specifically, what % of these daily activations are to-tier superphones, what % are value based devices, and what % are tablets.

    People are going to user this figure to debate Android’s success and/or adoption rate versus iOS. For me, it would be interesting to see how, for example, HTC One X or Galaxy S3 activations compare to the current iPhone.

  • AndrogynousAndroids

    It’s amazing how many units you can sell when you are willing to lose money on every sale. Goodwill has a similar business model. Perhaps an overlapping clientele.

    • some guy

      Yo mama?

  • sickpuppy

    That’s the same number of Blackberry users flushing down their phones down the toilet per day .

    • GetwithIT

      better flushing it down the toilet than sticking it up ur a*s. i guess u prefer the latter.

    • Porilaisten

      Actually there’s a crap load of people who are choosing android as their first smartphone.

  • bulletwithbatwings

    Did Mobile Syrup not bother posting the Razr HD, MAX and M because they’re Verizon only? What a disappointment- they seem to have truly outstanding tech where it counts- battery, kevlar build quality, edge to edge HD screens- and they utterly drop the International ball by linking exclusively with the most globally obsolete carrier, Verizon.

  • Nexus?

    Google needs to give us a little something something regarding this years Nexus devices…

  • 45

    hmm, let me just see… I’ve had…

    1) Samsung Nexus S
    2) Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
    3) Replacement Samsung Nexus S (heh…)
    4) Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    5) Asus Nexus 7

    heh, well I can count for 5 of the millions upon millions. Good times.

  • Brendan

    These numbers mean nothing. Let’s talk about profits, how much is Microsoft getting from these activations? How many people are sticking with Android after one or two devices? What profits (besides Samsung) are companies using Android making?

    Those are the numbers that are important, not the number of activation of an OS that has 25 new devices using it released every week.

    • Tim

      Unless you own those shares, profit number shouldn’t really matter to you. Well I know that it really doesn’t matter to me.

    • jPhoneUser

      samsung made 5Billion profit last quarter.
      htc 300 million $ profit.
      motorola 56million$ loss.

      Nokia 1.01billion$ loss.

      Number of android activations a day 1.3 million, thats right all of them are not at all happy with their phones. Is that why sgs3 sold like hot cakes after sgs , sgs2 ?


    The Windummies and Appleheads are mad as hell!! lol

  • OGOD

    Cell phone Providers got record on the system for activated devices. WTH is re-activate at other companys? We can’t even put those IMEI as new activation….-_____-“, no matter its same provider or different provider. People who said activated multiple times are retarded…-_____-”

    If any of you, after you saw the #of activations and asked is it iphone5? You know what, you should wake up from your dream and open your eyes, and you fell behind, my fd. You slept for too long.