Still want Flash for Android? There’s an app for (sideloading) that

Flash for Android is no more — as of August 15th you cannot download it from the Play Store. This is because Adobe is essentially giving up on the production and optimization of new features that many users took for granted when they purchased an Android phone.

Personally, I say good riddance. There was usually something — either hardware slowness or software incompatibility — that prevented Flash from working to its fullest potential, and with the rise of HTML5 video most websites support some alternative to Flash.

But there are some users, stalwart fans and visitors of desktop-based websites, that rely on Flash for Android. Modaco’s Flash Downloader allows you to download the latest version from Adobe’s website and sideload it onto your device. If you don’t know what sideloading is, maybe you shouldn’t be thinking about doing it, but for everyone else familiar with checking ‘Unknown Sources’ in the Android Security Settings, this one’s for you.

Download Flash Downloader.

Via: Android Police

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