Rogers Acer Iconia Tab A501 users reporting upgrade to ICS now available


  • Jimmy

    i got my ICS update for my A500 back in May,
    why did it take so long for the 501?
    The only difference is 3G right?


    Never buy a tablet that a carrier sells.

    My Asus 1rst gen Transformer pad had ICS even before any of the Nexus phones.

    No waiting on any carriers to tell me when I can update. No reason to buy a 3G tablet if you have a Smartphone you can turn into a Hotspot. Why pay for ANOTHER data plan?!?

    • Kevin

      Er….wasn’t the Galaxy Nexus released WITH ICS? I mean, I was pretty happy with the

  • Kevin

    ***OG Transformer but that’s putting through a bit of a stretch.

    And brain fart, submitted comment before actually finishing it…

  • eileen

    Yes update arrived in new Zealand this morning so far so good.

  • Anthony

    I didn’t get it yet

  • Wade

    Im with Rogers and I have received no update? Is someone trying to play with my already fragile heart after it was announced there was no ics update to come months ago???

  • TB

    I am not messing with anyone. I received the update a few days ago. I am with Rogers and provided the image. I have not done any mods to the device. So, hang in there.

  • Steve22

    No updates for the Gateway TPA60W, still running 3.2.1.
    I luv the tablet and all it’s connectivity though anyway.

  • Canada501

    No update yet for me with Rogers in B.C. and still indicates no update available. I’m assuming that’s a real pic from a Rogers branded A501 unrooted?

  • Canada501

    Did you have a SIM Card installed at the time? I wonder because I don’t use a SIM Card in mine, unless I leave the house…or travel…I normally keep my SIM in my phone.

  • Tristan

    Very professional reporting… . I just finished talking with a support agent who informed me that there will be no ICS update in Canada. So yeah, how about next time you actually confirm something before you report it? Thanks for getting my god damn hopes up.

    • TB

      I am the one who sent it in. I was as shocked as anyone. Have not done any rooting, however, I do use a service to forward DNS to US servers. That is the only thing that I can say is different. This is the info mine is displaying:

      Image Version : Acer_AV041_A501_RV20RC05_WW_GEN1
      Build Number : ACER_AV401_A501_1.021.00_WW_GEN1
      Android Version : 4.0.3

      I had ICS on my phone, now have Jellybean, but it is certainly ICS.

  • Tristan

    Well, consider yourself lucky I guess, because you appear to be the only one – I as well forward my DNS so I can watch the Netflix US catalog.

    Sorry for my previous terseness, talking to their support drones is really frustrating as they clearly don’t actually speak English.. Anyways, here’s to hoping..

    • DAVE

      Don’t worry, NOOOBODY SPEAKS ENGLISH ANYNMORE thanks to all of our spineless politicians.

  • di

    No update for me in Toronto. I don’t use a SIM card in it, but I don’t think that’s going to make a difference as many people are still without an update.

    What a slow and disappointing process just to update!

  • Canada501

    Tristan I feel your frustration, but I think Tim (TB) got lucky with the update. He’s only trying to help, and offer some support. Thanks Tim, I have left mine overnight with US DNS and so far no luck. I called Rogers they offered no insight. I am this weekend going to attempt to install it manually using a downloaded image from the net. Thanks Again.

  • manicmark

    Got the update to 4.0.3 and have to say I’m very disappointed. The new OS runs very slow, I’m constantly waiting for apps like Gmail and the browser. Perhaps Acer are trying to teach me something about patience?

    • Canada501

      ManicMark…just curious where abouts you located ? In Canada? Wonder why we still not getting any update? Have you done anything special as in DNS? Rooted? Unlocked?


  • TB

    A friend of mine received the update yesterday. No changes to the device whatsoever. No Dns or anything.

  • Wade

    I am amazed that only 2 people got this update and out of sheer randomness the 2 people know each other. I cant believe that so many websites would pick up on this one submission but regardless internet news cant be trusted.

  • Deano

    I’m in Ontario, and still waiting for an update on my Rogers a501. It would be REALLY great if we could get an actual official response from Rogers as to what is or is not happening. Rogers – can you hear me now??

  • Jeff

    I’ve been waiting like everyone else. For the tab on the plan because ICS was supposed to be released soon after. Never was. Never buying acer again or another tablet from Rogers. Disappointed.

  • Deano

    Through all of the empty promises of upgrades that we all seem to have gotten from Rogers and/or Acer, I have seen no actual comment from either of them. It would be great if either company had the SPINE to own up and tell us YES or NO for the update. Acer seems bent on shooting itself in the foot by refusing to support products that are barely a year old. And Rogers…? And then there is Wireless, Etc…that pulled off the con on these tabs. Anybody??

  • Bret Laframboise

    I asked ACER support team by e-mail that I got a response from them today saying there is no 4.0 upgrades for A501. Why did other people with A501 got their upgrades? I still have Android 3.2 from Rogers. What’s going on ???

    Fuming in Windsor.

  • Bret Laframboise

    I am having problem with A501 now…wifi kept turning off going into 4G network and charging me data and it just went over my 500 mb limit….ARGHHHH!!!! I always use wifi for downloads and video chat or internet use. Pisses me off. It’s like my tablet has a mind on its own. I am hoping an update to Android would fix it. GPS still sucks. It goes all over the place and kept searching. Where’s the 4.0 or other updates I kept hearing from other A501 users ???

  • Deano

    Just curious as to how many a501 owners here in Canada have actually received the ICS update. I am getting conflicting reports now that say there is or is not one coming. Can we get a “show of hands” from those here who HAVE received it and how well it works? ;-Deano

  • ted

    I’ve been looking for some time now for the update to my acer A501 and still have found nothing…i am with rogers aswell…must say i’m getting a little frustrated.

  • Richard F. Barnard, Jr.

    I bough my Acer 501 knowing that I didn’t need the 3g service because of the hotspot. Works great as long as I have my phone within range, usually 300 ft.