Viber for iOS and Android updated with group messaging and HD calling, hits 90 million users


  • TestMe

    Viber is my favourite!!! 🙂

    • Rucker

      does this work for legacy phones like bold 9900?

  • iberry

    No Jelly Bean Support Yet! Not good 🙁

  • pats

    comon carlos stop forgetting to invite dana!!

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Studies have shown that this app performs and looks the best on iOS. But hey, thats nothing new. We are the leading mobile application platform.
    Cheers Viber


    • sp

      another dillusional Apple Kool Aid chugger here.

      Nothing to see here on this post. This person is just an Apple troller.

      ive used Viber on my SGS2 and going to use it on my SGS3. worked great before…should work great again.

    • brian

      LOL @ apple sales guy, Ihope Ifail Ihype

  • Me

    TANGO !!! Once you go tango there’s nothing else text, chat, video chat over network or wifi anytime ANYWHERE free. Can’t be beat. I call Australia free!!!

  • zzZZzz

    Apple so desperate that they make their employees promote their platform?

    • Tomo

      How are Apple desperate when they have over two hundred thousand iOS devices globally. They have the best selling mobile phone EVER, best selling music player EVER and best selling tablet ever. And they’re all great products.

      I don’t understand how they’re desperate. If anything, Google and Microsoft are desperate to try and beat Apple.

  • Ryan

    My wife uses Viber to text with her friends back home in Ireland, and to voice chat with her sister for free. It’s brilliant. And the fact that it just *works* with your phone, and doesn’t require a separate account or anything like that? Perfect.

  • northstar17

    Most of my contact use Whatsapp, so group messaging is done through it. Never heard of GroupMe and TextNowm .

  • Dave

    There’s NO VoIP calls for Viber on any BB or any VoIP calls on BB at all. Burn to hell RIM.

  • blackprince

    After watching two people over a few weeks struggle to have a continous conversation on Viber without being dropped every few minutes convinced me to stick with Skype.

  • Viber


    This is a member of the Viber R&D Team!

    The new version for Android, 2.2.1, is out on the Google Play! Please upgrade to this version it contains many but fixes and Jellybean compatibly!

    If you have any questions we’d be happy to assist. 🙂
    Viber Team