Rumour: New iPhone and iPad mini to debut in September?

The iPhone and iPad mini rumours just keep on coming, and like a bee to nectar we can’t help ourselves. According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the new iPhone will be launched in early September, with a quick time-to-market period of around two weeks. This goes against the previous belief that the new iPhone would be released nearly a year to the date of the iPhone 4S, in mid-October.

The iPad mini, that Nexus 7/Kindle Fire competitor, will debut later in September, only weeks after the new iPhone. The 7.85-inch tablet will likely only sell 1.8 million units before the quarter is over but will ramp up to 13 million by the end of the year, surpassing sales of the more-expensive new iPad in short order.

The new iPad will also receive an internal redesign, focusing on cost cutting and improved thermal design. Current models, due to the number of LEDs in the backlighting system, cause the iPad to overheat in some cases. Though rarely does the iPad surpass allowable thermal limits, Apple wants to ensure it has its bases covered.

Kuo claims that the new iPhone won’t ramp up sales until well into Q4, as the in-cell screen technology that Apple is choosing to go with will likely run into manufacturing snafus that may limit production well into next year. This is not to say that there won’t be millions of iPhones available to consumers worldwide, but that, like the iPhone 4, Apple will have trouble meeting demand.

Overall, Kuo predicts another huge Q4 for Apple with over 55 million iPhones sold and a combined tally of 24 million iPads, which includes the iPad 2, new iPad and the mysterious iPad mini.

Via: MacRumors