TELUS HTC Desire HD upgrade to ICS gets cancelled, cause is “due to poor device performance during testing”


  • Acco

    And another device that HTC falls through on.

    • Theywillbepissed

      Well, it had an okay run, 2 updates, same as sgs :/

  • Scott

    I was eagerly awaiting this ROM drop so my G2 would finally work better in ICS. My G2 touchscreen recently had a stroke so I will be replacing it anyways. I wont be buying HTC this time around.

  • Bond

    When is the Telus ICS update supposed to drop??

  • Alfred

    Well, time to root my HTC Desire HD then. I was holding out on doing that because I assumed I was gonna get the ICS upgrade.

  • TeamGunstar

    Right…the Desire HD can’t run ICS, with a CPU running at 1ghz. Yet HTC releases the Desire C with a CPU clocked at 600mhz and it ships with ICS. Are we to believe this has nothing to do with selling new phones? Ha

    There are a ton of 1ghz/512ram phones running ICS just fine.

  • belw

    Hmmm, I think it’s more like “we don’t feel like updating this old phone, but rather than admit it, we’ll claim it can’t handle the newer OS”.

    Especially since they both have *exactly* the same chipset (processor, GPU, antenna array) and the One V has even less memory… and HTC still managed to get ICS running on the One V.

  • Dave

    This is why we buy Nexus devices, kids.

    • Hub

      Except that the Nexus One, 22month after release, was mothballed by being deliberately removed from the ICS update list.

    • EvanK

      Yes, but even then it’s important to learn how to flash new ROMs onto your phone, just in case.

  • deltatux

    My friend is so going to be pissed, he was looking forward to getting Android 4.0 officially.

  • Jimbo

    Don’t have my HTC Desire HD anymore, but it was running ICS from xda. No issues then, so I don’t see what the problem would be, unless it slows down people from buying new stock?

  • asc

    This is why HTC will never be #1.

    Time to ditch HTC for Samsung. I’m tired of this bullshit, HTC.

    • Hub

      Samsung pulled the same s**t with the Samsung Galaxy S that they mothballed as well. While the Nexus S (that is the same hardware) got ICS.

  • Kid.Canada

    iPhones > Blackberries > WP7 > First cellphone created > String with two cups on both ends > Message tied to a Pigeon > Any Android Phone

    And no I don’t have my arrows pointing the wrong way!

  • lirodon

    @Dave Which again gets screwed over in Canada by inadequate update programs.

  • Betrayal

    This is why I’ll never own a non-Nexus phone again.

    Sent from my Jelly Bean phone, ready and eager for Kandy Kane this winter.

  • The Other Dave

    Weird, my DHD has been running ICS for a while now (Ice Cold Sandwich from XDA-developers forums)

    I doubt it was anything but sales performance they were worried about.

  • MikNitro

    I was so excited for a clean stock ics Rom an when I read this initially I near flipped. Though I know our DHD runs xda stuff quite well I wanted the official ics Rom.

    What a bummer 8(

  • MXM4K

    The original Desire got the same issue with Gingerbread. HTC didn’t feel like releasing it OTA, and released a half baked version for devs to play with. Thanks to the devs at XDA, I was running Gingerbread effortlessly on my Desire until I sold it.

    Hopefully HTC dumps the latest test build for the DHD in hopes that users/devs jump on it. Though I hear the DHD is running ICS just fine already.

    Do yourself a favour and head over to XDA and see what’s possible with your device. If your warranty is already over, you honestly have nothing to lose.

  • snardos

    I think people should stop waiting for official updates and just assume that the O.S. that comes with the phone is all that it will ever get. That way you don’t feel ripped off when the updates don’t come and you can enjoy the greater experience that you get with custom roms.

  • Nexus Bob

    Next time buy a Nexus*

    *that was released within the last 18 months, don’t expect updates to be released indefinitely

  • Chris

    They released ICS for the Incredible S which has the same ram and CPU/GPU combo, bullshit

  • Bobby

    glad i didnt upgrade to this phone.

  • Ron Mexico

    I’ll never buy HTC, Nexus or bust!

  • Porilaisten

    What a SCAM

  • Andy Warhol

    Any recommendations on the most stable Desire ICS Rom w/ Sense (lots of them don’t have working camera, etc)? I’ve used a few of them, but they always feel kind of glitchy. Just want something as smooth and stable as possible.

  • Fran

    Android b buyers requirement: Know how to flash roms and root devices in order to stay up to date.

  • ActivesiN

    New desire c gets android 4.0 and sense 4 with 600mhz… htc amaze only gets android 4.0 with sense 3.6 with 1.5ghz dual core…..
    And somehow this phone gets shafted

  • Ron Mexico

    HTC is a scummier corporation than Apple, pretty scary.

  • Sean

    For everyone who is conolaining aboit the Nexus One also not getting ICS. Well the N1 had like 100mb of knternal storage so they coyldnt for ics on it

  • metoo

    Who is actually surprised by this? Buy any Android and it is a crap shoot whether it will be officially upgraded to the next OS. Hell even getting the current OS is dodgy. Even the great Nexus can be held with updates.

    I know the fantards and sheep will vote this down. But only because they know it’s true.

  • Bob

    Wow Telus sucks so much. If the Desire HD can’t run ICS then why are they selling the HTC One V?

  • sigh

    wow…now it’s htc to be blamed? obviously that device can run ICS fine if only if Telus/Rogers/Bell don’t put so much customized programs on the phone…



  • ZeZhongTW

    Is TELUS linked with some HTC competitors?? This news is definitely not confirmed in Taiwan. If not a fake, this news seems to be a lie to start some bad buzz.

  • koko

    Why would they support older devices with latest OS releases?, after all it is in their economic interest to sell the latest phones with latest OSes.. there is very little monetary incentive to keep the phones out there… a sad reality.

    If you remember, long ago Nokia used to do the same, e.g. my E61 was full of bugs, but they stopped fixing any once the E61i/E62 was released 🙁

  • Val

    If the ONE V can run Sense 4 and ICS, then this shouldn’t be happening. One V is packing the same specs too. Desire HD may not have the imaging chip, but it has more RAM and if anything the phone should be getting sense 4 not sense 3.6. That’s such an insult to their customers who bought this and along with those who bought the high end devices like the sensation.

  • Huy Trần

    HTC does not fix the video mode on ICS 4.0, sure wait XDA repaired it, do they get to steal the DHD to 4.0. HTC real jagged

  • Big Ang

    THIS is one reason to avoid buying an Android phone, at least in Canada where we have THREE freakin’ YEAR CONTRACTS!!!

    No guarantees that your phone will get updates EVEN IF it has more than enough power to handle it.

    If you’re lucky, your phone MIGHT get updates 1 year (maybe 1yr and a few months) after you bought it. The Nexus One stretched that out to 22 months.

    A lot can happen in 3 years. For example, if you bought the Palm Pre the VERY FIRST DAY it was available in Canada, YOU WOULD STILL BE UNDER YOUR 3 YEAR CONTRACT TODAY!

  • Gawesome

    Well…..this is rather disappointing. Was looking forward to the update but I guess I’m getting a new phone instead!

  • anona

    Telus is stopping the update, not HTC. HTC is still releasing 4.0 for Desire HD.

  • TelusOrHTC

    The article says according to Telus “HTC has cancelled the HTC Desire HD ICS upgrade due to poor device performance during testing.”
    Time will tell is Telus is saying the truth but they better don’t lie!

    Been running XDA ICS on my Telus DHD since March and it’s running great. ONLY the camera recording isn’t working so the community was waiting for the HTC ICS release to have it fixed.

  • Farrukh

    I mailed HTC and they replied k Update of ICS for DHD is still on so b patient it will b there

  • Santhosh Jain

    Thank you Faruk for the update. I was very upset.

  • BeeKhool

    Thank you for the info, I am very angry about this. Will look for cyanogenmod. F… you Telus!