Wind offers up free Xbox 360 when you buy 2 HTC Radar devices


  • John

    Wow, your really late to the ball eh mobilesyrup!

    • All I do is Wind

      It’s almost like they didn’t want to report on it..

  • T1MB1Ts

    pretty lame wind. then again you are in financial trouble.. just google it people.. not looking good!

  • Arkeetek

    T1MB1Ts I googled and the only news article of late are Wind’s battle with Telus. Please link the article you’re talking about.

    • daveloft

      Well the promotion did start on July 5th. So just because no one else posted about it, doesn’t mean it should have taken Mobilesyrup 3 days to write about it. That’s late in my books.

  • Rich

    Oh Wind, how I wonder how things would have gone if you were not AWS.

    • stylinred

      not much choice for them there

  • Kid.Canada

    Only 4GB?? So you Think I can save games and other stuff on just 4GB? My phone has more memory storage than that com’n Wind..

    • Acco

      I think a 4GB 360 alongside 2 devices that have already been subsidized isn’t a bad deal. Sure, it’s 4GB console, but hell, it’s not as bad as an activation fee waived deal. 😛

  • Kid.Canada

    ^^ it’s not subsidized. You pay it off while ur in your “contract” and you can’t cancel without paying the rest of the balance of the phone off. So technically ur just getting the option to pay a little bit of the phones price upfront and you pay off the rest later.

    • Yawning

      Not quite correct. The decrease in the Tab is a percentage of your bill. If you never purposefully pay toward the tab, you actually pay less than some one who bought the phone upfront and had the same plan. If you choose to close the service with a Tab you just finish paying out the rest of the tab. It is subsidized, the real difference is that leaving early doesn’t net you a made up penalty. If you stay till you clear the tab, you actually never “pay off the rest later.”

    • WindTab


      If you get a 600$ phone from rogers and wind and say u paid 200$ in advance(on 3 yr term), with rogers you will have to pay ((600-200) /36 ) * number of months left.

      If you want to leave after 24 months you will have to pay 133$. with rogers

      But with wind you will be paying 304$.

      If you are not planning to stay with wind for 3 years the tab system sucks. wind promises to clear the tab after 3 yrs/36 months. i am not sure if virgin or koodo have that policy.

    • OgtheDim

      @ Windtab – where Wind beats Rogers is the cost of the monthly plan, specifically data.

    • Yawning

      Because it is a percentage of your bill there is no way to know how soon the tab would clear. You could go on vacation and return home to a $1,500 bill, and your tab is cleared. If you have always have a $40 bill, the tab always goes down by $4. But because it is a percentage of the bill, the better the plan (or the more you spend) the faster it goes down. The flip side is, some Tab carriers will let you run a positive tab which means if you can get a better deal next time. Depending on your plans and needs, a tab can be way better than a contract.

  • Sam Gillis

    I love the way that guy on Twitter ripped into Alex Perrier and Dave Dobbin, Alex for promoting Wind Mobile simply based on lies being a paid shill and Dave the fired CEO for still lying about Lazer Android after over a year of blaiming him for everything, both this guys are morons as the gentleman stated just like the few remaining fanboys on howardforums who sound like complete i****s. I tried both Wind Mobile and Mobilicity along with my wife and I’m so glad to be back with Koodo. These new entrants are horrible including the people who run them and couldn’t care less about their customers. Alex and Dave truly are a disgrace and offer nothing to any discussion.

    • STY

      I can’t believe you chose Koodo over your wife. My main complaint with Wind is now my wallet keeps filling up with cash since I’m not paying Robelus all those fees and charges. Since I travel all over the GTA and beyond, no more $1/min. calls. The freedom of unlimited, and not having to know what day and time it is, before making calls, nice. I really believe all the negative postings are motivated by employees of Robelus trying to protect their jobs. I don’t blame them, I actually feel sorry for them. But no matter what they say, after you try Wind, you’ll never go back. Especially if you take a minute and think back to problems you’ve had, and how you were treated at Robelus. Unilateral contract changes. Take a look at old bills, fees, LD and roaming charges. What was done when phones stopped working, or were lost. What they told you when you threatened to leave, etc. Even when you wanted to go on vacation or move your number. I could go on and on.

    • Mark

      STY – but his wife wanted more than a 3 year contract and if she nags at all he can’t turn her off(Koodo has an off switch on each phone which I think is why he was swayed), with Koodo he can change the device as much as he wants with small penalties (unlike a wife where she gets half of everything) and a wife can’t fit in his pocket!!

      Oh and let’s not even mention the 3 letter word, wife well…. occasionally and a phone…. all day and night!!

      Sam Gillis – am I understanding you at all and if you need counseling I charge by the minute and not by the second!!


  • TKG26

    not an xbox guy, but cant you just drop in a hard drive and call it a 300gig? I got drives all over the place.. 🙂

    • Bernard

      You need a special hard drive for xbox. You can’t use a normal 2.5″ hdd like you can with ps3.

  • animal instinct

    alex perrier was ga-ye-d by wind ceo in record wind speeds.

  • Sam Gillis

    Funny guys, at least where my wife and myself travel with Koodo we can actually get reception and make calls unlike Wind Mobile and worse Mobilicity since you’re roaming in the home zone, both this providers are crap and you get what yo pay for. Poor service and broken promises.

    • OgtheDim

      Meh….WInd works where some people are. IF it doesn’t work where you are, don’t use. But hating on people who do use it is pointless.