Samsung estimated to have shipped 50 million smartphones in Q2, hits record $5.9 billion profit


  • Pewz


    • tonka

      rip rim

  • Andy

    You mean the person holding the phone?

    This phone looks small in his hand.

  • metoo

    After the “Apple Embargo” they faced in the USA, I’m sure they’re just relieved to be breaking even…

    • Pept

      you are such a d*****s… what part of 5.9 billion dollar profit don’t you understand?? The s3 wasn’t banned

  • OgtheDim

    Ummm…so the lack of phones to North America is because the Snapdragon processor isn’t available?

    But, it wasn’t coming to Canada anyways.

    Methinks there is something else short as well.

    • S2556

      the snap dragon S4 chip is in every canadian and american S3

  • Deli

    Thanks S2556 for the correct info. There are so many posters who posts non-facts and use them as an attack on whatever company they dislike.

    Good for Samsung to be successful. it’s too bad that HTC is taking a hit, i love HTC as well.

  • TKG26

    Loving my GS3!!! 50million!
    Should ensure proper upgrade support!

  • Scott

    Gosh, this phone is so nice!