Update: Sony confirms the Xperia ion is coming to Canada, will be released this month


  • jansen

    who wants this. it has the S3 and htc one

    • LazarBB13

      Sony lost me when they said:” Coming with Gingerbread”
      August 2012 and Gingerbread?? WTF??
      The phone would have a long future if they thy released it in September with ICS!

      “then it’s on a path to be upgraded to 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich”
      You have to be crazy to belive them!
      Just get an:
      HTC One V – $175 with ICS
      or a Samsung Galaxy Nexus for $350 (Virgin at Futureshop) -$400 online with Jelly Bean and you are future proof!

    • LazarBB13

      For some reason Sony phones are not very popular in the XDA forums, so good luck with the software upgrade, waiting for Sony to make it, AND THEN, waiting for your Operator to RELEASE it!

      They usually reserve “last versions of Android” for expensive phones and leave entry phones with olde versions of Android (making you to buy the expensive ones) but this higher end phone breaks all the molds! In a way that it just doesn’t make sense!

      Meantime Galaxy S2, released in 2011, got ICS a month ago, and this phone comes with GB??

  • Josh Lubin

    Cool. This or s3

  • Sean

    If it had an S4 processor it would be good but as it is its more of an average LTE device and has nothing special about it

  • jellmoo

    There is no excuse to be launching a new device with Gingerbread. ICS is eight months old, which is plenty of time to adapt hardware to it. With people talking Jelly Bean now, it’s ridiculous for Sony to be taking this route.

  • leobg

    Gingerbread is somewhat “fixable” issue. Snapdragon S3, however, isn’t…

  • Migzy

    Galaxy SIII or this one?? Well maybe if it had an S4 chipset, but its got the old S3 chipset.

  • caanda45

    Gingerbread…..what a joke, all new phones should come with ICS as the minimum!!!!!

  • Mark

    I wonder who gonna release the last Gingerbread phone, maybe he’ll wind a big prize?

  • Bernie

    This phone has terrible battery life.

  • Pisidan

    Ya if Sony history says anything it will get ics next year if u are lucky. Sony blew it for me with Xperia x10 and I would never trust them saying.it will get a future is upgrade STAY AWAY

  • chris

    I’m pondering whether to buy this one, or wait for the GX. Any suggestions? Do you guys think there’s any important difference between the two? Most specs are very similar.

  • smvasa

    Sony cannot complete that’s it. It’s technology adoption is slower then snail …… I cannot understand the logic produce 20 phone and everyone is lower in specification and comes with older version of OS.

    They don’t have the ability to complete. Their product roadmap is from kindergarten.

    They should learn from apple and samsung produce one phone and improve on specs.

    —- They should think about changing there top line instead of closing stores and firing the people who really do work.

    Sony doesn’t have a future.