Navigon 2.1 for iOS brings Google Street View and heavy discounts before iOS 6 release


  • Jack

    can someone please advice if this will be available on legacy devices like BB10 when it is released?

    • kingdrift

      LOL Too funny.

  • OfflineNav

    cant wait for offline navigation from google maps.

  • GoogleMaps

    why not just get an android device and have all that for FREE?

  • W Young

    This app should be way cheaper when iOS6 comes to town.


    Don’t you nerds actually have to have a reason to step out of the house in order to use navigation . Or does it help with making it upstairs from the parents basement so mom can give you meals

    • G

      What are the major differences between Navigon and Google maps?

      To you “Riprobellus” if you are unable to make a positive contribution to the forum please refrain. By the way, I am wonrering if you are still living at home. Time to grow up.

  • Friko

    A feature taken from the Google Navigation android app