Images: BBM for BlackBerry 10 leaks online


  • Some Guy

    Oh hi, Windows Phone!

    • STILL NO DATE!!!!!!!!!!

      When are BB10 phones coming to stores ready for purchase? What is the DATE?





    • Hope its real

      I really hope this is real, and not RIM or N4BB’s attempts at keeping the stock above $9

    • Hornby

      RIMM shares are <$9. Will rim be ok?

    • …Let us dance



      Surprise, surprise!
      RIMM is trading at $8 per share and there is another “leak” from an “unknown source”
      1-Still NO DATE, still in Alpha
      2-If BB10 was any closer RIM would not “LEAK it” They would annonce it Themselves.
      3-All thos comparisons between BB10 ans Android, iOS and W8 are useless: The last three EXIST, BB10 doesn’t!

      We are far beyond supporting RIM for being “Canadian” the article says that “BBM is very important for RIM devices” but the PLAYBOOK doesn’t have BBM!!

  • sp

    hmmm interesting.

    i like that you can adjust according to battery life needs.

    the one thing i do miss is BBM but if RIM can knock this out of the park with BB10 then consider me going back to BB.

    cant wait to see the final product.

    rooting for you RIM. rooting for you to prove the nay sayers wrong.

  • uranus

    This is nothing new. Battery life must be twice the current standard for me to consider it. Rim is dead. Stock price $0 in July.

    • johentie

      it already is… my 9900 lasts 2.5 days no problem..

      my android lasts 12 hours..

      and i use my 9900 more for work..

    • kad

      “my 9900 lasts 2.5 days no problem..”

      really ? I seriously doubt it

      my 9900 (wich I love btw) barely last a full work day … ok maybe 10 hours but not much more

      that being said I am still stuck with videotron 7.0 OS
      really wish they would upgrade to 7.1 NOW

  • MXM4K

    Seriously people, give them a chance. All I hear in the news and forums is how RIM is already dead. Nobody knows the full details of BB10, nor have they tried a device with it yet.

    BB10 could be a smash hit (doubtful), but we won’t know until the device and software are released.

    In terms of RIM stock, buying that is like going to the casino. Good luck!

  • Appleby


  • superfly

    @johentie… That’s because you onlykeep your blackberry in your pocket and never use it because it is crap. Your Android lasts only 12 hours because you use it for 12 hours.

    • Herpity Derpderp

      You must be blind…

    • bb

      alot of imorons can’t read and just like to hear themselves talk…unless you have something smart to say please go away and let the people who like Blackberry discuss topics other then angry birds or which app you are playing on. on another note, saving battery is key in the new world and having bbm is crucial to keep current customers.

    • John

      @superdouche – You’re an idjit.

      My POS Android phone lasts 12 hours as well. If I need it to last longer I need to either bring my charger along or turn off data and turn in on sporadically throughout the day. Oh, sorry I don’t want to confuse you with big words, sporadically means every so often.

      This may be okay if you’re playing games and texting your silly little friends, but if you actually NEED your phone it’s unacceptable.

  • Shinru

    @johentie @superfly

    I have a 9900 and a SGS2X and both their batteries are a joke. One more than the other though. My 9900 will last me a day of regular use, phone, text, msn, bbm, email push. My SGS2 will last me 3/4 of a day with rare use of videos, games and surfing(since I don’t call/text much with it).

    9900 has a slight edge here for me, better phone for communicating anyhow.

    That being said, I’m really looking forward to the new BB10 phones! The dealbreaker being a removable battery.

    • Skazzy

      SG2X is one of the worst phones for battery life. I had everything tweaked out and got 6-7 hours maximum even with lowest brightness settings.

      I switched to a Nokia Lumia 710, at least the battery lasts 11-12 hours for me now but to me that’s still unacceptable.

      BB 8800, 9000, 9700 all had 2+ days of battery life. Why can’t companies try to make their phones efficient anymore?

  • ExcessDan

    holy s**t, it’s a generic IM client! hope has returned!

  • Pablo Moses

    Another RIM innovations.

  • Paul

    Android Users customize their phones all the time to acheive better battery life. I don’t know why some here are canning RIM just because they are allowing their users to the same. I guess there is just an Anti-Blackberry crowd here and will criticize RIM no matter what.

    • ??


    • sp

      yes..its the Apple iSheep that are causing all this.

      I for one use an Android and love the experience of it, but I am hoping for an amazing experience with BB10 to bring me back over to that side.

      I love using my Playbook with the new OS2.0 and if that is how BB10 is going to be then I will making a hard decision to stay or change back….

  • pats

    same s**t different color

  • Some Guy

    I know I got down-voted for it by Blackberry fans, but it really does look a lot like Windows Phone…


      You are correct, but there is one major difference – Windows Phones actually EXIST.

    • sp

      only difference is that… Windows battery life is crap.

      Lumia 710… horribly crap.

  • vengefulspirit99

    I’m not sure why you are hating on Android phones. I don’t know which phone you use, but if it lasts 12 hours with regular use, you need to replace your faulty battery… My sgs2 lasts the entire day with sporadic use.
    On a side note, just because your Android phone does something doesn’t mean all Android phones do the same thing. Cuz last I checked, Android phone span many companies.

    • Manbo

      Careful there friend, saying anything positive is considered fanboism in these parts!

      The whole BB infrastructure is designed to maximize battery life. Under-powered equipment increases battery life. So I would hope all your BB’s would last longer than an Android/WP7/iPhone. Sad truth is, that will likely change. Currently GNEX with the official extended battery (By far the best $30 I ever spent on my phone) will last between 2-3 days of normal use (email, sms, web, calls, etc) My 9900 gives me 1-2 days of similar usage.

      With RIM bolstering their hardware and adding more powerful SOC’s and a general overhaul of the OS, I doubt there will be much of a difference between new PDA’s and BB10 devices.

      I say NEW PDA’s as the SOC’s are much more efficient compared to the older chips available last year and before.

      Just my $0.02

  • Andrew

    Can anything be done about the trolls/RIM astroturfers? I like debate, this isn’t debate. This feels like I am playing chess against a blind pigeon, who keeps trying to eat the pieces.

    • bb

      i agree, but i guess we should take there critics as compliments as, people usually act like that when they feel threatened. I would be afraid too if i just over paid for my phone to be told blackberry is going to make it uncool! sad day for apple. Sometimes hype isn’t everything!

  • J

    I’m very excited for BB10 I hope they release it THIS year…also I think this is the txt screen I don’t see an ‘r’ next to the messages?