Microsoft shows off Windows Phone 7.8 on a Lumia 900, emphasizes new home screen


  • Dave

    Damage control.

  • kenypowa

    Exactly. The flagship WP device won’t be updated to WP8. This device was only released a couple months ago. Sucks to be a early adopter or MS fanboy.

  • vengefulspirit99

    Not giving the w8 update to such a new phone was a bad move

  • Brent M

    They didnt really have a choice.

    WP8 was developed to support features that these phones didnt have. Like multi-core processors, SD card slots, NFC etc…
    The updated UI was only one user experience feature that they showed at the conference.

    Until we know more details about WP8, we really cant say how bad 7.8 is in comparison. They only really showed off the skype integration and the new tiles. All the other WP8 features are based off of hardware specifications.

    • Dave

      Yup, no choice at all. Surely a single OS couldn’t possibly support multiple different CPUs, display resolutions, and other hardware features. Such an OS would be impossible. Or Android. Or, you know, Windows.

  • jellmoo

    To be fair, Windows Phone 8 isn’t so much an update to an existing OS, as it is a brand new OS in and of itself.

    Does it sting that flagship phones of today won’t get WP8? Sure. But with some of the nice UI improvements and the like coming to 7.8, at least they are offering something tangible to existing users.

  • lukeiphone

    No lies, but windows phone is actually very smooth compared to any other Android.

    • d3v14n7

      What was the latest Android phone you’ve actually used? The original Motorola Droid?

      You obviously haven’t used any Android device released in the last year – year and a half… Most (if not all) popular Android devices run just as smooth, if not smoother than any WP7 device, especially those running ICS, hell even older, ~2 year old phones run flawlessly on custom ICS ROMs.

  • outsider

    wait for it, M$ will cut off these devices next year from their Marketplace so no new apps either.

  • Joe

    Anybody else notice the $16K watch he’s wearing. No way he’s actually using a WP8 device.

    • d3v14n7

      What does wearing a $16k watch have to do with what phone he uses?

      I know plenty of “rich” people (IE: well off, who doesn’t have to work another day in their lives) who use all types of phones, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile 6.5, WP7 and hell, some still use cheap dumb phones and feature phones… I know even more “poor” people (on welfare, working minimum wage jobs, makes less than the national poverty line) who use the latest iPhone who can barely afford the subsidized price of the cheapest iPhone and can barely afford the absolute minimum (usually $45-$50/month) monthly voice/data plan on a 3 year term…

      So just because he wears a $16k watch doesn’t mean he’ll be using the most expensive phone out there, to say otherwise shows just how ignorant you are.

  • Dan

    Though I’m no WP user, I’m happy that the people that are have at least been thrown a bone in the form of WP7.8 . I watched the keynote presentation and I didn’t get a clear idea of all the Wp8 features anyway (besides the obvious NFC stuff) so I’m not exactly sure what they will be missing.

    Sometimes we Android users don’t even get an update, so at least getting 7.8 is something. Still, it kinda helps knowing that using an open source OS on my phone means that I can put any OS version I want.

  • jason4

    This is the LAMEST news story of the day… can’t wait till M$ just goes away… with their lame products. .. and ya Balmer ….

  • Wind Is Better

    MS could have launched the Lumia with better hardware specs. That is an Epic fail IMHO!

    They could at the very least engineer the WP8 software to be compatible with that and other higher end models as well like the Titan ic..

  • Ruddias

    Still a shame we cant change the background..

  • Mike

    There is a petition floating around that is asking that MS bring more non-hardware dependent features to 7.8 – obviously it makes no sense to ask for multi-core processing abilities or microSD card support if you have a single core device without a microSD port, but it does make sense if IE 10 runs well on 7.5. hardware or if other WP8 features can run smoothly on 7.5 hardware.

    To my knowledge only some of the WP 7.8 features have been made public. I suggest holding our collective tongue until we have a better idea of what MS has in store.

  • Mike

    I feel sorry for anyone who bought a lumia 710, 800, 900 cause when Windows phone 8 comes out all windows phone 7’s will be obsolete, sucks for you. Cause all apps will be developed for windows phone 8 and will no longer work on windows phone 7.

  • Nino

    It sucks to be me, I got a Lumia 900 from rogers a week ago, and, boooom, they announce the windows phone 8! If I knew, I would have held off! Now I have to settle for windows 7.8! I guess in few months, my phone is going on Kijiji! 🙂