Alleged iPhone 5 display pops up in video, gets compared to the iPhone 4S. It’s bigger.




    • Does anyone know?

      Will RIM be ok?

    • boojay

      OMG!! This changes everything!! Apple has created the first phone to ever have a 4″ screen!!

    • gab = math wiz

      Probably around the same time your computer announces that it has spell check and a caps lock key.

    • BaconTelevision

      Gab, brillant comment.
      Subtle and concise. Well done.

    • WHY?

      @gab = math wiz

      Shut the F*** off

    • WHY?

      @ BaconTelevision

      You as well shut the a** off

    • ThePriceIsRight

      Of course is going to be bigger! you have to be stupid to pay $500-$600 for a 3.5″ phone in May 2012….oops!
      The iphone5 will be 4″ The intersting thing to note here is that they went to a 12.2cm tall (very 2010) and a Super thin (for a 4″ phone) 5.8cm which is the same witdh of the 4th gen, allowing them and you to use the same docking stations for your phone. Smart on their side, Im sure they could have made it “shorter” but then you would have to include a smaller battery and made a (nokia-Blackberry) mistake. If you think about it in 2012 its not about making phones SMALLER is about keeping the same size and include a Bigger battery, until better battery technology is developed.
      3.7″ is the new entry level size for 2012. They simply had to go to 4″ to justify the $600-700 of the phone.

  • lol

    that resolution is going to look so stupid

  • phatka0

    Damn, I just changed to another pair of trousers.

  • ASH

    is it going to be iPhone 5, or iPhone New?

    • All I do is Wind

      Iphone 4S+

    • ThePriceIsRight

      So far they are considering:
      New iPhone 4s
      New iPhone 4s The – ( with “The” at the end)
      iPhone 4s Neeu
      New iPhone 4ss
      New iPhone s4s
      New-s iPhone 4s
      BB10 phone – My fave so far!!! RIM fans have been waiting for it since last year!

  • RC

    I’m hoping they go at least 4.2-4.3 inches for the screen. That seems to be the sweet spot.

    • ThePriceIsRight

      Anything above 4″ won’t last a full day in real life use. No point in going for 4.3″ with the rest when you can go for 4″ and tout that your phone lasts one full day.

  • BBMan

    iPhone 5 is already out. Do you guys know how to count?

  • Kiku

    4″? How will we now reach the opposite corner of the screen with our thumb? Have humans suddenly evolved bigger hands, because I understood we all had 3.5″ hands?

    • Chris

      You do realize the WIDTH did not change, so of course you can still reach to the other side of the phone. All they did here is change it into a 16:9 aspect ratio in the same width.

  • Nightcrawler

    There’s absolutely no way that I’m gonna buy this.

  • Andy

    Whoever left their fingerprint on the glass is going to get fired.

    And the 2D barcode is too hard to scan.

  • coochiecoo

    this is not the new iPhone it is the new iPhone knock off even the knock offs believe 3.5 is too small.

  • GalaxyMan

    Expect a substantial boost in specifications for this model… (again keep in mind that a “huge boost” would bring it on par with Android devices of 2011.)

    My best guess would be:

    — 768mb – 1gb RAM
    — 1.2 – 1.5 dual core CPU
    — Same camera as the 4s with some improved features (whether they be software, hardware or both)
    — Obviously the larger screen (this video looks right on pace with the expectations)
    — The next iOS (whether that be 6 or 5.x) presumably like the 4s and siri where there are some features only available to the new iPhone (my guess would be a software suite of some kind)
    — In all honesty I am expecting the battery to shrink in size as well as the width of the unit to shrink slightly. Apple targets a 10 hour minimum on most devices and will just barely meet this target to slim the device slightly.

    All in all, Apple marketing will have a field day with

    “More RAM! Do things and multi task more quickly!”
    “Bigger screen! See everything on our amazing high quality screens!!”
    ” Faster processor!! Best iPhone ever!!”

    But again, for anyone with knowledge on the subject, almost EVERY new high end device is technically the best phone ever because it has better specs then the previous models….aside from this its all up to personal preference. For those of you who love iOS ( and there are millions) then this will be a true upgrade from your iphone 4. (I hope to god you didnt bother getting a 4s). For Android lovers (includes myself) hopefully your sites will be set on this years advancements (GSIII, One X, and upcoming LG models to name a few) that are sure to impress.

    • gab = math wiz

      If it has the same camera as the 4S, how could it possibly have hardware improvements? Software improvements, yes.

      Hardware improvements = new camera.

    • gjeff12

      Thank you for having an objective viewpoint. That is a very rare occurance on here.

  • WC

    The 4″ screen is revolutionary amirite?!!

  • stevemcstave

    IPhones are garbage regardless of their size.

  • Mr. Jobs


  • Apple

    Regardless of how the next iphone is going to look/feel/size like, applefan will wait in line and drop the cash.

    This could be a 2.5 inch iphone with a 1x megapixel camera, no lte 160mb of ram and 500mb of storage…you get the point.

  • steve-blow-job

    Android fans can start weeping now.

    • ruddias

      You’re right! I am crying so hard right now. How dare apple release a screen that is surpassed now by high end androids.

  • Deli

    IOS 6 will be just one gigantic Siri virtual button to do everything by voice command….*shifty eyes*

  • Battery

    At least the phone will last a day. Show me an android that can do that.

    Also, 4″ is the perfect screen size. Nobody wants a 4.7″ monster phone/tablet, nobody that doesn’t want to look like a fool anyway.

    • battery the hipster

      let me guess you have an iphone, since you actually care what other people think.
      I have the Note, 5.3 inch screen. I know it looks stupid when I hold it up to my face but like I care, at the end of the day my phone blows the iphone out of the water
      Oh and at the end of the day I’m usually at 50% battery.

  • Kiku

    You wanna bet that the first people to line up for this new iOverpriced are those who swore by the 3.5″ screen and said they’d never buy anything larger?

    This changes everything again! It’s magic!

  • aregularonhofo

    If the phone is any good you can thank Samsung and all the other hardware producers…still doesn’t beat Android or Windows. Bigger size doesb’t mean inovation and only means cult members become more brainwashed into thinking they have the best. Good marketing though and the subliminal messages must be good.

  • Blackkey

    I think its fake because a 16:9 aspect ratio is unrealistic for a phone

    • S2556

      my OG Droid/Milestone has it

  • Brandon

    @battery Thousands of Android users including myself get BETTER battery life on our phones than on iPhones. You’re an i***t.

  • ace

    this is going to be one of the best samsung/LG component phones ever. way to innovate apple!!! I mean its all MADE by apple right? They dont just pick parts off the shelf and slap them together, poop an apple logo and then sell it at 1000% markup… right? Would people even buy this???

    Yes. Like hotcakes… ffs

  • steve

    probably going to put in last year processors and components to save $ and limit the specs to maximize profits… everyone is going to get one right? cause steve jobs designed it right? way to play on a dead guy that was quite harsh and never donated a cent to charity.

  • catmaster


  • David

    Apple did it again. Love the simplicity of this upgrade.
    Yup, my next phone is going to be a Windows Phone 8

  • Jon_d0e

    Anything other than 16:9 display is stupid. Everybody I know and all android user replaced their home theatre setup with our phones. Watching movies on phones is quite essential

  • BBB

    this news is similar to what i heard yesterday, just bull. The original apple computer being sold for $100000 – $200000 and it might not even work…??? History??? really…..maybe the first computer ever, but just because its apple. Give me a break.

  • Gab

    wow that gab=mathwhiz is still using that name.