Nokia World 2012 starts September 5th, will be an “intimate” event

Nokia World 2011 was very exciting for the company. CEO Stephen Elop declared a bold new future that showed their Windows Phone 7 direction and introduced the Lumia 710 and 800. Soon after, the Lumia 900 LTE and 808 PureView were revealed. This year Nokia is back at it again, but shifting the dates and theme of the event around.

Nokia World 2012 will still be happening in Helsinki but the new start date is September 5th, rather than 25th. In addition, Nokia stated on their company blog that they “will run a number of smaller, more intimate events with specific audiences in mind. Think less CES, more SXSW.” This September 5th event is by “invitation-only” and is for their operator and retail partners.

No indication of what, when or where the other events will be, but it’ll be interesting to see what Nokia comes up with next. Perhaps they’ll show off their upcoming Windows Phone 8 prototypes, or possibly even a tablet.

Source: Nokia Conversations
Via: PhoneArena

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