Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 shown off with integrated stylus and quad-core Exynos processor


  • astudent

    Hey Samsung, how about you focus on making ONE tablet good THEN expand out! I am still not overly impressed with your tablets.

    Although the stylus here has me intrigued, I use a $10 touch pen on my iPad when I go through my scientific journal articles (highlighting notes). Quite handy.

    • ANDROID1

      Apple ipad is $700++
      Samsung tablet will be only $399 outright

      people buy the ipad because its a north american product even if the ipad is a piece of s**t, at the end you are supporting Apple you are not supporting yourself

    • SAM


    • astudent

      Hahahaha so much passion! I actually got my iPad for free and I only use it once a week for my seminar class. I still haven’t found a good use for it other than reading scientific journal articles, largely because I don’t have to print 100 pages a week. I would never buy an iPad, nor any Android tablet on the market right now. I just find tablets right now to be gimmicky, I need something more productive.

      That is why I am waiting for the Windows 8 tablets, I played around with my friend’s x86 tablet running W8 and Ubuntu 12 and I can genuinely see myself using both OSes day-2-2-day more so than iOS or Android.

      On a side note Mr. Sam, I actually own more Android devices than iOS haha 🙂

  • Mike

    Does anyone know when the rumored HTC Quattro is coming?

  • metoo

    A 10″ phone. Finally, making the Note into the phone it always had the potential to be. If you phone fits in your jeans pocket it is too small. And a stylus!.Yes!

    • SAM


  • me

    This tablet will complete my Note. Here’s my money, I want it now!

  • Mark

    Sweet, now that’s the first tablet that can legitimately challenge the iPad throne.

    Sweet selling points:

    1. Stylus
    2. Killer graphic chip

    All it needs now is a resolution that is on par or better than the iPad3. 1280×800 is not going to cut it. Make it happen Samsung!

    • d3v14n7

      The iPad has already been dethroned by the Asus Transformer Prime… The next iteration of Asus’ Transformer line will blow the “new” iPad out of the water, much like the Galaxy Note 10.1″ does. The only thing the new iPad has going for it is it’s high resolution, but it’s actually quite useless as the vast majority of apps and games doesn’t even use the full resolution (and never will until Apple uses a MUCH more powerful SoC and GPU in order to properly push apps and games at that resolution) due to performance issues… The iPad is far too limited, you can do MUCH more on Android tablets than the iPad right out of the box, and even more after it’s been rooted (even compared to a jailbroke iPad).

  • metoo

    Your post is hilarious. Let’s break down all your errors/lies:
    1) The iPad starts at $519 not $700. I know math can be hard, but can’t you read numbers either? The LTE version starts at $650.
    2) The Note probably will not be $399 outright, likely closer to $600. But given it will likely have an inferior screen, probably a DPI close to 200 and likely the admittedly inferior pentile (Samsung admits they use this to keep costs down even though it is crap).
    3)No one buys Apple because they are American. They buy them because they are better.

    I am actually trying to find an accurate or honest part of your post to reference but it seems both are lacking.

    • SAM


    • Dalex

      No one buys the Ipad because its better, they buy it because they are ill informed or apple sheep. If your cup of tea is to overpay for a tablet that has the most boring locked down OS in existance, because of a fruit logo on the back, more power to you.

      I’ll stick to my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 with its superior Super AMOLED Plus technology that kicks the new Ipad’s a*s when viewing videos and the possibility to personalize it and tinker it to my liking. Did I mention, its lighter and thinner, and less expensive?

  • Cy

    For those who have no clue about the requirements to meet fluid responsiveness – Samsung is intentionally keeping the screen res down. If they made the screen res higher it would impact greatly on the responsiveness of the S-Pen. This would affect the pleasure and accuracy of drawings and paintings. With a Quadcore CPU and an enhanced graphics chip the fluidity of using the S-Pen should be a most pleasurable experience. I personally am looking forward to this combination.

    • astudent

      oh didn’t know that! That is neat! Thanks for the clarification.

    • metoo

      Sorry Cy, Samsung doesn’t even try to use that excuse. They best they will claim is that they use Pentile because it last longer and that it is cheaper. Period. You are really digging now.

    • metoo

      Also, given that the vast majority of what most people will be doing on the tablet will not use or require the stylus (web browsing, email, facebook, chatting, video, reading, etc) then even if what you said was true, that would be one of the stupidest reasons for Samsung to handicap the display. You are saying they went with a gimped display to make the least used feature more ‘pleasurable’ at the expense of the overall quality.

      I’m sorry, but you are sounding like an iSheep making sad, pathetic excuses for failings in the product. I know Samsung said they wanted to breed the same type of slavish, thoughtless fans that Apple sometimes has, but you demonstrate that they already do.

  • andy c

    can’t wait for the windows8 version of this

  • metoo

    Sorry @dalex, you are just kidding yourself if you think you Tab7.7 beats the retina display. It’s getting there, just not there yet. Samsung makes the displays for Apple. They just can’t use them on their own tablets/phones because the cost would drive out 99% of their customers.

    • Dalex

      How am I kidding myself? OLED technology is just superior to the TFT LCD in the Ipad and is the reason why Samsung is not using it for their competition.

      Cute how you use retina display, wasn’t that 300 PPI or better as declared by Apple?

      Its ok though, most people realize soon enough that buying inferior products because of a logo is not a good idea. Usually as soon as I show them my Tab or SGS2 they keep asking me why their Idevices can’t do half of the functions they can do.

    • PkaTka

      @Dalex stfu kiddo. i hope you’ll find a job with samsung canada because they employ about 50 people here. in contrast, apple employs over 4000.

      claiming that an apple product is inferior is plain stupid. it’s actually superior in many ways. however, if you want bang for your buck, go with android. for the features you can’t really go wrong.

      people just because i own a brand doesn’t mean you are their slave and have to defend them to death or make up random sh*t. enjoy the sh*t you have (whether its apple or android), and stfu.

    • d3v14n7

      @ PkaTka

      Why would claiming that an Apple product is inferior be stupid? Are you really so ignorant that you actually believe Apple’s BS marketing crap? What exactly makes Apple devices superior? It’s not the hardware, Super AMOLED displays are far superior to TFT LCDS, regardless of resolution, the resolution on the new iPad is wasted anyways because only very few apps will ever fully support that odd resolution, everything else will use a lower resolution and stretch it to fill the screen due to performance issues…

      Apple is an American company which has more workers in other countries than it does in the US in order to evade taxes using a loophole and use cheap labor only to sell their mediocre products at an over inflated price… Samsung is a South Korean company who keeps the vast majority of their workforce at home, sell their better products at reasonable prices…

      Sorry kid, you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about, there is nothing superior about Apple products, in terms of features and specs, Apple devices are way behind Android devices, the same goes for the computer side of things… So yes, iSheep will gladly pay the Apple tax just to say they own an Apple product, even when there are many far superior devices out there which cost less… Apple is just a fad, a trend, a fashion, people only buy it because of Apple’s marketing BS and the misconception that you’re not “cool, hip, awesome, trendy” etc… unless you use Apple devices, which is absolutely pure bullsh*t.

  • hi

    I was really disappointed with what this tab had to.offer bak when it was announced at mwc but now it really seems like samsungs primw tablet. Honestly i do agree that many ipad users are malinformed of android alternatives… Ipad is just too mainstream and thus many seem to assume its the bwst choice. For some it may be… But definitwly not for me. Also, as a galaxy note user i really love the spen features. I personally can vision myself using it for college. .. Like annotating pdfs etc. Will now have to tjink about whether or not its worth it to buy a separate stylus and holder (the thicker version) also palm recogniton is an amazing booost!!!!!! A big deal kiler when thinking about using stylus on ipad…

  • SAM

    Hi my name is Sam and I am a tool!

  • Dalex

    @Pkapka Touch a nerve did i? What exactly did I make up? Instead of resorting to insults (kiddo? Really?), try posting valid rebuttals. I aint stopping anyone from buying anything. As you so eloquently put, Android offers more features and a better price. Its just as simple as that.

    Also wtf does the number of employees each company has in Canada have to do with anything? Seriously some of you make me laugh.

  • metoo

    @Dalex, perhaps reading isn’t at the top of your skill set either. 300DPI was ‘declared’ by Apple to be retina class for a 3.5″ screen, based entirely on how far it held from your eyes. The definition is ‘retina display’ is framed entirely around the average distance from the eye. They were clear about that, yet fantards never seem to comprehend what that means or just can’t read. The iPad, being a larger screen, has the same optical qualities at a slightly lower DPI because it is held further away.

    There was an interview with a Samsung sales engineer not to long ago (at CES I think). When asked about why they still use pentile and won’t move all of their ‘high-end’ products to retina displays, he said it wasn’t worth the cost to their end users. Samsung isn’t stupid. They know their core audience and they know they can’t or won’t pay for a better display. Hence the ever present pentile.

  • metoo

    And no one is asking you why their device and do what your’s can. No one cares. Again, if they did, samsung would own the tablet market. You care and that’s great. But again, you are kidding yourself if you think that matters to the market at large. That is cute.

  • Dalex

    What is cute is proving my point for me. So because the market at large is ignorant about which is the better product (read: the one with features), that somehow justifies buying the inferior product? Your logic is funny, I love it, pure Apple genius (what is that patented?)

    Also which of the products I mentioned has a pentile display? The SGS2? The Galaxy Tab 7.7?

    You Apple fans are killing me.

  • androidForLife

    @dalex: in other words the company selling what people want is going to be successful. Boasting about features no one cares about is a great way to not sell any product. You fantoids are killing me. Your tablet might be able to sew fancy buttons on your shoes, but that doesn’t mean anyone cares or will pay for it. For anyone that does, well, then they can jailbreak, if they care.

    Seriously, is there a single fantard with even a community college business course under their belt? You guys are embarrassing yourselves.

  • androidForLife

    And I say that as an _educated_ android user. The fantards are not doing the community at large any favours. I wish all of you dropout wannabe techies would just stop posting.

  • androidForLife

    Funny story: I was at a bar on the long weekend chatting up one of the locals. She notices my Note and asks about it. “It’s so big (something I tend to hear often;), so nice, etc, etc. I mention it’s running Android. She says, and I quote “eww, that’s what my 17 year old brother and his circle jerk friends use”.

    Thanks guys, you are hurting us all.

    • d3v14n7

      And that proves just how ignorant and utterly clueless most people are… For most of these dimwits and morons, Apple is just a fad, a trend, a fashion statement, people only buy it because of Apple’s marketing BS and the misconception that you’re not “cool, hip, awesome, trendy, popular” etc… unless you use Apple devices… What I find funny is that there are so many of these iSheep out there that actually believe this crap.

      I don’t know about you, but I don’t need to pull out my cell phone to impress women… Also, I had a good laugh when you said this ““It’s so big (something I tend to hear often;)”… Yea, I bet you hear it very often, except it’s not directed at you, it’s coming from the p0rn flick you’re jacking off to on a Friday evening sitting in mommy’s basement…

  • mb

    If you need a phone to impress a girl in a bar….
    Maybe you should hide your phone the next time if you can’t impress a girl because of the other fandroids….