Apple and Samsung reduce hostilities and number of patent infringement claims ahead of trial


  • espink

    Lawyer Wrestling Assocation Presents:

    Two Heavyweight Bouts! One Night!

    Apple vs. Samsung
    Google vs. Oracle

    Giant vs Giant

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  • well

    Imagine a world where you had smartphone collaborations…

    samsung and apple collaborate.. oh wait… they do, the iphone whoops.

    • Rio

      Not quiet sure what your trying to say here

    • Nascar39

      @ Rio, “well” means that Samsung makes lots of internal iPhone parts & the screen. Don’t believe me ask Siri.

  • espink

    HAHA Amazing Video.

  • wewewi

    Holy s**t, a website that actually showed both home screans and not just the Android App drawer to the iOS home screen?

    Say it aint so

  • l forgot my meds

    Why does the sumdung look so fuzzy?
    It must be full of dung.