HTC One S and One V dummy devices arrive at TELUS, launch imminent


  • B-Mac

    i’m with telus, i just bought the One X from rogers outright last week at 630$ then unlocked it, seems worth the 30$ extra for LTE.

    • bob

      The display alone is worth $30.

    • Alex Perrier

      Those carriers selling the One S really need to get real and price it at $500 tops outright. Even at that lower price, the Galaxy Nexus would still be a tempting option and better in some aspects.

  • Alex Perrier

    Finally! 🙂 A little late to the pack, but worth the wait!

    Same for Future Shop locations. Black’s almost certainly will sell them as well!

    • gab = math wiz

      Finally??? Kindly explain where you can currently pick up a One S…Bell was the first to release the One V and that came out last week. You suck.

    • Alex Perrier

      No, i don’t suck. Maybe i don’t want to pay for an unlocked code, at least not yet? Anyway, if you or anyone else want to buy this phone at Bell, then that is your preference but not mine.

    • gab = math wiz

      You still suck.

  • SFourty5ive

    “The One S should be around $600 outright, while the One S might come in at $300 outright”
    I would assume the cheaper one is the one v i guess but just a typo i found. im really stoned

  • MIJ

    You pay $600 and still have a locked phone… No thanks. I got the international version of One X for $630US, unlocked and no BS contract rubbish.

    And I am using it on Telus’s sub-brand Koodo, the $50 Canada-Wide data plan. Big savings on the monthly fee ($25) is good enough for a premium device at a discounted plan. No thank you for the Telus over-priced plans.

  • Cody

    I’ll retire my note around August or September for the One X 🙂

  • beerz

    The One X is way too big. I don’t care if it’s only an extra $30.

  • OT

    Agreed. Ive been eyeing the One X but much much prefer the size of the One S. Too bad the display is not as amazing as the one on the X

  • me

    Still trying to figure out if this will really be $600 or $500 (where it should be). If it is $600, it is because these clowns probably want to make as much money as possible on a contract cancellation.

  • Happydude

    This phone should be $500 as the One X from Rogers is selling for $575. I bought the unlocked One X on craiglist for $600. Updates straight from HTC is the way to go if you don’t feel like rooting.

  • Matt Test

    Saw both phones at Future Shop today, didn’t ask for pricing

  • Off to Fido

    My whole family is with telus (5 people) i wanna switch my whole family to fido. Would this phone work if unlocked? I need an unlimited plan on a super phone.

  • Artax

    I want to see if the pentile matrix is as bad as it is on the RAZR. The one s looks really nice, but if I can see the pentile it will piss me off every time I look at the display.

  • Joelb sells the One S unlocked for cheaper right now.

    • Jack

      The ONE S that is sold at expansys and other sites is the international version. It only has the 850 band which works here but is missing the 1900 band which the bell, telus version will have. Meaning the one sold by bell, fido and telus will work better in Canada.

  • ToniCipriani

    Telus outright prices are out of whack as always… let’s see how much will Koodo have it for, that should be closer to the norm.