Apple Q2 earnings: $11.6 billion net profit on $39.2 billion revenue, 35 million iPhones and 12 million iPads sold


  • jonny

    $0 from me

    • Rufusy

      Ha $0 from me too. Never bought an apple product and never will

    • Rufusy

      Wow so many thumbs down. Is it cause some of us never fallen for apples well marketed over priced garbage?

    • Daniel Bryan

      And thats what makes you a sheep, not being open minded and trying something simply because its made by a company you dont like. It makes you a hypocrite too btw…

      YES YES YES!!

  • Boojay


  • chris

    Absolutely stunning sales. Almost hard to believe.

  • sanddune

    …in other news, people are completely retarded.

  • Hi I’m Sheep

    Come here my fellow friend. Baaaaaaaaple Baaaaaaple.

  • CADDMan

    Wow, Apple sold as many iPad tablets in one month as there have been Android tablets sold since it’s been available.

  • Adi

    One word for the fandroids that are currently frothing at the mouth : PWNED.


  • Brandon

    Almost $12B profit on $39B in revenue? Someone’s profit margins are high. Their products aren’t revolutionary either. They’re a year behind on technology advancements. How many Android or Windows phones have LTE? more than I can count on my fingers. How many Apple devices are LTE enabled? 0. Really unsure why people buy into their garbage. Maybe I’m just not creative enough to buy an Apple product. Ha. hipsters.

    • Thoughtful

      While I liked your comment, the reason is actually quite simple. The majority of consumers don’t care about being on the edge of the technological front, they just want relatively new tech that works. (and has a huge marketing campaign behind it)

  • pewpew

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the iPad 3 (New iPad) LTE enabled?
    Not rooting for Apple, but just saying.

  • Brandon

    Yeah but when you think about the cost of building the products, operations spending, marketing spending, and all the other spending apple has done and they’re still making profits like that, you know they’re overcharged and that’s why I haven’t bought a single apple product. Either that, or their giving out false figures to make their stock price take a giant hike for the shareholders. Either way, they’re shady.

    • Brandon

      Funny that their stock price actually dropped 11.50 following the announcement.

    • Dukey

      Markets were closed when it was announced. Stock was down because of a bum report on lower numbers and profit taking. Stocks are up 7% on off-hours.

  • Dan

    Maybe they can open their tech support up to 24h a day like every other gadget manufacturer. Closing at 9pm is a slap in the face for someone needing help with their expensive i-device.

    • Arisa

      I guess earlier moleds of the iPhone didn’t have GPS? I didn’t know that, since I started with the iPhone 4. Take all my tech comments with a grain of salt, but I think that, by definition, if you don’t have GPS then there’s no location file generated.

  • PkaTka3

    I’m ga y. But back on top, these figures are false. They are shipped numbers not actually sold. Reports are murchants can’t sell the new ipad so they are shipping them back which will cause apples next quarter to drop.

    Samsung tablets being released later this year will outsell ipads 3-1. People want products that actually work for them not the other way around. All the moms and old ladies are bored with their lame apple products and will be upgrading to android/windows in the next few years.

    Samsung will dominate the market as of next year. Android will have a 89% market share in two years. Its inevitable.

    Impressive numbers though, even if they are total bullshat.

    • Dukey

      Not sure if you were sarcastic or not, but got a good laugh anyway.

      my favourite part – “All the moms and old ladies are bored with their lame apple products and will be upgrading to android/windows in the next few years.”

  • Jr67

    They don’t charge more than their main competitors, just their competitors can’t figure out how to make money at those prices. Android fantards don’t seem to get that.

    • duh

      They don’t charge more than their competitors? You can come out of the cave now….

  • duh

    I find it comical that all these apple sheep are so pumped about this news. I guess they enjoy getting bent over and taking it dry from a company that could care less about anything but making as much money as possible. We all know we get ripped a new one for gas, exxon mobile and their record profits……oh wait that’s apple now too.

  • Glen And Ted


  • Jr67

    @duh are you retarded? You really think Samsung, google and HTC are charities? It’s not apple’s fault the others can’t figure out how to make a profit.

    Seriously, has a single adrotard graduated from high school?

  • Jr67

    ‘duh’…actually a very appropriate nickname for an Android user.

    Seriously, what’s with all the hate from the androtards, especially those that have never owned an Apple product. Such irrational hate usually has deep roots. Daddy not love you enough? Maybe be ‘loved’ you a little too much. Bent over and dry, indeed.

  • Cwat

    Wow I really can’t believe all the hostility towards Apple. If you like your Samsung, Moto or LG Android device good for you! But FANdroids here are just blinded by the fact that most people don’t care about “Moding” or “Tweeking” their device. They just want to have a device that works and they like to know that if their device breaks that they can have it exchanged on the spot at an Apple store no need to wait 2 weeks for a repair stuck with a feature phone. Just my 2 cents

  • metoo

    So Apple announces that they again know how to run a profitable business and the haters come out to whine. Apple doesn’t charge more than their competitors for similar products. In fact, with the display being the most expensive component, they arguably could be charging more than their competitors. But they know how to manage their costs. They don’t make 84 different models, which means efficiencies in cost management. They use common components, where possible, which means cost efficiencies. They bulk order and prepay for supplies, which means lower costs. Their competitors release 20 different models every 2 months, each with different components. That alone prevents them from seeing close to the margins that Apple sees. Apple is also well regarded by business as running a very tight ship when it comes to supply and inventory management, much as Dell and Walmart were in the 90s.

    Time to grow up kids. Apple is winning. You are losing. No need to whine, just suck it up. If you guys were willing to pay for your products at a level where they could make money, the other companies might also be able to post record profits (assuming the are able to get their supply costs in order). But, then again, you need a job to earn money to spend money. That is Androids fatal flaw. They have intentionally targeted the low income, low education crowd.

    • BB

      In a bad economy apple still hits all time highs. You have people out there buying stocks at $600 a share,for a company that sells devices that decrease your communication skills. Apple fans have a great way of making other consumers who are buying affordable phones look like they are cheap or uneducated which is not true. The rich don’t get rich from buying apple products, they get rich from watching other people buy the products. Android and Iphones are leading the market for people to watch video’s/pictures and download apps. People cry about the cost of gas, but spending 800 on your iphone(yearly), then an additional 80-100 a month for your plan seems to be a non issue. Throw your monthly cable/internet bill on there and you are spending roughly $3200 a year on entertainment without leaving your house. Buying a lower cost phone just seems to be intelligent, especially if it does the same thing as an iphone. p.s. I don’t need siri to have someone to talk too, and quite frankly if you are that busy and important, you should have an assistant!

    • BB

      you think samuel l jackson paid for the iphone he is using……i’m sure they paid him quite well to do that commercial….they are making so much money they should pay their consumers a dividend and not there investors… but then again it is business… why would there be any perks for the consumer.

  • Domingo

    Seems the only thing interesting coming out of Apple these days is how much money they’re making. Apple is the most unethical company I’ve ever seen. They behave like complete fascists. A complete disgrace to the land of the free. They should move all their operations to China.

  • Slype

    So many suckers in the world. Makes me wonder how much money i could make if i put out the same product year after year and charged top dollar because of my false ad campaign. Henry Ford would be proud at the lack of choice and it makes me believe that the terms iDiots and iSheep are so appropriate.

  • MB

    Apple fans don’t want a product that works? They like the Apple logo and that’s it. The feeling that when you look at that apple, you feel like a genius, just because you own it, just because the image is what you are buying…

    It’s like the people that are with Bell, they don’t even know why they like Bell, it’s just the image but the image isn’t even that good when you look deep into it…

    It’s like the Montreal Canadiens.

  • Joelb