Official: Here’s a list of Bell Android devices getting upgraded to OS 4.0 (including timelines)

It can be a frustrating experience waiting for a carrier to push out a major OS update, such as Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. This is a desired OS and many devices have been promised an boost up to ICS, but it’s certainly taking it’s sweet time. At the end of December we posted an internal Bell doc that showed “Estimated Release” dates of OS 4.0 for a few Android (Sensation, Galaxy SII, Raider and Optimus LTE). Now we bring you the mother load of updates coming to Bell “Superphones”. Bell states that “Support for some features may vary by manufacturer”, but here’s the list that will be graced with ICS soon. The fun starts sometime in April:

– Samsung Galaxy S II: April 2012
– Samsung Galaxy Note: April 2012
– Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: May 2012
– Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE: June 2012
– HTC Sensation: June 2012
– HTC Raider: June 2012
– LG Optimus LTE: July 2012

We’ll have more info as we get it.
(Thanks tipster!)

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