Android OS 4.0 “Estimated Release” dates for the Bell Sensation, Galaxy SII, Raider and Optimus LTE


  • Jay Jay

    Can’t come soon enough – great job bell!

  • Barry

    why so far away?…. 🙁

    • Hub

      why so long?

      -vendor has to evaluate.
      -vendor has to port the OS to the device. Would be easier if they didn’t butcher it in the first place.
      -vendor has to validate
      -vendor has to cripple it for carriers
      -carrier has to validate.

    • t

      and find sneaky ways to implement CarrierIQ

  • Josh

    What the hell? Galaxy s2 in april? Huh?………

    • FadedSpark

      They haven’t put out an update in the nearly 6 months the phone has been out.

      Fuuuuuck this phone. i can’t wait to be rid of it.

    • Zomby

      Bell hasn’t bothered pushing any upadte for their most powerful phone since it’s release. We’re still stuck at 2.3.3 while the international version is already at 2.3.6. I wanted to stay stock for warranty reasons, but with the shitty job Bell does with updates, I’m flashing the international ROM on mine. (And I’ll still get official updates months before Bell cripple and pushes them)

  • Craig

    WHY is the Galaxy S II LAST?! No offence to the other phones, but it should be the first to be upgraded.

  • cdn5abi

    I would have thought the Galaxy S2 would be one of the first to get upgraded. I mean we’ve already seen a beta build.

  • saffant

    April? Come on.. nice treatment of the users with the most powerful smartphone thus far. >_<

  • radapple

    Race to see who will being me ICS first, CyanogenMod or Bell Canada. I bet CM9 comes first 😉

  • Paulman

    Will the non-Bell i9100 be getting ICS sooner (than April 2012)?

    • bob

      Yes. The rest of the world always receive updates before Canada.
      Canadian carriers suck.

  • ELNY

    That sucks…looks like rooting and installing it yourself will be the way to go

  • Tim G.

    Cm9 lets hope in the next month for the sgs2

  • wewewi

    LG – What a surprise!

  • arber

    Im sure the Galaxy S2 will receive it earlier. Theirs already a leaked test build of ICS OFFICIAL (FROM SAMSUNG) with touchwiz on the internet

    • Zomby

      The international version will have ICS in january or february for sure. Bell hasn’t even bothered updating past 2.3.3 while Samsung’s already at 2.3.6. Don’t expect Bell to put any more effort on ICS than they do with the current OS.

  • HTCO

    This is awesome! There is a high chance my unlocked European Sensation will get its update in January 😀

  • Jagators

    nothing for samsung galaxy vibrant !! I’m not too happy about it.

  • Mike

    Guys, these are official releases from BELL… nothing to be worried about, you can expect releases on the SGS2 soon enough from other sources. I don’t even think bell ever released 2.3.4 :/

  • Flagg

    It is lonely being stranded on the Island of Froyo.

    Posted from my HTC Desire.

  • shaggyskunk

    It’d be great if Samsung could be a bit more creative with phone come on, more than one gsll? You see that there is news for a gsll, but you have to check the model that they are talking about..

  • Eugene

    Where is LG Optimus 2X ? I want it too.

  • Coolzy

    who cares, ill find a 4.0 rom and run that… f bell and their lazy updates….

  • phil


    The 2x isn’t on bell’s network. Check Rogers/ Fido or if you have wind. Check for their updates!

  • Coolzy

    who cares, ill find a 4.0 or 4.1 rom and run that… f bell and their lazy updates….

  • Jerrik

    I’ll be upgrading my Galaxy S2 to ICS sooner than April. Flash a custom ICS ROM when one gets released on XDA and done.

    • saffant

      Good luck with the battery life and stability 🙂

    • Zomby

      @saffant I’m tired waiting on Bell but I wanted to keep as close to stock as possible. I’m getting the international 2.3.6 on my phone this weekend wich means I’m still running official Samsung firmware and I’ll have ICS, directly from Samsung, long before Bell releases it. we’ve already seen beta builds leak over the net so it should come to our phones in early 2012.

  • J-Dubs

    NIce! Bring on the Sensation Update!

    • Francois

      Ditto! It’s gonna refresh my Sensation like if i had changed it!

  • WetCardboard


  • danny

    There’s already an ICS ROM for Sensation available- it’s not found on XDA, do a search on google for ‘ICS ROM for HTC Sensation’ and you’ll find it

  • Tony

    Can’t wait for it on my sensation. It’s going to be yummy.

  • Rob

    These wait times are absolutely unacceptable. Its understandable that the carriers have to go through each new release and make sure they’re ready for the public, but they really have to find a way to speed up the process.

  • Dr Cell

    We have to give to Bell that they are the best Canadian Carrier when it comes to software update on long term.

  • mike

    And to think I was going to buy an S2 over the GN tomorow after work….

  • skware89

    Why wait for these updates ? Do yourself a favor and go cop that galaxy nexus. Yes the samsung galaxy 2 has better hardware(minus the screen) but trust me the overall experience is so much better in many ways . Ive been using a gs2 and iphone 4s at the same time and frankly the only think im missing from those phones is better quality photographies. GN FTW

  • dkr88

    April. Really?

    Seeing as how ICS is already running great on my Galaxy S (the ORIGINAL) thanks to CM9… one can only assume this is more marketing than anything.

  • Martin

    Lol, what about for the nexus s

  • dbzero

    Not sure why the long wait is a surprise for anyone considering a lack of updates for non-google phones has always been the norm. Handset makers don’t want to extend the life of your device with software updates, they want to sell you a new device with the new software you desire. I love android but would not buy anything other than a pure google phone.

  • Dan

    LOL. I remember having CM on my HTC Legend maybe eight months or more before virgin officially updated it.

  • Slype

    lol – April? How embarrassing is that? I think this will be the prod that everyone needs to finally dump the carrier’s bloated implementations and install CM. People rebelled against AOL, they will rise up against this crap.

  • tabbo

    they obviously are waiting to do updates after they sell galaxy nexus units

  • ramir

    I guess reason why the S2 is the last is because they want it to have the least amount of bugs since its most probably the most popular Android phone for bell.

    The other phones would roll out and be the “guinea pigs” for the new OS and see if the update was done well.

  • Thomas

    Hope the samsung galaxy gio gets the update to 4.0, since it was released back in july or august

  • Matt

    No Rogers 4.0 ICS dates?! im with rogers and if i have to wait past april for ICS im going tl cry. And even for bell to only get the final updates in April for the galaxy S II is dumb.. my cousin from the US already has ICS on her galaxy S II.. Canada’s lame -_____-

  • Amber

    C’mon pretty pls any day now…

  • Trevor

    Has there been any update to this? I know the UK is supposed to get the ICS 4.0 update by end of March. Does anyone know if Bell/Virgin Mobile is updating before after? Thanks

  • Desire Z

    HTC Desire Z is still a great phone and HTC should update it to ICS!

  • Trevolver

    recent transcript from Bell Mobility chat (my info blanked out for security purposes:

    Thank you for your patience an online representative will be with you shortly. Your wait time is approximately 0 minute(s).
    Welcome to! You are chatting with Dennis. To assist you, may I please have your name and mobile phone number with area code?
    Dennis: Hello and welcome to Bell Mobility’s chat service. How can I help you today?
    ——: Hi My name is —— phone number is 999-999-9999
    Dennis: How can I help you today?
    ——: I was just wondering if there is any news as to when the Ice Cream Sandwich OS is going to be released for the Samsung Galaxy S2 I heard from a rep that it would be in April sometime back in Feb.
    Dennis: I can check for you
    ——: ty
    Dennis: It says May 2012 no specific date
    ——: was that recently changed?
    ——: or pushed back
    Dennis: This is what it says about the Ice Cream Sandwich
    ——: ok good enough…was just curious..ty

  • matt

    I have the raider but it is through rogers any idea if they will get the 4.0 os?

  • Muhammad

    Has anyone got the update for s2 yet?
    I just hit the