Apple’s new iPad can last a whole day as a LTE hotspot

The new iPad doesn’t improve on much in the battery department, except in sheer size, but one thing it can do very well is operate as a LTE hotspot.

We did some extensive testing of the hotspot feature after our review went live and confirmed what many other outlets are already saying: the new iPad rocks as a hotspot. It lasts between 23 and 25 hours on a single charge, depending on who you ask, as long as you keep the display turned off.

With the screen off, and notifications disabled, the new iPad can pretty much replace any Mobile Internet Stick for your laptop, and does a heck of a lot more as well. Considering it wasn’t uncommon for us to peak above 30Mbps download and 25Mbps upload on all three LTE providers, it makes those $35/5GB data plans a little bit more attractive.

Unlike the AT&T version of the new iPad, all LTE Canadian models come with WiFi hotspot built in, regardless of which mobile carrier you choose. So, enjoy yourself — just don’t go too overboard!

Source: Anandtech