Observation: Accessory manufacturers and retailers calling the New iPad something else

It’s fascinating to watch Apple’s new iPad unfold. This tablet will start to go on sale next Friday in 10 countries, Canada is one of them. The name, according to Apple’s Phil Schiller, was chosen ”because we don’t want to be predictable”. Glancing around the web shows many manufacturers already selling accessories for the new iPad, plus big box retailers such as Best Buy and Future Shop have this listed online as coming soon. Some analysts have called this iPad name “a $10 billion mistake, black eye on the Tim Cook era”.

Authorized resellers have always had to follow Apple’s strict marketing policies, surely with the new iPad it’s should be no different. For some unorthodox reason, possibly to eliminate confusion until the new model officially launches and the iPad 2 gets discontinued, there’s seems to be a free-for-all to name the tablet something other than its intended name. For example, reputable accessory maker ZAGG has named it the iPad 3, and Best Buy and Future Shop have gone the route of calling it the “iPad 3rd Generation”.

Regardless of the name, even though it’s officially called The New iPad, Apple will continue their tablet dominance, sell millions of units, and bring in millions of dollars.

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