Google launches new Search App for Windows Phone


  • Entegy

    This is odd, because there’s always been a Google search app on Windows Phone from Google. This seems like a relaunch of it and reading the reviews, it seems like there’s no improvement.

  • Graham

    If only MS would open up the API’s to fully replace Bing on the phone they would be set…..wait, they won’t do that, because they want to ram Bing down your throat. Funny, because you can completely swap out google on android if you want, people….just….dont.

  • MARS

    Surprised MS approved this.

  • sod

    I find it faster just to pin EI9 with Google as homepage to the homescreen (more features that way too!)

  • WhoCares

    Bing sucks.

  • andy c

    Did google slip a browser in this app?

    I searched and selected mobile syrup with this app and it brought up the home page within the app and didn’t open IE.