Nokia’s PureView technology will come to Windows Phone


  • Al

    Cools, every number is getting bigger!
    the number of megapixels
    the number of cores (and speed)
    the number of inches (screen size / resolution)
    the number of lovers and haters
    the number of law suits
    the number of really cool innovation technology that i can’t wait to be implemented to other devices!


    41MP Camera for What??

    • Dimitri.k

      You should read the other posts to find out…


      This what makes this phone is too thick almost 14.00mm

      The ideal thickness should be 7mm to 9.6mm MAX

  • EvanKr

    At least it’s a larger than usual sensor, that’s what counts. Nice to see it making its way to WP.

  • icesticles

    Now this is innovation, not crapple facetime

  • Crocography

    If I could get rid of my compact camera I carry for this phone technology I would. Windows Phone is already really impressive but this would cinch the deal.

  • montrealer

    If they manage to do a design like the n8 with windows phone and this technology, i’m in.

  • stylinred

    Pureview isn’t what makes the Nokia 808 thick, what makes the 808 thick is the 1/1.2″ sensor

    when pureview gets onto windows phone supposedly it won’t be using a 1/1.2″ sensor but a smaller sensor with the same pureview process (oversampling pixels for a cleaner/clearer/sharper shot)
    this is the rumor anyway and based on Nokias history with camera phones and what we have heard from Nokias head camera guy, Damian Dinning, this is likely true

    So expect pureview on WP but don’t expect such a sensor

    • stylinred

      As for the comment about Symbian its future actually isn’t definite yet; Elop gave a rough 2016 forecast but if it keeps selling you can be sure they’ll keep making em

      as for the dislike of the OS in North America… that’s really due to ignorance about the OS… people still think of the N97 or earlier when they think Symbian as that’s really the last time it was selling respectably in North America unfortunately they can’t get it past them that Operating Systems evolve

      Hell even if you bought the Nokia N8 from Rogers last year Symbian of today is completely different from that

  • Falco

    For what it’s worth, I prefer a thicker, heavier phone because it helps hold it steady for pics. Camera shake and poor focus are the major enemies of good pics, regardless of MP’s. I’ve had a number of phones with 3,5,and 8 mp cams. My fav now is my Nokia C6. Camera (5MP) is amazing. Takes sharp, natural pics and I like its overall operation and physical feel. Even battery life not too bad. Also, number of MP’s irrelavent if sensors and optics poor quality. No doubt this new Nokia will enhance its reputation.