41-megapixel Nokia PureView 808 camera sensor shown in its massive glory

Didn’t believe Nokia when they said they packed a massive 41 megapixel camera sensor inside the likely-last Symbian device, the 808 PureView? Here we have proof. Amidst the teeming throngs of people in Barcelona, Nokia’s resident camera expert Damian Dinning sat down for an interview to dispel any outstanding rumours surrounding the mythical sensor, which happens to be physically five times larger than a typical 8MP sensor.

There is no magic here: the 41MP sensor captures much more light than a typical phone camera, and with Symbian Belle’s built-in processing techniques reduces the image to manageable sizes while maintaining much of the detail and clarity of the original shot. Less noise, less grain, better low-light performance. While the 808 PureView is likely to appeal to a very niche market when it debuts, and is unlikely to be sold through a carrier here in North America, it will most definitely find a place among photography enthusiasts.

Check after the break for the interview, and let us know if you’d invest in such a product.

Source: Engadget