TELUS re-introduces the $30/month 6GB data plan


  • Sean

    Seriously they come out with this plan how many times a year… Why can’t they just make it a standard plan, it gives a good amount of data for a decent price.

    • Alex Perrier

      Good point that many people bring up.

      The question is, how could they still sell 100 MB at $10/month, or 500 MB at $25/month, or 1 GB at $30/month? These are their regular prices, and they are all ridiculous and unjustified compared to $30/month for 6 GB.

      If the 6 GB plan was permanent, then logically, 500 MB (rounded up from 600 MB) would cost $10/month. The $25/month plan would be 3 GB. They could also, for example, put 1 GB at $15/month and 2 GB at $20/month, and still make a ton of money.

      Keep in mind that AT&T and Verizon charge $30/month for 2 GB or 3 GB at the regular rack rate. Only providers like Sprint and T-Mobile provide better value, like unlimited talk/text/Internet for $50/month in a family plan. Even then, the Internet is only 2G speeds after 2 GB of usage is exceeded.

      But yeah, i’d encourage people to demand reasonable prices. Remember paying $10/month on prepaid for unlimited on-device Internet? As WIND transforms into an Ontario-wide carrier, we’ll see Big 3 providers charge a little more than them, but still provide a better deal than they would have without WIND.

    • Rio

      Certain reps are able to give this ‘promotion’ even when it’s not advertised.

      I got my plan when the promotion was on, however the rep was able to sign my sister on to the 30$ plan aswell after the promotion

  • sam


  • Alex Perrier

    TELUS reintroduced the “do not be transformed, be conformed” data plan.

    Note that the carrier is also moving away from “voice and data” plans. Now you must pick a voice plan, and match it with a data plan if you so wish.

    Creativity would be appreciated. If we paid $40, can we get 9 GB instead of 8 GB? If we pitch in $50, can we get 12 GB instead of 10 GB? Little things like that make a difference to customers. Lowering the excess fee from $10/GB to $5/GB would be welcome, too.

  • prufrock

    With all the new voip choices coming out now, it would be great to be able to get this on a prepaid account. Put a $100 credit on and likely last the whole year by making the majority of calls over voip.

  • Cody

    My understanding was the plan never went away? It’s been on the Telus website since it started last year..

    • Alex Perrier

      It had a temporary price increase, where it cost $60/month instead of the current $30.

  • Michael Johnson

    I wish I could share the data with my Wife… I don’t really need 6 gig, and she’d probably be mad if I got it and she didn’t but 3 gig each would be worth it.

  • ToniCipriani

    Telus re-introduces the $30/month 6GB data plan… shortly after Bell reintroduced it.


  • Sean

    @Alex Perrier

    In my view they should do
    $15 for 1 gigs
    $20 for 2 gigs
    $25 for 4 gigs
    $30 for 6 gigs

    Also i know in the states they have less data allowances but they need to have a much much larger network then we do and they have 10X the population.

    Yet they can keep the price lower because they keep us for three years so really say 60×36 is a lot more then 80×24

    • Alex Perrier

      i’m basing my math on this:
      (regular, rip-off prices) * 6 = (promotional, should-be-permanent prices)

      Carriers as i know them would be more likely to give 3 GB instead of 4 GB at the $25/month mark. 4 GB would be nice, but most people would choose that plan instead of the 6 GB one. That’s the way they roll, but maybe the extra GB would be a bonus thrown in once in a while.

      Yes, you’re right, there is ten times less possible congestion, assuming everyone on average uses the same amount of resources as in the USA. The only real time the network gets congested is during the Olympics or other special events like that. Most of the time, few people use the network.

      But thanks for your thoughts! It’s nice to see what other people think about this. 🙂

  • gmd

    All of what you propose make sense, but you have to remember it’s coopetition.

  • gmd

    … and prepaid is stuck with 1GB for $30.

  • crunch204

    @Michael Johnson – Bell family plans allow you to pool and share data

  • Mike

    After your contract expires you can always get something better than what they advertise…assuming you stay with the carrier.

    • Dimitri.k

      I would not stay with the carrier for a 3 year term. This plan should just stay on for good without them pulling it off & on again. Everyone knows that the 3 big carriers have this plan even tho they do not show it. A few people i know called when Rogers & Bell took it down & both companies gave it to them. This is because the codes &all are still on the system & have not been removed. & no they never talked to retentions or a manager. They spoke to a sells agent on the phone.

  • jon_d0e

    which of the 3 – rogers, bell, and telus have the BEST 6gb plan?

  • vn33

    Again we see the lame “In direct response to … ” phrase. For once I want to see a MEANINGFUL phrase “We are the first to offer …”. When I say meaningful, I don’t mean “LTE coverage” but more along the line of “Standard CID, Canada-wide, no longer LD … Etc” !

    • hulli

      how bout in direct response to Rogers, Fido, Solo, Virgin, Koodo, wind, mobilicity, chatr, public. we are launching unlimited local calling. I dont know what are they waiting for. The future of Canadian wireless holds unlimited local calling included in the plan. Telus and Bell are looking at each other’s face and waiting for the other guy to do something while Rogers sweeps up all the costumers from underneath them.

  • Rogers Robbie

    So data that I can actually use? Alex! what an interesting thing! The price is what the market demands! What would you have them do be like Wind? Offer you something unlimited and then have it simply not work? Look at the wind page. countless complaints! and they keep on coming! If $ 30.00 is too much simply choose not to buy.

  • phil

    So if you have a $30 3GB plan will they upgrade your data to $30 6GB one?

  • Mafugga

    @phil yup, call and ask.

  • Cyrano

    with the $30/6gb… i actually thinking of switch back to big 3 from wind

  • MG

    Can someone please look-up “COLLUSION” or “PRICE FIXING” in the dictionary?

    Then can someone with legal background tell us what the average sentencing is for such criminal activity?

    Let’s see who drops the soap first in slammer’s shower stall: Oosterman, Mohamed or Entwistle…

    • Dylaner

      In economics, they call price fixing by another name – ‘co-operative pricing’ now doesn’t that sound so much better?

      In the shower, I’d put my money on Entwistle.

  • Slype

    These deals are the longest runnings jokes ever…

    • Theblob

      Two angles.

      One possibility is personal users who think they need 6GB of data on their cell phones need to seriously reconsider what they do during their spare time. Or be more intelligent with their data. ie. use Wifi instead.

      Two is if you think the plan’s a joke, then don’t get it.

  • Jay

    I’ve been looking through the mobility sites and can find nothing on these 6GB plans. Can anyone please let me know where they are shown, or if they aren’t shown, how I go about asking for one with a rep?

    As well, I am planning on signing on to a new three-year Rogers or Telus or Bell contract today for an iPhone 4S. Any suggestions on which is the VERY best?