Windows Phone Tango screenshots leak, confirm low RAM requirement


  • Unr8ted

    Poor Specs = Fido will probably sell this Phone.

    • Alex Perrier

      On a two-year contract with no Internet plan required. Not too shabby. 🙂

      The other non-iPhone smartphones require a three-year AND an Internet plan. They are also incompatible with 100 MB or Canada-wide calling.

      iPhone has the worst plans.

  • bob

    256MB was already the minimum for WP7 and 384 was the minimum for WP7.5, apparently. There never was a 512MB minimum. A lot of WP7 phones do not even have 512MB.

  • glonq

    Both my kids have no-contract, no-data cheapass android phones. So I can see why Microsoft is attracted to the low-end market.

    But fragmentation and a second-class experience are inevitable at the low end, and would probably tarnish WP7’s already lackluster reputation.

    My POV? Android and Bada already own the low end. Android and Apple are fighting it out at the high end. Maybe MS should stick to the middle.

    • Dimitri

      isnt it up to who makes the phone to determine the market for their device not the OS of the phone.

  • swizzlerz

    These phones will be like pay as you go phoes. or 3rd world markets where they dont have the money for top of the line. think some asian areas/africa/south and latin america

  • gwydionjhr

    The current min for Win 7.5 is actually 384MB.

    I highly doubt we’ll even see Tango phones in North America, they’re aimed at emerging markets. If things do go that way, it’ll certainly help allay fears of fragmentation.