WSJ reports iPad 3 to come with LTE connectivity, could come in 8-inch version


  • KingK

    No quad core N

    • Kid.Canada

      Quad core isn’t needed on the iPad, its already fast enough with the dual core and it will be nothing but an unnessessary battery drainer. Good improvement but since it doesn’t support flash I won’t be considering it. Yeah yeah I’ve heard of that HTML5 will take over crap but majority of the media content online is still in flash so its a must have for now.

  • Dalex

    A tab I really want to get is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, but it’s so dang expesive. Its the perfect size though and its got the perfect display with the Super AMOLED Plus. Exynos SoC is icing on the cake.

    Ipad is still a toy so no thanks.

  • Kiku

    Quad cores can actually be more efficient, like the tegra 3, which is less power hungry than the tegra 2 thanks to the companion core.

    • Mark

      Exactly, Kiku. It is a myth that quad cores always consume more power. Modern multi-core processors are more energy efficient than their fewer-core predecessors. I swear I see this myth in print every day.

  • mike

    I don’t care for LTE all it does is a big battery drainer. I prefer 3G which is perfect

  • aviking

    “Despite Steve Jobs’ claim that anything smaller than 10-inches is too small for a tablet, Apple is testing and considering releasing an 8-inch model”

    Ah yes steel other people ideas then claim it was your own then in a years time apple will be suing everyone making an 8″ tablet saying that they have a patent for it.

    This lawyer firm err I mean tech company has to come crashing down at some point with these silly business practices.

  • G

    I just wish people would realize what a piece of s**t company Apple is. Now they are pressuring a chinese company to stop making the Asus Zenbook because it looks to much like the macbook air; or risk losing their iPhone contract. Come on really, it’s a goddamn laptop. It has a screen and a keyboard and it folds shut.

  • Dano

    It would be wise to create an alternative size. Apple has started a revolution of the everything phone and everyone else makes cheaper versions of it. If you want long lasting quality you choose apple. And apple only sued Samsung or banned that google nexus in Australia because it bypassed the contract Samsung had as a parts maker in a deal with apple.

    • Alpha

      I suppose you’re going to say that Apple “revolutionized” the rounded corner as well?

      Before Apple came along, we were stabbing ourselves to death with all those sharp 90 degree corners.

  • Slype

    As much as Jobs was right, he was just as often wrong. Still a great man but the apple cultists would have you believe that he can do no wrong.

    The other thing is that I find most apple users non-technical thus they do not understand the whole quad core vs duo core battery usage model so kudos to you guys from trying but I strongly believe that it’s going to fall on deaf ears.

    Different markets for different people and that is good. Some people like a generic (but good) one model fits all type of car while others like having the choice of getting a Pinto or perhaps a Ferrari.

    I got one of my apple buddies to convert to Apple and in retrospect it may not have been a good idea, he doesn’t care about automating his phone (Tasker) or skinning his desktop to his own personal needs. He doesn’t care about widgets either so maybe staying with the controlled Apple environment may have been better for him because he wouldn’t have to think about these things.

    That being said, I’m curious to see what the iPad is going to bring but I’m going to wait to see what the Google tablet will bring. I was going to get a transformer prime but they were out of stock and Google should be doing their announcement shortly so it will be interesting to see what Google is going to have in comparison to Apple.

  • EmperumanV

    If the iPad 3 came out in a 8″ Wifi only variant, it might be something to consider. Don’t need any tablet with 3G/4G/LTE for that matter as I just use a hotspot from my phone on the if I take my tablet with me, otherwise I am just as fine with using my phone to browse, read, etc.

    However, it would be nice to see once the Asus 8″ ICS quad core tablet with ICS rolls out for $250 (I think) sometime this year.