Apple iPad 3 to be announced on March 7th?


  • iTards

    iTurds 3

    • Mike Lazaridis

      iPad 3 and the playbook still doesn’t have native email?

    • SAM


  • Ryan M

    I wouldn’t call myself an apple fanboy because I generally only stick to the iPads. Say what you want but these things are insane and I love having one in my hands. Will I be laying down $500 march 7th? Hell yes.

    • bob

      except $500 won’t get you an iPad3.
      The iPad 2 was $520 on launch IIRC

  • malingerer

    yep. selling my iPad 2. upgrade to V3. the most useful media/data consumption device I own. by far. If I would have bought it before my last laptop I probably would spent $800 less on the notebook 🙁

  • Peter

    Why does this site even bother posting articles about Apple? Anyone who likes Apple products is a massive outcast here and get sh*t all over for expressing their like for these products.

  • Nick.C

    So you’re telling me that it’s coming out on my birthday? Might be my next birthday gift but I got other stuff to get first.

    • roy

      You reminded me, my birthday is March 7th too.
      500$ is not going to happen, its going to be atleast 580+$

  • Ted

    Wow, even the hardcore apple fanboys must be getting iphone/ipad upgrade fatigue. I’d like to not hear about these for a while……

  • Al

    possible named Ipad 3…. i wonder what gave that away 😛

  • phox

    Ill stick to Asus tablets.
    had the ipad 2 and sold it for the transformer prime and I’m extremely happy!

    P.s. I use an iPhone 4s and MacBook pro.

  • funkmaster

    What a joke. I saw a kid who had an iPad 2 in the mall the other day sitting down on the bench and a few other kids passed by laughing at him for spending the inflated price tag iPad 2 comes with. I felt bad but at the same time I didn’t because you know the kid made his mom buy it for him to look ‘cool’. Those days are over, kid.

    I wouldn’t be caught dead with an iPad 3. Paying to be laughed at, no thanks.

  • Adam

    I’m noticing that most of the mobilesyrup readers are against apple products and more of android fans and no matter what, even if the procuct is good, they say it’s bad just becouse it’s made by apple. in my opinion that’s just wrong.

    • bummy

      Its not just mobilesyrup readers… I’ve noticed that on every forum, blog, chat I browse– with the exception of apple based websites, of course.

      Clearly, the main consumption of apple products are not tech-readers, but the average Joe.

    • bob

      If it can connect to a PC for file transfer without iTunes and can install out of app store applications (without jailbreak) then it might be good.

    • funkmaster

      I have nothing against apple. Except their ripoff memory ploy ($599 for 16gig $699 for $32gig ect), no expandable memory for the only sake to ripoff uneducated consumers, no removable batteries, proprietary iTunes software (Sometimes its nice to just drag and drop files when you’re not around a computer with iTunes installed), overpriced apps, 120% markup on accessories because their the only ones who sell them (My roommate paid $75 for a mouse for her Mac! I go to Staples and get my windows computer a mouse for $9.99), over charging for their products as a whole because “our products may not be better then everyone elses but you can pretend to be if you buy are products”, Trying to dictate the market to suit their own personal needs and not those of the consumers… These are just a few.

      People need to demand more from their electronics and not just buy into apple because “you may look cool using it.”

      Funny how we all b***h and moan about our carriers ripping us off yet the same people complaining about that line up outside an apple store to buy the latest iPhone. So it’s not okay for the carriers to over charge us for what we’re getting yet when Apple does it people line up for the privilege? Talk about taking advantage of uneducated consumers.

      It’s not “disliking” you’re seeing, it’s people with intelligence still willing to use it to voice their opinions. 🙂

  • EmperumanV

    LTE? Interesting, Apple is still behind the technology. Other Android tablets have LTE as we speak.

    Any how, “iWon’t” purchase, because I will wait to see what other quad core tablets come into the market by mid summer.

    On a side note, the new upcoming Galaxy Tab 2 has a better battery life than the iPad 2 taken from latest issue at Engadget Distro – Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 12:01
    Apple iPad 2 10:26

  • Wow

    Who cares about what is better and what is not! It all about preference. Both iOS and Android have the pros/cons, I really don’t understand what people try to achieve when writing bashing comments. It’s like watching 8 year old’s argue, NO MY TOY IS BETTER.

    • bob

      More like a religion than a toy, but yes that’s pretty much it.

  • Allyouranusarebelongtous

    I truly hope for LTE…it would be lame to wait until iPhone 5 to implement….then another half year for the iPad 3.5

    But I digress, the short answer is YES I will plunk down the money….but I ain’t no fanboy….

  • Aunt Jemima

    I wonder if Chuck Norris is going to buy an iPad 3?

  • EvanK

    Apple could re-release the original iPad and it would still sell to uneducated consumers and the iSheep.

  • Phil

    Wow… lot’s of ignorant people here…
    it’s not about hardware anymore… Samsung, Apple, Sony, HP, etc. You could have the most high tech tablet out there and it wouldn’t matter… it’s all about the features the software provides, the user experience, the thought process behind the creation of that software…
    it’s a tablet, who cares if it’s 18 cores with 12 GB of RAM… it’s about quality apps and how well they work with that devices OS

    Right now the iPad works pretty well and plays well with other devices like Apple TV, iTunes, etc

    in 2 months it might be a Google/Motorola tablet that might be the most efficient…

    As long as any company takes time to create a truly optimized product, then everybody wins

  • waiting for razr maxx

    Granted, IPads are awesome but I can’t stand the thought of letting apple make big profits off me. The markup is huge on these devices. Go for an android or rim device with a lower markup. Resist the apple marketing machine. Competition its good for the industry. Do not let apple dominate.

  • Apple4Life

    Well said Phil Well said!

    Android phones have surpassed the iPhone in certain limited areas, but android tablets? Nothing…


  • Jesse

    I don’t feel very compelled to upgrade from my iPad 2. It already does what I want it to do and I don’t see a “faster” tablet changing that at all. A bump in resolution wouldn’t be bad though (there are a few times where the screen resolution will look rather unflattering), I will have to use it with my own hands before making any decisions.

    Luckily the iPad has crazy resale value so if I actually want to switch up, I won’t spend much more to get the new one.

  • Stuntman

    Did Apple just change the definition of retina display? My understanding is that a retina display has to have a pixel density of 300ppi. An iPad with double the resolution of the existing iPad will have a pixel density of less than 300ppi, so cannot be called a retina display.

    • bob

      retina display means what Apple decides it means

  • Sub-Joker

    wow…. Android fans are all over this website….

    Still, the iPad is the most selling tablet out there and i’m expecting this one to follow the same successful path. having retina display will make a new standard for screen resolution, whether you like it or not.

    just before you thumb me down, I use a galaxy nexus, and an Acer Iconia Tab. but I say the truth when I see it.

  • Fareed

    I traded in my iPad 1gen and got the second One I’m gonna do the same for the 3rd one.

  • Mike

    I generally dislike Apple and the zealots who praise them without knowing anything other than their products. With that said, the specs do look pretty nice. I think the interface is getting tired, unless they change it. I have seen a Lenovo 32GB for about $299 in Canada and the new iPad will certainly not be $500. It will be much more than that, so I would have to pass. This will force others to bump their specs a bit though. Eventually I will get a tablet, but more than likely an Android device.

  • Jim

    I just don’t understand why people buy an Apple IPad, just thinking the idea that your IPad will be outdated next year.

  • ActivesiN

    o boy, now im going to have to put my friends with ipad 2 on suicide watch

  • CandyMan

    Don’t be soo happy apple fans… This may turn out to be iPad 2S …lol… Apple just knows how to milk you guys!

  • saffant

    Quadcore A6 processor ?? Dang.. this will give the Android counterparts a real run for their money.

  • Mojo

    I originally had the Iphad 2, sold it off because it wasn’t really that useful, specially for school. I got a laptop instead, far more convenient and useful.
    I’ve noticed 99% of people get apple products because the think they look cool with it, not because they have a use for it.