Rumour: HTC to launch PlayStation Certified devices second half of 2012


  • Mark

    That would be one of the best moves HTC has made since 2010. I’m a huge fan of HTC, but I have moved to Samsung for now due to HTC’s recent lack of vision. The major sales drivers in the mobile market recently has been better displays, bigger and more powerful screens, HD gaming, videos, etc – all visual experiences. HTC’s answer? Beats earphones. Underwhelming.

    If true, this is a step in the right direction. From a design stand point they are still my favourite.

    • Boojay

      I love HTC, but like you, I made the move to Samsung as well, but after being underwhelmed with the Galaxy Nexus, I’ll be going straight back to HTC, especially after this announcement.

    • saffant

      Most of their phones look alike… yea so much for design.

  • bob

    Given that the Xperia Play was underwhealming I don’t see the point of this. This will be like the Beats certification. Won’t mean much to most people.

    • Mark

      You need to have vision.

      The mobile gaming industry:
      2006 – $2 Billion industry
      2010 – $10 Billion industry
      2015 – over $100 Billion industry by some estimates.

      Doesn’t mean much to me either. But being a market leader in gaming before this rocket blasts off is huge. It will be the key feature of the buy / don’t buy decision for many people in the coming years.

  • Al

    This would entice me to consider buying an HTC phone. As a Telus customer, we don’t really have much access to Playstation certified phones (as for the moment at least).

  • Dalex

    So I can play Playstation One phones on my smartphone? Sounds alright I guess if you’re bored, but I don’t see how that’s so enticing. I like real games (PC, even some console games), never had the urge to play games on a 4 inch screen.

    How’s about this instead HTC. Make Sense less bloated, throw in some beautiful AMOLED displays, get ICS on all your handsets and have them running Tegra 3 or Snapdragon S4 SoC’s and I’ll buy your phones.

    You can keep your Beats and Playstationy gimmicks.

    • Gniok

      @Dalex because you really need that Tegra 3 chip or the S4 chip. It’s all a marketing buzz. The current dual smartphones run just fine. And I like HTC sense they way it is. I don’t care that sense doesnt score 32932092023 points in some benchmarks like Samsung does. I care more about functionality than some scores.