Videotron releasing the Galaxy Nexus February 8th


  • markehz

    Finally… a date.

  • markehz

    I hope a promo plan comes along as well.

  • Alex Perrier

    Vidéotron does have a couple of decent deals, like including unlimited received calls and unlimited emails in their student plans for $25/month. They also have unlimited VTron-to-VTron calls. Every carrier should have unlimited customer-to-customer calling, throughout the network, at no extra cost.

    What disappoints me is:
    – postpaid activations only; no prepaid
    – phones are expensive outright
    – caller ID excluded; $10/month for features pack*
    – it’s owned by a big media (TV/newspaper) and cable company

    * then how are you supposed to know whether the person calling you is from Vidéotron or not!?

    But this company is still better than the Big 3 for Québec and Ottawa! Good network, and Robelus often bend backwards to closely match Vidéotron’s prices! i’m sticking with WIND for now, because they offer the most flexible plans compared to any Canadian carrier.

  • Alexandre Forget

    Impossible to put Vidéotron and competitive in the same text !!

  • George

    are you F@#@$@$ kidding???? I was waiting for over a month to get the GN with Videotron. 5days before the release date they increase almost all of their plans by $5++/month?????????? and remove almost every promotion they had.

    And DAMN that bonus 30minutes of useless illico TV they added really makes up for the $5…

    I wish WIND was here instead of them…

    • Mario

      This is just what I realized with the wait I did for the new GN. They removed promotion just before having the GN and they modified plans all the way with less interesting things like Illico mobile instead of DATA for Internet.
      Have three services with Videotron and have to look elsewhere for competitive mobile…

  • EmperumanV

    Hopefully with the launch of this, the GN will drop down in price in private sales. Right now its floating between $530 to $550

  • rogue17

    If you noticed too awhile back Videotron removed the free call fowarding feature from their plans.And I just noticed they no longer include 50Mb of data in their plans.

    Also have noticed that they have changed their pricing at least twice since they launched.