WIND dreams up 14 sensual smartphone positions called “Call-A-Sutra”

How does an “All Nighter”, “Cushion-Pushin”, “Rub Down”, “Blindfold Bang”, or the “Pelvic Pumper” sound? This is something the oozes Virgin Mobile, but in actuality it’s WIND Mobile who created these positions. Their new “Call-A-Sutra” is a Valentine’s Day focussed blitz that hopes to spread the love and spur on new ways for your partner(s) to connect. WIND said in a release that they recognized “that holding a phone to your ear just doesn’t do it for everyone”, and that over the next couple weeks they’ll announce new “sensual smartphone positions” everyday on Facebook.

Very risqué!! There are different levels of difficulty and WIND gave a couple descriptions: The beginner “The Rub Down: 1. With your right hand, bend slightly and rub your phone screen against your right leg to get rid of the facial residue left on it by a previous companion. 2. Your partner, unsure of where their phone has been, uses their left hand to wipe their phone on their left leg before answering your call.” – to expert like “The Blindfold Bang: 1. Walk with your head in a downward position. 2. Hold your phone with both hands and text your partner with your thumbs. 3. Unknowingly walk straight into a light pole. 4. Your partner, engrossed in your text, also walks with their head in a downward position. 5. Accidentally, they ram hard into a bike rack.”

Check it out here on Facebook