LG Optimus LTE heading to TELUS


  • crunch204

    so whats the difference between the models, or no change just different model number?

  • WarrenLady

    If that works on wind I will ask my but pirate pal Johnn to get it for me. We are engaged you know.

  • D.B


  • Alex Perrier

    Not happy with Bell poorly selling the Chic, then LG punishing customers with no Gingerbread. i heard similar tales with WIND/VT 2X, although unlike lazy Bell, WIND (and Vidéotron) HONESTLY tried to sell the phone in modest quantities, yet this is how LG treats its customers.

    Next device for me will be an HTC Panache or Radar. LG sells very well at TELUS and its brands. But LG should punish Bell for poor device sales, instead of giving the giant a big hug while both companies punish customers.

    • Alex Perrier

      And i get thumbed down why?
      a) because you love Bell and want them to be admired for their mistake?
      b) because it’s okay if LG doesn’t release software upgrades?
      c) some other nonsense reason like that?

      If you thumb down, it would be nice if you’d explain yourself.

      Regardless, if you read my comment properly, you’d see that LG devices at TELUS (Optimus One, Shine Plus, etc.) actually get software upgrades, but not Bell’s. Maybe the Optimus LTE is different, but i’m not interested, and neither should all who have a promised, but abandoned, software upgrade for their LG Android.

    • Sub-Joker

      I kinda agree with you, but, it’s LG’s fault as well. The Optimus one was a great hit for Telus sub-brand (koodo) more than Telus itself. and they gave the update to Gingerbread way before the less successful 2X and 3D phones. So it’s LG’s fault for not providing good support to their devices.

      I just bought that LG Optimus tab knowing that probably it won’t see ICS ever. but so far it’s doing a good job with honeyComb.

      but you see, ppl don’t prefer LG smartphones because (with their android phones) the company is not dedicated to provides good support that HTC and Samsung, even motorola and SonyEricsson, are giving.

  • Owl

    It should be showing up around Feb 8th @ Telus.

  • SWB1983

    I have the Bell version that I have unlocked to use on Rogers. It is a good phone and people who haven’t used it should not knock it. The display is quite frankly amazing, best on a smartphone (better than galaxy nexus and iPhone 4s). The battery life is questionable, but I can get through a whole day and that is what counts.

    If you want a quick phone that looks and feels great check it out… if not go get something else.

  • Turd McBurger

    I have one, too. It really does have the best display on any device I’ve seen. 1280×720 AH-IPS. It is the reason the iPhone 5 isn’t out yet. It is as good as LCD technology is gonna get. The battery life is horrible. I wish Samsung and their awesome exynos processor and design would make a superphone with a high-end LCD instead of AMOLED. They look pretty but only when there is a lot of black on the screen… so.. off? lol,

  • Sub-Joker

    one thing I don’t like in this phone is the browser tab you get at the bottom. why would anybody think of killing extra space from the browsing space. The GNex offers this option of full screen while navigating which I enabled because when I browse the internet I prefer to have the biggest screen real-estate possible….

    Plus, that bar reminds me of iOS…..I mean sometimes I don’t blame apple from filing lawsuits against other companies.

    the keyboard on LG also looks like what you find on the iPhone.

    • Turd McBurger

      Dolphin HD

  • shamu

    Seen it..used it..not selling it..Too many of my customers are returning their LG phones.. I’m not sure why TELUS would pick this product to launch LTE.. Where’s the LTE Blackberry or Samsung product? That’s what customers want!!

  • Dan

    I have an Optimus LTE on Bell and its awesome!… best screen by far even my friends with gal nexus and S2 admitted it. Blacks may look better on amoled but most websites etc that i see are white and they actually look white on my phone VS blue tinge on amoled… 1.5ghz, real HD screen vs Amoled HD with cheap pentile display… 720p VS super amoled plus wvga or qhd also makes the device smaller as this is basically same size as some 4.3″ devices… LG may have been behind on os but everyone seems slow with upgrades so i want the best hardware and i got it… Alex you bought a prepaid phone that i cant find anywhere that LG said they were upgrading so get over it… that’s why i gave you thumbs down.