Bell officially says the Samsung Galaxy Note is “coming soon”


  • Kid.Canada

    Hmm that’s 2500mAh battery looks appealing but is good enough to give this phone with powerhouse specs at least a day of charge? I’m being serious not hating..

    • Sean

      Well I have the neus and that only has a 1750 battery so a 2500 will give you a lot more juice

  • Matt

    @Kid.Canada I doubt it. With a 5.3″ screen and LTE this thing will suck back the juice like crazy.

  • tremsr


    The battery life I found isn’t that shabby at all. I’m a reasonably heavy user. I’m not running the lte variant but like Matt mentioned the lte will guzzle. I was reading that it shaves at least 1.5 hours off the Galaxy Nexus battery life. So I suspect it would be similar for any lte device.

  • Nicholas

    I’ve never used a Touchwiz phone. Anyone have any comments? The last skin I dealt with was MotoBlur which was passable, but compared to stock ICS was horrid… Not sure if I should upgrade on my GN (the lte would be nice.)

  • Adam

    Bell’s web site says: “1.5 GHz dual-core processor”

  • Nic

    The only Lte device that currently is “impressive” is the Razr Maxx which houses a 3300 mhz battery – the nexus does not even come close.

  • Jeff

    it most definitely is a 1.5 ghz dual core, as adam mentioned. The 1.4 exynos processor is not compatible with the lte radios…the only variant of the note that is compatible with LTE is the 1.5 s3 snapdragon. So it looks like the big three will be getting the snapdragon version instead of the exynos version…which makes me happy with my galaxy nexus.

  • Jeff

    ***i know the galaxy nexus does not have exynos…but it’s omap 4460 is great by any standards…

  • Guy

    on bell site : RAM: 512 MB ?????? tell me it’s a mistake !

    • SAM

      it is a mistake its 1MB Ram

  • EmperumanV

    Also LTE is a waste to have it. Not many places have it yet and if you are not in the coverage area then its a waste. On the plus side, I guess that is good because it’ll use the regular HSPA + data and won’t use a lot of battery.

  • blackprince

    Bell if you are listening the big screen I want is the Lumia 900 not the Note, Thanks a bunch.

  • Nick

    is this also going to be in virgin mobile.? coz bell owns virgin mobile