Samsung Galaxy Note coming to Canada Q1 2012


  • jason

    i was gonna get the galaxy nexus, but now this is gonna be release in canada. which one to get!!

    • Brad K.

      I know how you feel. Bell will indeed have an exclusive on this too, sucks that I’m with Rogers and that they are so iPhone centric that they don’t even see the competition beating them left, right and centre.

    • saffant

      Note destroys the Galaxy Nexus; 720p SuperAMOLED + a better camera than GS2 (GS2 is better than the GN) as well as the Exynos 1.4GHz.

      Yea no comparison.. unless 5.3″ is too large for u in which case you shouldn’t even be considering the Note in the first place.

    • Andy

      i also was debating between the two and got the gnote. i have had it for a week now and don’t regret anything. yes it’s big but very light and surprisingly very pockable. The screen is to die for. No more girl phones for me.

    • A. Carmine

      Exclusives just ruin everything. I really wanted to get this but I’m not switching carriers to get it. I would like a ban on exclusives when devices are well capable of working on all networks.

  • chris

    I’ll stick with the tablet I already have. Wait ……… that’s a phone????

  • JG

    Just wait for the price.
    I’m sure Robbers will have this at $300 on a 3 year term

  • Lean-N-Supreme

    There’s a Bell store here in Richmond, BC that has been importing Galaxy Notes and selling them along with contracts since its release.

    • John

      Expansys Canada has it on sale and in stock for CDN $879.99 unlocked with no contract. It is a mighty big smartphone-tab!

  • Jay Jay

    This one’s for Rogers 😉 sweet phone, only wish it were available Q4 instead of 2012

  • MikeMike

    my friend picked one up this weekend from Pacific Mall
    I took out my S2 to compare sizes, and it was looking at a Mini Cooper parked next to Ford F-150…
    this thing is huge! …..
    (thats what she said)

  • andy c

    i’ve read through the specs provided twice

    no indication if it’s a phone or tablet

    • Fury

      It’s a Phoneblet.

  • Mardos

    how much did he pick it up for ?

  • Jake

    I prefer this over the coming Nexus because 1. SD card, 2. no speaker volume issue, 3, Stylus – enable you to be creative, and convenient for writing. I may like it being huge, cause I surf the internet quite a bit using my phone.

  • Merckx

    I’m hoping this means that the galaxy s2 HD is heading to Canada as well

  • Daded

    Is there any information of what bands this Note supports?

    • daveloft

      If it has the Exynos chip then it will not work with Wind or Mobilicity as it will only have the 850 and 1900 MHz bands.

  • Kenny

    The Note was my #1 most-wanted device, but based on reviews and customer testimonials, it appeared to have poor battery life (makes sense cuzza the display). Got the S2X instead.

    I have the Dell Streak 5 and it’s keeping me happy.

    • ADD

      For a quality, in depth review of the Note, look at NZtechfreak’s 4 part review on AndroidNZ. Part 4 contains the battery info and it’s actually really good. This is the most in depth review available if you have the time to read that much. The Note sounds awesome, I’m excited!

  • Bob

    WAY too big to fit in an average person’s hand.

  • Andy

    Pfft, I was at Pacific Mall yesterday looking for the Galaxy Nexus & they already had it. Thing’s HUGE. Unfortunately no Galaxy Nexus yet. 🙁

  • bob

    With an 1.4 GHz exynos this will be the fastest phone on earth

  • Andy

    This is a nice toy however without confirmation of an ICS update I would not buy it. It would be an awesome device with ICS however with GB it’s just an over sized phone. I had the dell streak for a while and loved it however the lack of updates from Dell and Rogers turned be off so I traded it for the Asus Transformer with the dock and never looked back. Asus is amazing with their timely updates and wish Samsung and LG would learn from them…I have the LG Optimus 3D now and can’t even get 2.3…So I learned my lesson and will choose a Google branded phone next time…to avoid the carrier delayed updates.

    • bob

      There is no doubt that this device will get ICS. It’s only a matter of when.

    • Fury

      Samsung has already confirmed that it’s getting ICS “soon”. Q1 most likely.

  • Gregg

    Been waiting for this phablet for months. Already out in Germany & the UK and available by mail order via the U.S. First phone suited to boomers with diminishing eyesight. With the iPhone and similarly sized Android phones, you can expand a webpage, but it is not possible to expand the font size of many common applications such as text messages or emails. The larger screen of the Note will make life easier for us. The Note will also allow those who communicate in Asian languages to brushstroke their messages, instead of converting concepts with letters of the English/French alphabet. Plus you’ll no longer have to carry both a smartphone AND a tablet when you’ve got a phablet.

    • doug

      #1 Congrats on being able to use smartphones. #2 Companies arent making phones to suit old people/”boomers” because most of them cant use a smartphone #3 If you have trouble seeing a GS2 w/ a 4.5 inch screen you have serious eye troubles #4 you have big enough pockets for a tablet?

  • Dan

    This is an awesome device and I’m sure I read somewhere that it’s going to get ICS. Its a bigger GS2, shouldn’t be too hard to get it running ICS. Maybe the Pen might make it take a little longer to update.

    Still… SOLID :D. The fastest device on the market right now with the 1.4 Ghz Exynos. It should be an amazing multimedia smartphone, I can’t wait.

  • John

    I live in Winnipeg.. have the phone unlocked on Rogers and love it. As much as I’d like ICS, it would be hard to give up the large screen now that I’m used to it!!

  • Mike

    I don’t ever see myself needing one of these. Tablets were pretty borderline in terms of usefulness, now these?! Laptop + smartphone does pretty much everything you could want… Tablets could be used to read PDFs and quick web browsing if you’re feeling too lazy to open the screen on your laptop. Other than that… I don’t really get the point. That thing does NOT fit in my pocket. Lucky women and their purses!

  • Ron Mexico

    This will be replacing my SGS2

  • Dennis Wang

    Gonna pick one up at Pacific Centre!

  • ant6n

    It’d be cool if they released a 8″-10″ tablet using the same stylus technology with a 2000×1400 resolution as a note taking device. That could be much nicer than my old tablet/convertible laptop that I used to get through university.

  • aka

    at PPI just shy of 285, it’s still pretty impressive. I welcome such a large device, I do a lot of web browsing, so thing would be a perfect device for bedtime surfing, or just watching videos. wish they would announce the carrier soon, so I don’t get my hopes up.

  • Kruti

    tested it yesterday here in germany. Had my eye on it since IFA in Berlin (September).

    At first it looks enormous – it looks more like a 7 inch tab than a 5 inch 4! and at first it seems ridiculous that it’s just so big. Then after a few hours, it looks normal – you don’t even realize that it’s so big.

    The display is ridiculous – just so incredible. Battery life from what i’ve heard is pretty good for an android phone! I think you just need to have your settings right! The S pen is equally cool and turns your writing into text! This phone is a completely different class!! Although buying it from the available online retailers is steep!

    If you’ll be visiting Europe (or India), I say buy one here and then you can claim the tax! Purchase prices are ranging from 450-500 Euros and you’ll save about 12% when you claim the tax on it at the airport 🙂 – turns out to be a good deal.

    Note that the availability of this phone has not even been confirmed – just a tip! Considering that the LTE version was just announced, i’m assuming that the lte will be released in canada (most likely rogers) with bell getting the GSM version (much like the did the whole s2 thing).

    As for having AWS 1700/2100 – sorry guys I don’t think it’ll be coming to you as it isn’t pentaband (at least the ones they will be selling here aren’t).

    But this phone is totally worth it! I’ll probably be getting one myself in India in January as i’m sure it’ll be for sale for equivalent of 400 euros! (it’s selling for 440 now)!

  • mike

    can I get the stylus by itself for my other tablet?

    • ADD

      No, you can’t. The Note’s screen was designed for it. It may work with other Wacom devices, but not standard capacitive touch screens.

  • Fury

    Already have mine. Can’t wait for ICS update. Excellent device. But be warned. It’s BIG.. 🙂

  • Miles

    I find it funny how the people used to laugh at the dell streak. Look at where we’re at now.

    • Ron Mexico

      Funny how technology works, seems there is always a device ahead of it’s time that fails and then later, at the right time another device comes that works.

  • Deli

    @ Andy, ICS already confirmed for Note by Samsung. Also Gingerbread was announced by LG 3 weeks ago for optimus 3d. LG announced today that optimus 3d, lte, 2x will get ICS next year.

    Played with the note, super nice device. will p/u tmr from Lansdowne Mall.

  • randy

    I’ve been shopping this hard the last little while from UK retailers. I wonder how early Q1 it’ll be.

  • ytwytw

    no matter what the Galaxy Note will have LTE in Canada

    and it gonna blow all the other phones in market

  • thegreatgooglymoogly

    Now this is awesome. My first smartphone was a Treo 650 and there was always something nice about being able to jot down a note or make a quick drawing with the stylus. If they could combine this with the sliding keyboard of a Blackberry Torch, that would be the ultimate smartphone IMO. Extreme versatility.

  • Matt

    I feel like this fits right into Bells line-up, but Im guessing tht they wont hve it.

  • randy

    If they get the lte version, it won’t be Exynos processor. Pass. anyone know what pricing is at Pacific mall? Can get them online for about $730 all in.

    • dlftmd

      you say $730 including everything eh? is that canadian dollar and including tax, shipping, duty, etc? if yes, that is super cheap and I would not hesitate.
      In pacific mall, the lowest i could find was 730, no tax if you pay cash. I couldn’t buy it from there as i strongly believe that stores owners in Pacific Mall could swap out parts from new electronics.
      I would like to know where you are seeing that 730 all in….you just could end my days of hesitation due to this phone.

    • ADD

      According to GSMArena it is using the Exynos chipset and running LTE. “There is still an Exynos chipset, sporting a couple of 1.4GHz Cortex-A9 cores…”

  • hanzy

    Had a customer come in with this phone (he bought it from the U.K.). He loved it, but he was looking at replacing it with the S2X because the size of the phone made it extremely difficult for him to use it as…well as a phone.

  • monsterduc1000

    This is what the new Nexus should have been!!!

  • lol

    damnit! I just ordered one online on friday for 700$ !! oh well atleast ill have it much earlier than “q1 2012”

    cant wait, agree with the other comments, this thing rapes the nexus prime imo. If only it had ICS! 🙁

    • Singh

      Where did you buy it online from at $700? and any idea where it could be available in Toronto area and for how much?

  • Dylan K

    HOLYF*** 2500mAh battery? Oh, wait, is that a 5.3″ 800p screen? LTE you say? Yeah, we still need bigger batteries.

  • delumen

    I thought they were bringing it in as a PMP, and almost got my hopes up that we were gonna get the Galaxy 4.0 so that I wouldn’t have to buy a phone or sign a stupid contract.

  • Steve

    I have both the Galaxy Nexus and the Note. ICS is great but it feels cramped on the Nexus. The Note will be better than the Nexus when it gets ICS. Anyone thinking of getting the Note will be VERY happy if you buy it.

  • JanuarysVeryOwn


    Does the note even fit into your pocket? what do you mean by cramped? I can’t imagine 4.65″ being to small…

  • Adam

    If i purchase the Galaxy note unlocked in Canada and use my Rogers sim will it work 3G? I heard ppl saying it only works 3g at AT&T so im curious. Also how will i get the ICS update if it is unlocked?

  • Koni

    I would wait to hold them side by side and experiance how they feel in your hand(s)…For now I would worry which one will be in stock at your local stores…but I guess Nexus will be lunching first, so…

  • Rex

    @bob, who said “With an 1.4 GHz exynos this will be the fastest phone on earth”

    Does that mean that anyone who uses it will sound like a chipmunk?
    Seriously, though, do you normally experience lag on your phone calls with current phones, or even those from decades ago?

  • Jamie

    I’ve had this phone for 2 weeks now(i ordered it from mobicity in Australia)……Im a total phone geek and in the last three months i have gone through a iphone 4s, samsung s2, evo 3d and the infuse 4g. This phone BLOWS them away. It is huge but you get used to it within a day. The screen is the most amazing thing I have ever seen in a mobile device. It is lightning fast…. even seems faster than the stock s2. The only minus is under heavy usuage the battery will not last the day(by heavy I mean non-stop usuage…however none of the other phones i had lasted more than a day in the same scenarios). It is like getting used to a 50 hd tv after having an old 32 tube tv……really night and day from the other phones. I have loaded this phone with go launcher ex and a nice theme and it looks better than it does in the demos. The color and images pop off the screen. I can watch 1080p mkv files in their full glory and this phone doesnt even stutter. My only other gripe is that i wish this phone had 2gb RAM.

  • calgaryboi

    This samsung galaxy notewas already launch in ASIA LIKE my home country Philippines,, Why is it here in Canada new cellphone technologies always late to launch the gadgets. I am waitng for almost 4months ago..

  • rnewton01


    handtec has it for 435GBP. plus shipping is 450. convert to CAD works out to about $730. i’m not sure about if you’d get charged duty when importing… have heard conflicting reports. but at least its from a reputable seller if there is any problems.

  • Tal

    So could anyone please confirm if they have been charged taxes ordering from HandTec UK? Its a 100$ diff …
    Also which network does it work with? Rogers or Bell or both?

  • matt

    The gs2 and note is confirmed to have ics in 2012 via twitter!

  • IL

    Got it for $680 at pacific mall, works great, love the device. Battery life is actually very good even with the big screen. Switched over from SGS2.

  • ash

    I have this phone/tablet its pretty amazing tho a lil to big to put to Ur ear there just seems to be one issue sometimes the back button or return button stops responding so u havta shut the phone and restart it and the battery initially was really good but drains as u have it for more than a few weeks.

  • Gcappa

    Flying out to Hong Kong tomorrow, was goin to pick this up. But think now I’ll wait for the LTE version.

  • Tosceb

    I just got my Galaxy note. WOW! Yes it’s big but with a bluetooth earphone, it’s marvelous. Note taking is flawless. It’s fast. Really fast. screen is crystal clear. Got it from “” in toronto (but shipped Fedex from Hong Kong) Gave my Ipad away since nobody wanted it. Sold my SGS and now all is done from the SGN.

    I was told by a local Bell rep that it would be Rogers exclusive for a while but I guess all can change. Here, Bell has 54 antennas and Rogers has 8 so I prefer Bell/Telus/Koodo/Virgin.

    I hope this marvel will last me for several years. S-Note is really impressive once you get used to it. Take notes while on the phone, or listening to music. Transfered my work to/from the office. Internet browsing is very good but still has some rare websites looking funny. Maybe ICS will settle this in Q1 2012. Played car racing with my son(He had his Asus transformer). A little disaponted it has no NFC chip. 2 years ago, i was telling friends to stay away from android. IOS was better. If I can evolve and open my eyes, so can you! I wonder if Samsung will work on a SGN 2???

  • oocicioo

    I really don’t understand why they chose to use Super AMOLED but not the 2nd gen plus!

  • dippolito

    idk i have an sgs2 a nexus and a note and i really like all of them but by far the hardware of the note stands out from the other two even without LTE, most likely headed to bell because rogers has exclusive on the sgs2 LTE and from what i have heard it sounds most possible to go to bell

  • KSono

    If size is a problem, this phone should never be considered. Those who complain about holding the phone to talk, there’s bluetooth to use.

    I personally love this phone. For all the great features, its understandable to live up to the user’s expectation of a smartphone its going to have a poor life of a battery.

    Same concept of driving a car, the faster you go to get to your destination, the more gas you’ll drain.

  • Andrew

    I received this phone, two days after it hit the market in Europe, and all I can say I love it. Very fast no matter what you are doing. Great camera, stills and video. Stylus is a little small for my hands but I still use it often. great cases and extras available on Ebay.

    All I can say is get it and Enjoy

  • John1228

    I just bought the Galaxy Note in The Philippines a few days ago, and am using it in toronto with a sim card from Rogers, it works perfectly.

  • Vio Lagmay

    I already got one…. soooo nice phone…