Rogers new cancellation policy is live, includes DSRF, ADSRF, Economic Inducement and Service Deactivation Fee


  • Obstacle-Man

    So it’s like only paying for what you saved on the device, except you’re actually paying something more like what the old early termination fee is.

    K, nothing to see here. Rogers should listen to that old Rhyme:

    “An Early Termination Fee by any other name would still smell as putrid.”

    They pulled the same stunt when they changed the system access fee to the GRRF.

    • Abel

      Let’s be realistic.

      How about activating 10 phones, $600 each, and cancelling all of them in one month, and there is no cancellation fee. Just imagine what will happen. All big guys go for bankruptcy.

      You either pay for your phone in the beginning, and there is cancellation fee, or pay for it monthly for a 24 to 36 months.

    • Tom


      Nothing wrong with them recovering the cost of the phone if you cancel early, but they are going beyond that.

      Or so it appears. I’m not really sure. After all, the key line in this post is “The fine print is below, again, somewhat confusing…”.

      So Ian couldn’t figure it out – the chances that a Rogers’ C/S rep understands it is about zero. So, I will continue to encounter confusion, misinformation, and mistakes when I deal with Rogers.

      Which is fine for them – the mistakes always seem to be in their favour!

    • bummy

      199 2yr – AT&T’s Current iPhone 4S Plan
      159 3yr – Roger’s Current iPhone 4S Plan
      0 3yr – Roger’s Current iPhone 4* Plan

      Cancel after 2 years
      0 + 199 = $199
      159 + (649 – 159)/36 x 12 + 12.5 = $334.83
      0 + (649 – 0)/36 x 12 + 12.5 = $228.83

  • baester

    So Rogers made up a bunch of new acronyms that they can levy against you to up the price you pay? It feels like they want to cloud the situation with as much terminology to sway people from leaving.

  • john wu

    its kind of sad, when rogers help canadian subsidy the phone cost all those years, in the end people still say f**k the rogers, wake up canadians if you have the guts have the money, pay for it full price at the begining, if you really cant afford it in the first place dont buy it

    • Hub

      But when Rogers forces you to sign a new contract to keep a similar plan just because you moved, it seems natural… while it is not.

      If they only thin they ever did was to cover the device subsidy, then it would be fine. But they slap fees everywhere, force contracts for deals, etc. because they have NO OTHER WAY to retain customers.

      I’m so happy to have ditched them when they try to pull the stunt described above.

    • Rogers Ripoff

      Mr Wu is truly a “genius” but realize two things.
      1. The retail cost of an iPhone in Canada is over $200 more than in the US. Explain that other than being set high to increase cancellation fees.
      2. Rogers has actually RAISED the cancellation fee since it used to have a cap of $480 and no longer does.

  • Mark

    Whoa.. wait a sec. The initial description sounded right. Device Savings Recovery Fee (DSRF) – based on your subsidy and it reduces evenly each month over 36 months.

    But what the heck is this ADSRF all about? And additional fee if you have data? So you’re paying for more than just the subsidy you received?

    • Nick

      Yeah, that looks to me like they’re charging you twice, with the data fee being slightly lower. What a joke.

      The whole 3-year term system is ridiculous. I’d rather pay $100 more for my phones and make it a 2-year like in the US.

    • okay

      Data cancellation terms are in place because otherwise people would add data to their plan, upgrade their phone at a discounted price, and then remove the data plan at no charge meaning they’d effectively saved ~400 on a phone.

      My understanding of the new cancellation is that they take the subsidy (we’ll use the razr again) of $550 dollars. that $550 is divided into voice and data, and from what i’ve seen it’s more heavily weighted in data. You’ll have a voice subsidy of say $100 and then an additional subsidy for data totalling $450 — which equals to 550. You’re not paying more for the data specifically, it’s just weighted heavier.

      So after one year on a 3 yr with the V+D plan ont he razr the price would be $550/36 x 24 = $366 + 12.5 to cancel completely (I think the 12.50 is only if you completely cancel service)

      Whereas previously if you were to cancel your contract after 1 year it would be Voice ($20 x 24 to a max of $400) + Data($5 x 24) to a max of $100) = $500

      I believe with the heavier weight in data, should you decide to cancel your data term you will be charged a lot of money. I am not 100% sure though.

    • FightlikeQuebec

      Not clear to me either!
      Aren’t you paying back for the subsidy you received?
      How can they separate the portion of the subsidy received from the data?
      -Any news on the $100 less off the price of the phone on a TWO yr contract; while its $550 on a 3 yr contract?

  • FightlikeQuebec

    1-3yr Contracts are Ridiculous and only available in Canada!!

    2-Quebec fought the Telco operators and now they can’t charge the $12.5 with Rogers or $50 extra with Telus (don’t know how much with Bell) The rest of the province should fight like Quebec and get a Bill 60!
    Isn’t that the job of the CRTC?? to be in the pocket of operators, ahem in favour of customers?

    3-Can you explain again the Data portion? How is that different from the Voice portion?

    4-You used to “add” data on a 3 yr contract, then after 1 yr you could cancell it and keep on the 3yr voice only-contract and save money on yrs 2 and 3. Can you still do that?

  • SunHammer

    It’s still not clear to me if they will charge these termination fees for a phone you already own (ie, NOT subsidized) — I cancelled my Rogers contract and was dinged $100 for the data portion which I thought (and so did the CSR) was part of my phone plan, which itself was no longer on a contract. So confusing.

  • FightlikeQuebec

    Another reason to buy the phone on amazon or used or in the US; anything but on a 3yr contract.
    People keep arguing about how its not worth IF you pay $50 or more AND you want to stay with the same operator for THREE years paying the same $.

    There is a stronger push to get more and more services for $40, if you sign on a $50 for 3 yrs you might be paying $10 extra for 24 months (plus taxes) that almost covers half of a phone.
    SHOP for MONTHLY FEE, not for the Phone!

  • NT Rogers2

    Why can’t Rogers just simplify this to:

    ECF = Amount of Economic Inducment – ((amount of economic inducement / # of month is the term)) * month elapsed.

    • Helpful?

      Actually you are basically correct. The way this new system works is that the Phone’s outright cost is divided by the 36 months. This is basically similar to Telus’ system where they drop your “Device Balance” by that amount each month. Then you times that amount by the remaining months left in your contract. This gives you your buyout fee + the 12.50. Now I notice confusion over the DSRF and ADSRF. These are basically the same thing and go hand in hand. Here is my example for you:

      You sign a new 3yr contract with Rogers for a BB 9810:

      BB 9810: $499 No Term/MTM, $49.99 on 3yr V&D.

      Take the amount the phone is worth on a 3yr Voice only and minus the No term amount.

      $499-$449.99 = $50 <- This is the DSRF
      $449.99 – $49.99(3yr V&D) = $400 <- This is the ADSRF

      This gives you a total $450 Cancellation Fee plus the 12.50 if you decided to leave.(Plus tax of course)

      This system is defiantly better than the previous one. Specifically for people who wish to have only a voice plan as their buyout is now much much cheaper. Hope that helps!

  • Matt

    Don’t ever sign any 3 years contract wait a bit buy the phone full price and stay FREE!

  • Ewen Cameron

    I don’t agree with alot of there false pre tenth’s policy’s and term’s and condition’s and when you try to speak to them they ignore you when you’ve been a customer for so many year’s and give them several hundered dollar’s a month they also ignore e-mail’s I’ve tried many times to talk about my account now it look’s like I may have to write them a letter for detaild billing and contact the CRTC after word’s I had like 5 lines with them two were canceling and they want me to pay 4,600 dollar’s its crazy.

    • shawn

      Periods, commas and a dictionary could really help your point Ewen.

    • DS

      I think they just didn’t know what you were trying to say, much like the rest of us… Try English next time!

  • kenypowa

    focking Rogers.

  • Slype

    Lol… Data is no longer an add-on, it’s a separate plan unto itself. Wonder if you could sign up for a data plan on it’s own and use it with an older phone?

    Anyways, I spent some time with my neighbours this past weekend we got into discussions about internet, phone providers and it was pretty much unanimous. Everybody did not have a single good thing to say about Rogers. They couldn’t believe that I’m paying 1/3 of what they were for the same service. They felt bad because some of them locked in for 3 years (Rogers) with their home internet Rogers last week.

    Rogers knows they suck and that they are losing people to TekSavvy, Wind, Mobilicity and they are trying to lock people in before they find out there are much better and affordable alternatives.

    Where is the CRTC when you need it? I know the majority of my taxes go to pay my MPs pension but it would be nice if I felt like some of that went to the CRTC and that they could fight on my behalf instead of working against me.

  • Taylor

    A lot of people who are complaining really need to get their act together, this is a lot better than the Early Cancelation Fee or Data ECF they had before. For example if a customer gets a Curve 9300 on just a voice plan then the economic inducement is only 50, which means the buyout of the 3 year contract isn’t more than 75 bucks. How is this not great?

  • FightlikeQuebec

    The list of Acronyms looks like a parody. CRTC should make:
    -2yr Maximum contract and
    -Same cancellation policy for every operator.

    Its almost impossible as a consumer to compare services:
    Activation fees: some have it some not
    SIM card: some include it with the phone some not
    Cancellation fees……and now Voice and Cancellation Fees??
    What’s next: Text Cancellation fees and phone-charger cancellation fees?

    Im with Bell bought a phone at newegg and was happy..until I dropped it in the water, then I bought a phone with Koodo. My legacy contract its still the same, if Bell doesn’t renew my contract, I will go with somebody else and use the same phone, unless I sign up for Wind. My loyalty goes to the lower payments!… and I keep the same number.

  • Zeake

    A turd by any other name will still smell like Sh**!

  • Alan

    I believe you only pay one of the cancellation fees and not both. One fee for if you cancel your entire contract and another just if you want to cancel your data.

  • Ten10

    Thank you Wind, Mobilicity, and Public Mobile!

  • Letmeexplainit

    Ok people seem to be confused here so i m going to make this a little simpler for you guys

    There are three kinds of Subsidies
    Kind One: Voice Subsidy
    Kind Two: Voice and Data Subsidy
    Kind three: Iphone
    So if your customer 1 and you got a simple phone your cancelation fee is
    Cancelation= (Subsidy /number of months in your contact x how many months remaining on your contact+12.50)

    customer two: you got a blackberry 9900 on a Voice and Data you actually have two subsidy cost a) voice subsidy and b) data subsidy but the formula is still the same
    the total subsidy( the amount you saved from both Voice and Data)/ Amount of months on your contract x how many months left + 12.50
    but if you want to cancel data only then they use to subsidy of the data to figure out your cancelation free

    and finally there is the iPhone
    The iPhone has no voice subsidy so its only a voice and data subsidy you can’t just cancel data on the iPhone if you take of data your cancellation free will be the full subsidy/36 months x how many months remaining on your contract + 12.50

    Hope this makes it a little better for you guys to understand

    to be fair to rogers this is the best Cancellation policy in Canada if not North America right now

    but of course on this site you will always have the people that will never say anything good about the big 3

  • Andy

    The OP of the article worded it wrong. There is no extra data cancellation fee. It is part of the total cancellation fee.

    You only pay for the amount you saved, reducing each month evenly, plus $12.50 line termination fee (25% of Telus’ fee).

    It is identical to the Tab cancellation fees on other smaller providers that you all praise, so what’s the difference?

  • bob

    The DSRF and the ADSRF will combine to total the ‘subsidy’ given on the phone. Most of this will be placed into the ADSRF for data cancellations, so if you cancel just data, you repay most of the remaining subsidy right then. Just canceling your voice plan(or even dropping it in below $25) will automatically trigger both the DSRF and the ADSRF, since contract data at Rogers and Fido requires a $25 minimum voice plan. If you drop your voice, you are not eligible for data, so they will charge both. But if you just drop data, they will charge you the bulk of the remaining subsidy.

    Basically, damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Better that the old ECF/DECF, except for those that HUP and then cancel data. Still garbage because it is all based on the 3 year rape contracts they require.

    • Eluder

      But a 3 year contract isn’t required anymore.
      All their plans are now available on no term, and now with this new policy, it’s similar to the Tab that other (small) providers are using.
      So now you benefit from getting a subsidy if you wish, or paying full pop if you don’t. And if you change your mind part way through it, you’re only paying what you got subsidized so it can’t get much better.
      This is a win for every customer on Rogers and you’ll likely see the other guys follow suit nationally.

  • Warren


  • Marco

    Made my own calculations and I owe 9.72$ to Rogers. Can’t wait to ditch them when Videotron unveals the Galaxy Nexus !

  • Graeme

    This seems completely fair to me, even the 12.50, if you are going to break a contract you owe money for compensation. 12.50 isn’t a ridiculous amount to pay as it wouldn’t even cover the costs of the initial sign up to the contract and then the cancellation.

    Not only that this is WAY better than WINDs “Tab” or an incarnation of it, where they only apply a small portion of your bill towards the phone every month no where near the same amount applied per month by Rogers here. (actually for a 600 dollar phone discount rogers allows 4 times what wind does.

  • Dylan K

    People on this site need to learn to look into new policies and read them before posting stupid responses on how nothing has changed. This policy makes it much more fair for people getting lower end voice devices and is now the best cancellation policy out of the big 3, Telus having a larger disconnect fee and Bell still using the old ECF system.

  • DenDen2011

    As a rogers dealer, this is not going to be easy to explain to folks if I have to pull out the formula sheet. It makes sense to me, but most people will begin to yell at me for making the cancellation policy more convoluted to explain and understand.

    • Me

      Quebec dealers have been doing it for over a year and a half now. It shouldn’t be a problem for everyone else in the country.

    • jack

      this is very easy to understand, i work for fido, its the same thing. read it once and very easy

  • Dave

    There should only be one cancellation fee and that is the subsidy on the purchase of the phone itself plus a small service fee. I’ll go along with the $12.50 number. When you cancel your contract you should have to pay the balance owing on the phone you purchased at discount. The formula: Hardware Savings / # of months in term X # of months remaining in the term + $12.50 is fine.

    Having said that, there should be no other cancellation fees. Rogers is not giving me a subsidy on my data or voice. They are charging me an excessive amount for those each month and it’s only for the amount used. If I cancel, that’s that. I’m not using it. We’re done. End of story. What has actually happened is I have stopped subsidizing Roger’s baseball teams, stadiums, television stations, radio stations and who the hell knows what else!

  • Jordan

    What about if you purchased your phone at full price?
    ie. I signed up for a 3 year contract and got my samsung galaxy s for $100 – regular price was $550 or so. That was back in Feb 2011. Then 6 months later I bought an HTC Evo 3D at full price from Future Shop and didnt use their early upgrade offer. So would I pay based on my original phone?
    550-100 = 450 savings/36 x 24months remaining = $300?
    Also, another twist, back in August I re-signed my contract for 3 years but didnt get a phone. Does that affect my cancellation charge?

    • mike

      It only applies to contracts signed on or after Jan 22, 2012. Your existing contract would not apply.

  • BS

    Its all BS. I signed a contract where I was gonna get credits for the term of my new contract (cause they didn’t want me to leave for Wind). Now they are taking the credits away claiming I was told it was for 1 year. 2 reps I previously talked to said it was the full term of the contract (original rep and then later when I had a problem with my bill had another confirm). I wrote everything down so I’ve just sent in a BBB complaint. If that doesn’t work next is CCTS complaint. The only regret is not voice recording the conversations (which I’m doing from now on). If all else fails I’m gonna get on a plane for Toronto and return my phone to Roger’s CEO Nadir Mohamed personally.

    • Dan

      Good luck commiting a criminal offense. REtard

  • ile2010

    This is not retroactive, so I don’t see how you can only owe them $9.72.

  • ile2010

    I don’t care how much they revamp their cancellation fees if they still force people into a contract to get a particular plan, regardless of whether you want a new handset or not.

    • Mr. Reliable

      This isn’t true. All plans exist on either a monthly or 3 year comitment. Some plans have 1-2 year comitment as well. If your willing to pay the phone full price, then you don’t have to sign a 3 year comitment. If you want a subsidy on a phone, sign the comitment length of your choice and pay that ammount up front for the phone. The only place they can get ANY money from you now is the 35$ administrative fee and the 12.50$ disconect fee for non-regulated provinces. And the 35$ fee is really to offset the cost of using UPS like a billion times a day. Just shipping phones back to rogers costs them 25$.

      Everyone on this site that is b!tching about Rogers again is because they’ve had bad experience in the past. And that’s because you dealt with customer service. Well, don’t. Go to a dealer, ask for their help, they probably know a whole lot more then that new kid working customer service.

  • Reno911

    So where was this policy, say, 5 years ago? Was it all that impossible to imlement back then? No. No it wasn’t.

    And then you still go ahead and pay your Robelus bill…?

    Please looks for alternatives, and vote with your wallet. You have been scammed for long enough. Robelus does not deserve any of your money after all of these years of lying and cheating every single one of us.

    • Enlightened User

      Well, 5 years ago, koodo had the tab… But you’re right. Vote with your wallet. and call the CRTC and tell them to keep RoBelUs OUT of the 2012 Spectrum auction! Let the new entrants have it. If Wind gets the lower spectrum, you’ll notice the whole face of Canadian Telecom operations change.

      What these new changes mean is that the device subsidy that they afforded you when buying the phone is the only money they can expect when you leave. So now, plans, network and customer service become the only reason you should stay with a company.

  • Mr. Reliable

    Just so everyone is FULLY AWARE on how DSF abd ADSF works for Data phones, Rogers ALWAYS put 50$ subsidy on the voice part of the phone, and the remaining value of the subsidy on the data portion.

    The best way to work it out the amount of Data owed is:

    X (full price of phone) – Y (price paid for phone) = Z (device subsidy).
    Z – 50$ (voice subsidy or DSRF on Data phones) = Q (Data subsidy).

    So, on an iphone 4S:
    649- 159$ = 490$ – 50$ = 440$ Data Subsidy.

    And finally, your data subsidy ADSRF fee is 440$ / 36 months x # of months left on contract.

    The idea is that if your signing for a subsidy on a DATA phone, and you cancel said data, then you pay what you would owe on a contract for the iPhone without a Data plan: 600$.

    FOr smartphone lite phones or feature phones, there is only a DSRF, the subsidy of the phone.

    • jack

      that only applies to an iphone. probably cause its a shitty iphone.

      if you activate lets say a bb curve 9360 on 3 yr with data, the cancellation policy is actually way different than if u did that with an iphone.

      activated a bb 9360 for a customer on the weekend, and their voice cancellation was 200 not 50, their data was 120 and not what the phone cost – 50 like you said.

      so there is a big double standard between an iphone and a blackberry.

      have not activated a galaxy nexus nor a moto razr, so not sure if that would apply to those 2 phones

  • John

    Makes me want to BARF

    • Enlightened User

      Me too… I assume you mean people commenting without first reading as to what is actually being said, and just assuming the worst.

      Because if that’s not what you mean, then I only want to barf because we give the same civil liberties to fools who would rather open their mouths than their minds.

  • Jay

    Its actually worse for people who sign contracts for iPhones and cancel the data plan only…before if you signed and only cancelled data you would be charged 100 for Rogers and 200 for fido…

    Now since the majority of the economic enducement is allocated to the “additional economic enducement” you would be paying a max of 440 to cancel data for the iPhone…

    • jack

      to be honest, before all this, you could get an iphone without data at a store, just most stores lie and tell you that you HAVE TO GET DATA ( NOT TRUE ).

      if you activated an iphone without data it would have been the same $200 that you would have paid for the data cancellation.

      so unless they’ve changed the system with regards to not taking data at time of activation, it would actually make sense to just not take the data at the store no matter what the employee is telling you

  • Jay

    This policy forces customers to keep their data plans, and allows Rogers to keep its revenues up while giving the image that they are helping the consumer.

    Pretty smart of them…

  • David

    It only gets confusing if you sign up for voice and data plan and decide to cancel only one of the two services. With all kinds of clauses tied to the combinations (e.g. you can only get 6GB/$30 if your voice is over a certain price point), I can see the emergence of cell phone service paralegals as a new career 😉

    Simply, though, if you leave, payment = (subsidy) * [(remaining length) / (total length)] + $12.50. End of the story there. I’m staying with Wind.

  • eric

    Telus has had this for a while minus the 12.50

    • Eluder

      Ya, but their’s is +$50, so Rogers/Fido policy is slightly better.

  • george

    What if we’re using our own device? How do we renew voice and data terms to fall under the new canlcellation rules?

    • Andy

      No. You need a device to renew to the new ECF terms. Renewing the way it is will still keep you on the old ECF terms.

    • AWSguy

      Then you go monthly, no contract. ALL their plans are now available monthly and you HAVE to go monthly unless you get a device. This policy is MUCH better than any other in the country. (and in terms of cancellation only, its better than wind as well.)

  • ile2010

    I also don’t care what Robelus does anymore. They can offer me a better deal than Wind and I still won’t switch. I remember how I was treated when I was their customer.

    I got sick of being locked in so I started buying my phones outright. Then they decided to force contracts to get people like me locked in despite our preference not to have our phones subsidized.

    They may no longer enforce this, but I’m not going to magically forget this ever happened.

    I have my share of issues with Wind, but I don’t know how many people realize just how badly we need Wind to succeed right now. Do you honestly think that Robelus is slowly changing their tune out of the goodness of their heart?

  • khk

    ….and I guess after you pay your right kidney and the left lung to get out of the contract, you’ll still be stuck with a locked iPhone ?

  • Radar

    I don`t care about Rogers – I am a happy customer of WIND Mobile now.

    • Jamie

      Also a loser.

  • replytothisnews

    There is a problem: Their so call retail price is always much higher than the normal price in market.

  • Dazed

    I’m a year into a 3 year voice contract, and 11 months into a 3 year data contact. If I cancel now, I’ll be charged $500 under the old policy and walk away with nothing (phone is already paid for). What are my options to pay the less than $500, OR pay a similar amount (between $500 to $650) and at least walk away with a phone that I can sell to reduce the financial hit? Should I renew for three years, take the hardware, then cancel?


  • abc123

    All this confusion doesn’t surprise me at all. If MobileSyrup readers are confused, just imagine what your average joe would feel like.

    Confusion is good for Rogers because you can’t complain about things you don’t understand.

  • What Rubbish!!!!!

    WHERE DO I SIGN?????
    where do i sign???
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    lols on all of u who put up with this C**p

  • Jamie

    People on here complain just for the sake of complaining. These people are the ones that demand free phone, $0 a month and everything else for free.

  • Bushwaker

    This means that data plans are subsidized?…. so if I have payed outright for a smartphone and got a data plan ( same as the one with a subsidized phone)…then I’m really paying portion for subsidy? No wonder they make too much money and never a down economy for this bastards! when was the last time you heard this phone companies lost money…no way…They have already calculated their revenue on every cent you paid for your phone and your plan!
    Canadian phone companies Big 3 = suckers!

    • AWSguy

      No, if you get a smartphone, thew subsidy is divided into 2 parts. Voice and data. If you bring your own phone, you go monthly. This is actually the first fair policy I saw from rogers.

      Effect of new entrants?

  • i h8 robbers

    i just hope they burn in hell . rip people with new fancy name .i hope we get more company like wind and mobilicty with coverage all over Canada so no body get ripped by robbers and hell.Fcc should come up with more laws

  • Pat

    SO when rogers changes there terms does this mean we can opt out of the contract because they are not what we originally agreed to in the contract?

  • Yeah

    This new policy just means Rogers and Fido now have “tabs” that work better then the competition.

    The ADSRF is to ensure a high enough MSF to pay off the Economic Inducement and make a profit. You think Rogers made anything off of the customers who cancel data? And those guys who renewed and bought new iPhones without paying DECF? Or on 17.50$ plans? Nope. Not even close.

    This makes things very fair for everyone. It’s a sliding decreasing scale of cancellation fees based on time. Impossible to pay more then the full price of the phone. That’s all it is.

  • johnaton broccolini

    By making the data only termination fee so high, Rogers is going to hurt themselves. No one will terminate only data with that fee, might as well cancel the entire plan. Rogers will loose all revenu and be the looser.

    With my koodo plan I pay 55$ for voice (unlimited Canada plugs vim,CID) plus 5$ data saver which cost me 15$ a month. % 70 of my bill is for voice.

    With Rogers they are charging you % 80 of the subsidy for %30 or less of the bill.

    My advice is the cancel the entire line and not only the data

  • Winduser

    Deliberate confusion to scare people not to leave.
    It’s even confusing us avid mobile addicts, it will sure confuse Joe public

  • Dylan K

    How is Rogers hurting themselves? If you get an iPhone for 3 years then cancel the data soon after, they won’t make back the retail price of the phone on a $17.50 ret plan, and just barely so on a standard $30 voice plan. And that’s just to cover the phone’s cost, not the actual service.

    Also, as a dealer, I get that question around 20% of the activations for iPhones: “Can we canel the data right after?” because they wanted just to pay the $100 DECF and only pay $150 for the iPhone. Not sure why people who won’t use the phone to it’s full potential should get the phone cheaper overall from the people who will use it’s mobile data features.

    If you don’t need data don’t get an iPhone, buy an iTouch for $200.

  • Yeria

    Thank you Wind, Mobilicity and Public Mobile. If you didn’t exist, the big 3 would still be raping all of us, and we wouldn’t have a choice to not get raped. Now, thanks to you, the big 3 is raping us a little less hard. Small 3, I salute you.

  • Bob

    Most people don’t have don’t have a 17.50$ retention plan. They could have made made it more fair by saying, if your monthly bill drops below $50 you have to pay a partial recovery fee of 30% of the device cost.

    This would reflex a better ratio of data revenue and device subsidy.

  • Brett

    I don’t get this….so if you get a $500 dollar subsidy off a device, are they considering the Economic Inducement $500, THEN charging you an additional portion for a subsidy off data? Wouldn’t that be part of the Economic Inducement? Maybe I missed something but if that’s the case that is a complete rip-off as they are essential penalizing you twice for the same amount of money and calling it two different things. Tell me what was wrong again with the old $20/per month remaining, and you were only charged additional if you canceled data in the first year? This seems like a backwards step.

  • Erich Knoop

    Those of you complaining most CERTAINLY do not understand the previous method of calculating the ECF. This model prevents you from paying more than the value of the phone beyond a shadow of a doubt (ok, within the first month the ECF including the 12.50 is probably a dollar or 2 more than the off-contract price).

    Fido adopted this too (Rogers subsidiary). Under my current contract, the ECF is $600 (that’s SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS). I paid 200 for the phone initially, which had a buyout of about $700. This fee doesn’t start nudging below 600 until you’re 16 months in.

    Can’t wait to renew, this model is FAR superior, and 100% fair.

  • tauseef

    when you can pay 35 and have all the features with wind then why go for big 3 at all?

  • BriAN


  • Question?

    What if you didn’t get the phone from rogers but signed a 3 year contract for a certain plan price, what would I pay. Also is there anyway to find out how many months are remaining on your contract without calling rogers and waiting 2 hours!

  • QFAN

    Just emailed the customer service. It is still ($400 voice + $100) data cancellation fee + Your last month payment + An extra month payment. The total goes above $600.

  • Minh

    I have a big question. Rogers is changing something on my 3yr contract (removing 6pm early evenings; contract started summer 2011). I have read all over the internet that you can null the contract within 30 days. How do I go about doing that? What can I do/say if they tell me that’s not true? And what about the phone I bought?

  • nicholas ross

    be carefull i paid to disconnect my data and my phone kept doing auto up dates on my apps didnt notice till i got a bill for $100 of data alone. i called they refused to reverse charges then reasured me my phone would no longer be able to use data unless forced via data pass. i got another bill for data only 28 this time but once again refused to reverse charges and once again asured me it couldnt happen anymore then today i was walking down the street and my phone started updating everything again!!!! and im stuck in a 3 year contract and if i re add the data plan i dont get my 100 back that i spent to disconnect and if i wanted to disconnect data again in the future i would have to pay the 100 again wish i knew of a lawyer that could void this contract and bill rogers for the services

  • newbee

    I selected a month to month 24.00/month contract verbally @ Rogers booth, got my sim card and started to use. Guy at the store assured me there are no hidden fees, just “24.00 + HST”(he specifically said the two things). I am looking at my first rogers cell phone bill and there are three new things added and a comment related to commitment which I never knew until I got my first rogers cell phone invoice.

    paper invoice fee: $2.00
    Gov regulatory recovery fee: $2.13
    call forwarding/call transfer: $3.00
    I also see “Commitment Period: 2 years ending Jun 27/14” and I never committed for anything!

    not sure, among the crooks which one is the least one

  • Ceilidh McIlquham

    I was never informed that I was on a contract for cable and internet.I know how it works…I worked there for 5 yrs. They lie and do anything to get the sale. I was in sales.

  • Eracer1

    All I know…is that in the end…Rogers screwed me for hundreds (for a phone I did and could not use) …and the CRTC…lets it all go..

  • Mathew Dyck

    It appears as though your original calculation is not correct based on the description from the Rogers website…

    It should read:
    Rogers states in their terms and conditions that “In other words, DSRF = Economic Inducement – [Economic Inducement x (# months elapsed in your Service Agreement Term ÷ Total # months in your Service Agreement Term)] + applicable taxes.”

    It’s all very confusing, but basically it’s what we’ve stated before: Hardware Savings – (Hardware Savings x (# of months in term / # of months remaining in the term) + $12.50. Here’s a rundown of how it might look for you:
    Let’s say you purchased the Rogers Motorola RAZR – the retail price is $649.99, but you opted for a 3-year term at $99.99. A year later you decide to cancel, so it’ll be $549.99 – [$549.99 x (24m/36m)] + $12.50 = $194.00.