WiLAN files patent infringement suit against RIM


  • Natasha

    haters gonna hate

  • Eric

    wow, all these patent infringement suits are getting crazy and out of hand. I think i’m going to just start coming up with ideas and patent them see if i can cash in?? 🙂


      PH*ACT: Wi-Lan is a small-time BS company. Wi-Lan couldn’t innovate or engineer if their lives depended on it. They survive off lawsuits. Why not become a law-firm? Useless Wi-Lan.

  • Al

    People need to give rim a break to catch a breath. All these ganging up on RIM trying to kill it is ridiculous! It’s the first day of work for the guy and already have to deal with a lawsuit.

    • Hub

      What is needed is a patent reform, starting in the US. The patent system now serve the opposite of what is was designed for.

  • Chris

    Fucking piece of s**t patent troll company. Scumbags

  • L

    So many patents are basic stuff that should never have passed as a patent… Heck, someone in Australia managed to patent the wheel! The patent system is good in definition, however, there are way too many abusers… It’s sad…

  • jonoball88

    No kidding. Seems like the cool thing these days is finding out new ways to sue rim. Poor guys

  • Dave

    Triple the amount? What greedy frakking basterds

  • Dimitri K.

    I love how companies come to sue RIM now because RIM is not doing good. I guess all the companies like Kodak , BBM Canada & WiLaN have nothing better to do then troll other companies & sue them for no reason. This is why i never support companies like this. All they do is sue companies they see that are not doing well.. Money money money that is all they want & 15 minutes of fame. Maybe Anonymous should start attacking these companies lol ( jks).

    Anyways i really doubt they will get a cent from them anyways. Seeing as they started the lawsuit right after a new owner came in.

  • EmperumanV

    Poor RIM (no sarcasm)



  • Jay

    I think patents should be tossed right out the window. This stuff is getting stupid. Who cares if you came up with it first, you think your the only one who has the idea? Next someone is going to file a patent for “Oxygen regulation in Humanoid Species” and sue everyone who breathes.

  • RichardR

    You’re now getting sued over the “sym” key? you got to be kindding! And I thought Apple sueing Google for the slidding your finger across the screen to unlock phone was bad.

  • Colin

    I looked at the 2nd patent, and what I gathered is it’s a type writer keyboard, that they patent, and the patent is dated for 1998.

  • Jason

    No wonder RIM can’t maintain a good stance in the market with updated technology. Their legal fees probably cost double what their annual operating costs are. Just the USA trying to knock Canada out of the running for superior technology yet again. Remember the Avro Arrow? Neither do I.

  • Justin

    Gimme a break! Really??!!

    One after the other, these companies all of a sudden…why all of a sudden come forward now, not like a year and/or more ago!
    RIM is in a vulnerable position right now as is….makes it a prime target for all these lawsuits.

    This is getting absolutely ridiculous already!


    PH*ACT: Wi-Lan is a small-time BS company.

    Screw off Wi-Lan

    Good luck Thorstein. We are rooting for you and RIM.

  • Nick

    Hey guys, when you’re done suing RIM you might want to sue… oh… I dunno… ever keyboard maker ever? Alt keys, Fn keys, Cmd keys, Apple keys… the fun never ends!

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    LOL they show a wind phone! do they even work? No warranty so why bother.. do have a look on the hofo link and youtube video of customer being sent away from the authorized service center! jabroni

    • chall2k5

      Rocco just go back to selling crappy cars

  • Erik

    Stop complaining about people suing other people due to patent infringement. This company, from what I’ve read here, relies completely on developing a product/service and licensing it out to others; which means the whole company relies on patents for existence.
    If your business was making and selling wooden bird houses, would you be okay with people just taking them without paying?
    How would you feel if people started ripping on you for calling the police?
    This company has no choice.
    People are so dumb.

  • ehoustoun

    Funny to think they’re issuing this lawsuit now when bluetooth technology and the ‘sym’ key have been integrated into blackberry devices for at least 3 generations now.

    Sad how the sharks circle when they smell blood in the water.

    • chall2k5

      no, the sym key is “new” only the bb7 phones have it….although i’m not sure what makes it a patented button it is covered and hidden fairly well, but still just a damn button